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ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

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1 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

2 2 PREAMBLE It is an overview of the initiatives taken by Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority to mitigate environment impacts of Aircraft and Aerodrome Operations on safety and occupational health by: Minimizing the load of effluents and emissions from aviation activities; Noise pollution control measures; Emphasis on use of Alternate resource of energy; Waste management; Waste water treatment and its reuse; Greater reliance on LED technology; Conduct of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for new Projects; and Focus on Resource Conservation & Environmental issues associated with CAA, which can be controlled and directly managed. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

3 NATIONAL LEGISLATION – ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION In order to meet international obligations and a service to humanity as well as national interest: Pakistan Environmental Protection Act 1997 was promulgated on December 3, 1997 to provide for the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and improvement of the environment for the prevention and control of pollution and promotion of sustainable development. National Environmental Policy was issued by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan in 2005. National Environmental Quality Standards have been established and approved by the Pakistan Environmental Protection Council. The above Legislation, Policy and Standards provided the tool to PCAA for Compliance of relevant SARPs and its enforcement. 3 Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

4 INITIATIVES OF PCAA PCAA as a policy has initiated the assessment of existing international airports with regard to noise and aircraft engine emissions. For this purpose following actions are in hand: Quality Safety and environment: Process to obtain ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 has been initiated. Noise Control: Equipment for noise level monitoring have been procured and plans to perform annual noise surveys are under preparation. This will lead to noise control measures. Areas having noise level over 85 db at a distance of 7.5 m from the source shall be designated as high noise areas. Relevant signage is in the process of installation in the high noise areas. 4 Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

5 INITIATIVES OF PCAA (contd..) Energy conservation: Power factor improvement plants have been installed at major international airports for efficient and losses-free power consumption for conservation of energy. The revolutionary concept of power co-generation system has been conceived and assessed for adoption in CAA. Preliminary work was carried out in collaboration with experts. This mechanism of power generation recovers waste heat from power turbines and utilizes the same for air- conditioning thereby increasing the efficiency, curtailing power generation cost & impact on environment. An ADP scheme included for establishment of co- generation power plant at JIAP Karachi. 5 Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

6 Energy conservation: Solar power aeronautical ground lighting systems for remote aerodromes is being planned. Initially one system is being procured. After the evaluation of its benefits and commercial viability more systems will be considered for other airports. Establishment of proto type renewable energy power plant has also been included in the development plans. Installation of soft starters and variable frequency drive at suitable electric loads is also part of development plans. It will curtail power consumption of heavy electric load by streamlining the supply current on startups and during continuous operations. 6 INITIATIVES OF PCAA (contd..) Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

7 Oil and chemical spill control: Plans to promote awareness about hazards associated with oil and chemical spillage and preventive measures to guard against such occurrences are being prepared for implementation. Air pollution control: Reduction of track miles by rationalization of ATS routes is being given due consideration to reduce air pollution. 3 ATS routes i.e. M875, L509 and N893 have been established resulting in reduced flying time by 7, 6 and 9 minutes respectively. This lead to reduction of CO 2 by 13 mkg, 10 mkg, and 7mkg per annum. 7 INITIATIVES OF PCAA (contd..) Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

8 Solid waste management: A process of developing and implementing a procedure which defines the methodology to identify, manage, separate hazardous and non-hazardous waste and its disposal in an environmentally safe manner has been initiated. The waste management has been described in the following figure; 8 INITIATIVES OF PCAA (contd..) prevention minimization/reduction reuse recycling energy recovery disposal most favoured option least favoured option Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

9 Water conservation: A mega project worth billion of rupees have been launched by the Government of Pakistan to reduce the adverse impact on maritime life by treating waste water of Karachi before its fall into the Arabian Sea. Pakistan CAA has planned to reduce wasteful usage of water by 10%. A pilot project has also been planned to utilize waste water stream passing through JIAP to cater for horticulture needs of airport thereby decreasing the load on scarce natural resource. 9 INITIATIVES OF PCAA (contd..) Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

10 Environmental friendly new projects As a policy, due consideration is being given to environmental protection in the new airport projects. New Islamabad international Airport design and facilities have been planned keeping in view all environmental aspects. The concerned agencies and stakeholders have been taken on board in the planning stages and development process. 10 INITIATIVES OF PCAA (contd..) Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

11 PCAA is aiming to transform into Environmental Friendly Eco Organization. In this regard we intend to work in the following areas: Keeping in view the intense load on scarce national water resources, CAA intends to explore Rain water harvesting at different airports; Promotion of Co generation; Promotion of means to use renewable energy; Improvement in waste prevention, minimization, reuse; recycling, energy recovery and disposal; Ensure Engine testing Noise Mitigation; Development of Noise Mitigation Embankments; Conversion of organic refuse into compost; 11 FUTURE PLANS Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

12 Work with airline operators in reducing aircraft emission as well as aircraft noise by sharing best practices like: Selection of fuel efficient altitudes; Selection of approach flap settings in a way that would reduce resistance and thereby, fuel consumption, noise and cost as well; Reduction of reverse thrust after touch down, where possible. Engine shutdowns to reduce fuel consumption and emissions during taxiing; Fuel planning to ensure that the aircraft is not carrying any access weight; Promotion of use of Ground Power Units (GPU) instead of Auxiliary Power Units (APU) which will enable us to reduce Aircraft Noise and emissions by 90% at international airports. Introduction of low pollution vehicles. 12 FUTURE PLANS (contd..) Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

13 13 Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority

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