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COSCAP - SOUTH ASIA JAR - 145 Maintenance Organisations.

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1 COSCAP - SOUTH ASIA JAR Maintenance Organisations


3 Applicability (a)This JAR gives the requirements for granting approvals for maintaining aircraft and/or components and states the general operating rules for AMOs. (b)An org. which is located, in whole or in part, within the territories of the JAA FMS will be granted approval in respect of any such location within those territories when in compliance with JAR-145.

4 Applicability (c)This sub-para. states that foreign AMOs. located, outside the territories specified in sub-paragraph (b) will only be granted JAA approval if the JAA FMA is satisfied that there is a need for this approval and when the FAMO is in compliance with JAR-145. Alternatively, the JAA FMA may accept such a FAMO on the basis of an approval granted by the foreign Authority subject to conditions which ensure equivalence to JAR-145. The FAMO may be required to show a need for its services.

5 (a) No aircraft when used for Commercial Air Transport may fly unless a RTS has been issued by an organisation for maintenance carried out on the aircraft or component… GENERAL

6 (b) No org.may issue a RTS…. unless either approved IAW JAR-145 or accepted IAW JAR (c) alternative. Except where stated otherwise in subparagraph (e), no org.may maintain such an aircraft unless either appropriately approved in accordance with JAR-145 or accepted in accordance with the JAR (c) alternative, or working under the quality system of an appropriately approved or accepted JAR-145 maintenance organisation GENERAL

7 145.1 General d) A JAR145 approval may be granted for maintenance activity varying from that for an aircraft component to that for a complete aircraft or any combination thereof. e) An org. working under the quality system of a AMO is limited to the work scope permitted by JAR (a) procedures and may not carry out a base maintenance check of an aircraft or a complete workshop maintenance check or overhaul of an engine or engine module.

8 JAR Definitions Some significant definitions: 'Accountable Manager means the manager who has corporate authority for ensuring that all maintenance required by the aircraft operator can be financed and carried out to the standard required by the JAA FMA. The accountable manager may delegate in writing to another person in the organisation, such person then becoming the accountable manager for the purpose of this JAR-145.

9 145.5 Definitions 'Aircraft component' means any component part of an aircraft up to and including a complete powerplant and/or any operational/emergency equipment means any component part of an aircraft up to and including a complete powerplant and/or any operational/emergency equipment. Approved data means any information necessary to ensure that the aircraft or aircraft component can be maintained in a condition such that airworthiness of the aircraft, or serviceability of operational and emergency equipment as appropriate, is assured.

10 145.5 Definitions 'Location' means a place from which an organisation carries on activities or wishes to carry on activities for which a JAR-145 approval is required. Organisation means either an organisation registered as a legal entity in any jurisdiction whether or not within the territories of the States that have joined the JAAs or a natural person. Such an organisation may be located at more than one location and may hold more than one JAR-145 approval.

11 Extent of approval The issue of an approval certificate to the organisation indicates the grant of approval by the Authority. The approval certificate will specify the extent of approval. The 145 AMO's exposition must include the scope of work authorised.

12 Facility requirements (a) Facilities must be provided appropriate for all planned work, ensuring in particular, protection from the weather elements. Specialised workshops must be segregated, to ensure that contamination is unlikely to occur. (b) Office accommodation must be provided appropriate for management in particular, the management of quality, planning and technical records.

13 Facility requirements (c) The working environment must be appropriate for the task carried…. such that the effectiveness of personnel is not impaired. (d) Segregated storage facilities must be provided for aircraft components, equipment, tools and material... The conditions of storage must be in accordance with the manufacturer instructions. Access... must be restricted....

14 Personnel requirements (a) A..person or group of persons acceptable to the FMA, whose responsibilities include ensuring that the AMO is in compliance with JAR-145 requirements, must be nominated. Such person(s) must ultimately be directly responsible to the accountable manager who must be acceptable to the FMA. (b) The JAR-145 AMO must employ sufficient personnel to plan, perform, supervise and inspect the work in accordance with the approval.

15 Personnel requirements (c) The competence of personnel involved in maintenance must be established in accordance with a procedure and to a standard acceptable to the FMA. (d) Any JAR 145 AMO maintaining aircraft must have type rated certifying staff and may also have company approved staff.

16 Personnel requirements (e) This sub-para is reserved for certifying aircraft under 5700kg. (f) This sub-para is reserved for certifying of aircraft components (g) This sub-para allows the use of alternative certifying staff (1) A foreign AMO approved by a FMS may use its own staff provided the foreign states regulations are equal to the JARs. (2) Reserved.

17 Personnel requirements (3) Subject to certain conditions limited line maintenance may be carried out at foreign locations by FAMO qualified staff operating under the quality system of a JAR145 AMO. (4) A JAR 145 AMO may authorise Repetitive A/Ds to be carried out by flight crew provided the AD specifically allows it and provided the crew are trained. (5) For unforeseen cases of aircraft groundings at locations not served by a JAR145 AMO the JAR145 AMO, subject to certain conditions, may issue a one-off authorisation to a qualified person.

18 Certifying staff (a) The AMO must ensure that certifying staff have an adequate understanding of the aircraft and/or components to be maintained as well as the AMOs procedures. (b) Certifying staff must be involved in at least 6 months of actual aircraft maintenance in any 2 year period.. (c) Certifying staff must receive biannual technical and organisation refresher training

19 Certifying staff (d). The AMO must have a refresher training program and a procedure to ensure compliance with certifying requirements as a basis for company approvals. (e) All prospective certifying staff must be assessed for competence ….in accordance with an approved procedure….. (f) The AMO must issue an authorisation clearly defining the scope and limits of the authorisation.

20 Certifying staff (g).The Quality manager is responsible for issuing authorisations to staff. The QM may nominate some other person to actually issue the authorisations (h)The AMO must maintain comprehensive records of all certifying staff…….. (i). Certifying staff must be provided with a copy of their authorisations… (j) Certifying staff must be able to produce a copy of their authorisation to any authorised person

21 Equipment, tools and material (a)The 145 AMO must have the necessary equipment, tools and material... (b)Where necessary, tools, equipment and particularly test equipment must be controlled and calibrated to acceptable standards at an acceptable frequency. Records of calibrations and the standard used must be kept by the AMO

22 Approved data (a)The 145 AMO must hold and use use applicable current approved data in the performance of any maintenance. Applicable means relevant to any aircraft, component or process specified in the 145 AMO approval class rating schedule and any associated capability list. (b) applicable approved data is defined in sub-paras (1)- (6) of JAR145.45(b) and includes any applicable requirement, data, standard, maintenance/repair manual, procedure, airworthiness directive, operational directive or information issued by, or approved by the Authority, or a foreign Authority where that Authority is the type certificate Authority.

23 Approved data (c) The 145 AMO may only modify maintenance instructions in accordance with a procedure specified in the AMOs exposition….. (d) All applicable approved data must be readily available for use when required by maintenance personnel (e) All approved data controlled by the AMO must be kept up to date. The AMO must also be able to prove that data supplied by the customer is controlled

24 Certification of maintenance (See AMC ) (a) a RTS certificate must be issued by appropriately authorised staff on behalf of the 145 AMO when all required maintenance of the aircraft/component has been properly carried out in accordance with the procedures specified in the AMO exposition. (b) A RTS certificate must contain basic details of the maintenance carried out, the date such maintenance was completed and the identity including approval reference of the 145 AMO and certifying staff issuing such a certificate.

25 Maintenance records (a)The AMO must record all details of work carried out in a form acceptable to the FMA (b)The AMO must provide a copy of each RTS certificate to the aircraft operator, together with a copy of any specific approved data used for repairs or modifications carried out.

26 Maintenance Records (c)The 145 AMO must retain a copy of all records and any associated approved data for two years from the date the aircraft or aircraft component to which the work relates was released from the AMO. NOTE: Where an aircraft operator contracts a 145 AMO to keep the aircraft operator's certificates of release to service and any associated approved data, the retention period will be that required by JAR-OPS and not that specified above.

27 Reporting of Unairworthy conditions The 145 AMO must report in detail to the Authority and the aircraft type certificate holder, within 3 days, on the prescribed form, any condition of the aircraft or component that could seriously hazard the aircraft. Where the 145 AMO is contracted by a JAR- OPS operator to carry out maintenance, the AMO must also report to the operator any such condition noted above.

28 Maintenance procedures and quality system (a)The 145 AMO must establish procedures acceptable to the Authority to ensure good maintenance practices and compliance with all relevant requirements of JAR-145…which must include a clear work order or contract….

29 Maintenance procedures and quality system The 145 AMO must establish a quality system, including independent audits. In a small AMO the independent audit part of the quality system may be contracted to another 145 AMO or a qualified person. Compliance monitoring must include a feedback system to management ref. JAR (a) and ultimately to the accountable manager to ensure corrective action is taken. The quality system must include procedures to prevent re-occurrence of non-compliance's.

30 AMO Exposition (See IEM ) The 145 AMO must provide an exposition approved by the Authority for the AMOs use, containing the following information: (1)A statement signed by the accountable manager confirming that the exposition and any other manuals defines the AMO's compliance with JAR-145 and will be complied with at all times. (2)The title(s) and name(s) of the senior person(s) accepted by the Authority in accordance with JAR (a)……. (3)The duties and responsibilities of senior person(s)...including matters on which they may deal directly with the FMA on behalf of the AMO

31 AMO Exposition (See IEM ) (4)An organisation chart showing associated chains of responsibility of the senior person(s)….. (5)A list of certifying staff. (6)A general description of manpower resources. (7)A general description of the facilities located at each address specified in the AMO's approval certificate. (8)Details of the AMOs scope of work relevant to the extent of approval. (9)The notification procedure of JAR for AMO changes. (10) The maintenance organisation exposition amendment procedure.

32 AMO Exposition (See IEM ) (11)The AMO's procedures and quality system as required by JAR , 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80. (12) A list of JAR-OPS operators, if appropriate, to which the 145 AMO provides an aircraft maintenance service.

33 AMO Exposition (See IEM ) (13) A list of organisations, if appropriate, as specified in JAR (b). (14) A list of line stations, if appropriate, as specified in JAR (d) (15) A list of contracted 145 AMOs if appropriate. (b)The information.. in sub-paragraphs (5) and (11) - (15) whilst a part of the AMO exposition, may be kept as separate documents or on separate electronic data files subject to the management part of the exposition containing a clear cross reference to these documents/files. (c)The AMO exposition and amendments must be approved by the FMA.

34 AMO Privileges The 145 AMO may only carry out the following as permitted by and in accordance with its exposition: (a) Maintain any aircraft or aircraft component for which it is approved at the locations identified in the approval certificate and/or in its... exposition. (b) Arrange for maintenance of any aircraft or aircraft component within the limitations of JAR 145.1(e) for which it is approved at another organisation that is working under the quality system of the AMO…….

35 AMO Privileges (c) Maintain any aircraft/component for which it is approved at any location subject to the need for such maintenance arising either from the unserviceability of the aircraft or from the necessity of supporting occasional line maintenance subject to the conditions specified in a procedure acceptable to the FMA and included in the AMO exposition…....

36 AMO Privileges (d) Maintain any aircraft or any aircraft component for which it is approved at a suitably equipped line maintenance location provided the AMO exposition both permits such activity and lists such locations. (e) Issue certificates of release to service in respect of paragraphs (a) to (d) on completion of maintenance……..

37 Limitations of the AMO(See IEM ) The 145 AMO may only maintain an aircraft or aircraft component for which it is approved when all necessary facilities, equipment, tooling, material, approved data and certifying staff are available.

38 Changes to the AMO(See IEM ) (a)The AMO must notify the FMA of any proposal to make any of the following changes before such changes take place so that the AMO certificate may be changed as required. (1) The name of the organisation. (2) The location of the organisation. (3) Additional locations of the organisation. (4) The accountable manager (5) Any of the senior persons specified in paragraph JAR (a)……....

39 Changes to the AMO (Continued) (6) The facilities, equipment, tools, material, procedures, work scope and certifying staff that could affect the approval. (b) The Authority may prescribe the conditions under which the AMO may operate during such changes unless the Authority determines that the approval should be suspended.

40 Continued validity of approval Unless the approval has previously been surrendered, superseded, suspended, revoked or expired…….., the continued validity of approval is dependent upon– (a)The AMO remaining in compliance with JAR-145 and; (b)The FMA being granted access to the AMO to determine continued compliance with this JAR and; (c)The payment of any charges prescribed by the FMA. Failure to pay entitles the FMA to suspend, but does not automatically render the approval invalid.

41 Equivalent safety case(See IEM ) (a)The FMA may exempt an organisation from a requirement in JAR-145 when satisfied that a situation exists not envisaged by a JAR-145 requirement and subject to compliance with any supplementary condition(s).. considered necessary to ensure equivalent safety. Such supplementary condition(s) must be agreed by the FMA to ensure continued recognition of the approval…...

42 Equivalent safety case(See IEM ) b)The FMA may except an organisation from a requirement in JAR-145 on an individual case by case permission basis only subject to compliance with any supplementary condition(s) said Authority considers necessary to ensure equivalent safety.

43 Revocation, suspension, limitation or refusal to renew The FMA may, on reasonable grounds after due enquiry, revoke, suspend, limit or refuse to renew the JAR-l45 approval certificate if the FMA is not satisfied that the holder of the approval certificate continues to meet the requirements of JAR-145 subject to the conditions of sub-paragraph (a) or (b) as appropriate……..

44 Revocation, suspension, limitation or refusal to renew (a)Except as specified in sub-paragraph (b), before revoking, suspending, limiting or refusing to renew a JAR-145 approval certificate, the FMA must first give at least 28 days notice to the holder in writing of its intention so to do and the reasons for its proposal and must offer the holder an opportunity to make representations and the FMA will consider those representations.

45 Revocation, suspension, limitation or refusal to renew (b) In the case where the FMA has determined that the safe operation of an aircraft could be adversely affected the FMA may in addition to sub-paragraph (a) provisionally suspend, in part or in whole, the JAR-145 approval certificate without prior notice until the sub- paragraph (a) procedure is complete










55 APPENDIX 5 Example Quality Audit Plans

56 APPENDIX 6 Non JAR-145 Organisations Working Under the Quality System of a JAR-145 Approved Maintenance Organisation (Subcontracting) 1INTRODUCTION 2EFFECTIVITY 3FUNDAMENTALS OF JAR-145 SUBCONTRACTING 4PRINCIPAL JAR-145 PROCEDURES FOR THE CONTROL OF SUB- CONTRACTORS NOT JAR-145 APPROVED



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