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1 Albany & Washington Workforce Development Update John Twomey NYATEP Spring Conference June, 2008.

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1 1 Albany & Washington Workforce Development Update John Twomey NYATEP Spring Conference June, 2008

2 Jack Nicholson was right….. No One Really Knows What Goes on in Chinatown 2

3 3 What Well Talk About Today Any crystal ball gazers who bet on a new Governor this time last year, please stand up What initiatives started under Governor Spitzer My take My take on whether or not they will continue under Governor Paterson What are some very recent workforce related developments in Albany What is the impact of a rapidly deteriorating state budget situation. This year? Next year? Where are we in D.C. on funding, possible new workforce policy directions

4 What Road Did Eliot Spitzer Start Down on the Workforce Development Front Commission on Higher Education Economic Security Cabinet I Live NY Upstate Brain Drain Task Force A Look at How Other Leading States organized their workforce systems February 27, 2007 at the SWIB 4

5 Commission on Higher Education Executive Order May 2007 Original Plan –Preliminary Report, December 1, 2007 –Final Report, June 1, 2008 Workforce Subcommittee Actual Preliminary December 17, 2007 Supply Side Recommendations/ Demand Side State of the State Speech, January 2008 Governors Budget proposal January 2008 5

6 6 Employment Change by Education: 1992-2002 National Statistics BLS Stats from The Jobs Revolution

7 Commission on Higher Education Whats In the December CHE Report Identifying regional training needs and capacities of training providers. Assigning responsibility for statewide workforce planning to a single entity. Aligning higher education policies, curricula, and resources with workforce needs. Providing funding to community colleges for non-credit training as well as enhancing funding for high cost/ high demand occupations. Helping community colleges to adapt to changing needs with start-up course funding and deregulation of course approval procedures. 7

8 Commission on Higher Education Whats Not In the December CHE Report How will students get from adult basic education and English for Speakers of Other Languages to credit-bearing college? How will the state work with local employers to make colleges as market-responsive as possible? How will the state assist out-of-school youth in getting to college? How will the state improve the educational attainment of its rising immigrant population? How will the state make college affordable for part-time students? What will the state do about high community college tuition and fees? We need to build an educational pathway by (when) or else 70% of the workers in the year 2020 are already working today!!! 8

9 Signatures' CHE Letter to Governor NYATEP SCAA MACNY NY City WIB NYCETC Community Service Society New York Immigration Coalition Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies Buffalo a& Erie County WIB Cayuga Cortland WIB Finger Lakes WIB GLOW WIB Jefferson Lewis WIB NYS AFLCIO Business Council SEIU Local 32BJ 1199 SEIU T & E Funds Emp State Carp Apprenticeship Workforce Development Inst. Literacy New York CWE Health Care Assoc of NY State Friendship Empire Zone Capital Region WIB Cattaraugus Allegany WIB FMS Workforce Development Bd North Country WIB 9

10 Signatures' CHE Letter to Governor (2) Rochester Works Herkimer Madison Oneida WIB Workforce Devel Board of Suffolk Ulster County Workforce Devel Bd Workforce Devel Bd of Oswego This space reserved for you 10

11 Economic Security Cabinet Established by Executive Order August 2007 The Cabinets four objectives are to: –(1) reduce New Yorks high cost of living; –(2) establish educational and workforce development opportunities for a highly competitive economy; – (3) improving services that target low-income, working New Yorkers at risk of falling into the social safety net; and –(4) bring back jobs into our communities. Originally 17 State Agencies Participating (now 23?). David Hansell, Tricia Smith, Paul Francis lead roles 11

12 Economic Security Cabinet Economic Security Cabinet continues to pick up momentum under Governor Paterson Two main committees: –Work Supports –Workforce Development Watch for Sector and Career ladder strategies Where does the SWIB fit SUNY/ CUNY….NYSDOL….ESD Regional alignment 12

13 Economic Security Cabinet Original 17 Original 17 agencies participating in the Economic Security Cabinet include: Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance; Department of Agriculture and Markets; Banking Department; Division of Budget; Office of Children and Family Services; State Education Department; Empire State Development Corporation; Department of Health; Higher Education Services Corporation; Division of Housing and Community Renewal; Division of Human Rights; Insurance Department; Department of Labor; Public Service Commission; SUNY/CUNY System; Department of Taxation and Finance; Office for Technology. 13

14 www.nyatep.org14

15 I Live New York Brain Drain Task Force Rationale- Upstate has a problem. They have lost 30% of their 24 to 35 year olds I Live New York Task Force formed by Executive Order 9/18/07 5 Priorities: Expanding internship opportunities that provide young people with essential skills and give employers access to potential workers; Marketing our Upstate communities as attractive and exciting places to live; Developing employee recruitment strategies to connect talented workers with New York employers; Providing workers with continuing education services to enhance career mobility and advancement; School to Careers; Creating coordinated programs to achieve these goals, and then implement them statewide 15

16 I Live New York Brain Drain Task Force This I Live TF was personally chaired by Silda Wall Spitzer Staffed by ESD, Upstate Director of Workforce Development At the present its stalled My guess is itll continue, but how? Statewide Summit scheduled for September in Buffalo 16

17 NYSDOL Lead workforce agency Lead agency on Regional Sector Initiative with ESD Dep. Comm. B. Herman a national expert on sector strategies NY accepted into NGA Sector Academy 13N Regional Initiative Training by NNSP, March 4 $2.5 M Career Pathways in state budget with OTDA + $2.5 M Internship RFP awards announced around May 7 th Examined workforce systems in 15 states Brought Sandy Vito to New York for overview on PA system SWIB is housed in NYSDOL 17

18 Governor David Paterson No real time for a planned transition Became Governor two weeks before the State Budget was due When Wall Street sneezes Albany catches a cold Huge layoffs financial sector/ Recession Initial focus had to be exclusively on budget Now is time to begin establishing priorities My two cents- I think Governor Paterson will do a very good job, but its only fair to give people time to figure out how to best succeed at new jobs on the 2 nd Floor We are going to have at least another 2 very rough budget years The advocatesll advocate, and the green eyeshade guysll say where are the offsets ?? (Note to Self- its more fun when theres money) Results- $2.5 Mil Career Pathways not $40 Mil 18

19 So Whats the Workforce News from Washington As of 7/1/08 WIA Title 1 in NY gets clobbered, of the 33 WIBs: –7 lose over 20% of their local WIA (DW + Adult + Youth $$) –11 lose over 15% –12 lose over 10% –3 lose between 5% and 9% WIA Rescission New York lost $40 Mil –$34 Mil on State level –$6 Mil at local level Result: come July, 08 big cuts coupled with no carry in 19

20 So Whats the Workforce News from Washington Next Years Budget??? President again proposes Huge Cuts 2/08 House & Senate Appropriations Committees move bills much higher 6/08 Pass a 6 week Continuing Resolution late September til after election day Then depending on presidential election: a)Pass a yearlong CR if McCain wins, or b)Pass a 3 month CR if Hillary or Obama win 20

21 So Whats the Workforce News from Washington If McCain wins look up CAAs, Community College initiative, dust off Emily DeRocco speeches If Clinton wins look up old USDOL and DOE bios, some of your old friends and old policies are back with modifications If Obama wins its less clear, but college affordability, trade adjustment, wage insurance on horizon No WIA Reauthorization in 2008, coming in 09 21

22 The Workforce News from Washington, continued merit staff in House Farm Bill Congressman Jim Walsh, lame duck but still ranking member Iraq Supplemental passed Congress veto proof with a few add- ons Budget conferees agree + $21 Bil domestic discretionary Approps moves: [a] Sen.. Collins + $1 Bil; [b] Collins/ Kuhl DCL; [c] Murray/ Harkin + $390 Mil WIA Will there be a 2 nd stimulus package? Will Summer Youth Employment be in it? Revolving Door- Kamela out; Fialla in 2 perspectives of what comes after WIA, Lee Foley & Bob Knight

23 23 Wrapping It Up –What business are you in- the Iceman Cometh (and Go-eth) –The squeaky wheel gets the oil –Nobody will blow your horn for you. Dont hide your light under a bushel basket

24 Workforce Development in Albany & Washington is very fluid this year In Albany, over the next several months you will be better able to define initiatives, but the lack of available funding for new initiatives is a constant In Washington, between now and September 30 th, –Appropriations Committees in House and Senate will act; –Continuing Resolutions will be passed; –the President will strive mightily- aided by the veto pen- to stave off lame duck status; and –House and Senate members will be checking out the presidents poll numbers and their re-election chances, so how many veto overrides Missing puzzle piece- the next president

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