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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET. October 2001Project presentation REGNET 2 THE PROJECT Combined RTD & Project Type Demonstration Project.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET

2 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 2 THE PROJECT Combined RTD & Project Type Demonstration Project Project AcronymREGNET Cultural Heritage in REGional Project Title NETworks Contract N°IST-2000-26336 AIT- Angewandte Informationstechnik Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Coordinator Austria Duration01.04.2001 to 31.03.2003 Total Budget 5,03 MIO EUR

3 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 3 Information Society Technologies Programme IST Focussed at Research and Technological Development within the fifth RTD Framework Programme of the European Union (1998-2002) An integrated research programme for information processing, communications and media technologies Budget of 3.600 Mio. EUR Administered by the General Directorate Information Society DG INFSO - in Luxembourg

4 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 4 EU KEY ACTION III Multimedia Content und Tools IST 2000 - III.1.4 Access to digital collections of cultural and scientific content Focus: Innovative systems integration - Digital Library applications Testbeds for management of distributed resources in the field of Cultural Heritage Commonly available tools for distributed and cultural important resources and collections Standardised specifications and best practice for new data models, architectures, test beds, metadata catalogues and infrastructures

5 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 5 OBJECTIVES Service Infrastructure B2C, B2B Electronic Catalogues OPACs Distributed Searches Virtual Catalogues Information Products and Services Legal FrameworkIntegration und Test Wireless Communication UMTS, GPS Demonstration

6 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 6 REGNET Overall Scenario Business Platform Content Engineering Enginering Engineering Work Area C Work Area B Work Area A

7 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 7 REGNET SYSTEM 1 REGNET REGNET Portal Management of remote data, distributed searches, e-Business REGNET REGNET Cultural Heritage Data Management Searches in distributed metadata catalogues, which are connected to repositories containing Cultural Content REGNET REGNET e-Business Data Management e-Commerce system which provides access to distributed Product & Service Catalogues

8 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 8 REGNET SYSTEM 2 REGNET REGNET Ontology (metadata) Subsystem Contains specifications of all metadata, terminologies, etc. which are used in the domain of Cultural Heritage and e-Business REGNET REGNET Electronic Publication Subsystem Supports the production of personalised digital products based on standardised metadata and work flows

9 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 9 PROJECT PHASES 1 & WORK AREAS Phase 1: Analysis und Development Work Area A contains: Content Creation and Content Management Work Area B contains: Platform Engineering REGNET (integration of middle ware components) and the development of the REGNET System Work Area C contains: Business Engineering (business processes, definition of work flows, distribution system...) and the development of a legal framework

10 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 10 PROJECT PHASES 2 & WORK AREAS Phase 2 : Test and Demonstration Work Area D contains: domain-specific aspects of REGNET the REGNET System Work Area E contains: Demonstration phase, Verification REGNET and Evaluation of the REGNET System

11 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 11 PROJECT PARTNERS The 23 Partners and 2 assoc. Partners from: are grouped by: Content providers Developers Regional Poles Developers/Poles AIT Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (A) Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (A) Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (A) Universität Wien (A) IMAC Information&Management Consulting e.K (D) Stockholms Universitet (S) Länsmuseet på Gotland (S) Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet (S) Royal Academy of Science (S) TARX nv (B) Stad Mechelen - Stedelijke Musea Mechelen (B) Stichting Museon (Museum voor het Onderwijs) (NL) SPACE S.r.l. (I) Fratelli Alinari I.D.E.A. Spa (I) Consorzio Civita (I) Motorola S.p.A. (I) Ajuntament de Granollers (E) Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología (E) Zeus Consulting SA (GR) Systema Informatics Ltd. (GR) Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (GR) VALTECH (F) Terra Incognita Europa Limited (GB) Institute of Computer and Communication Systems (BUL) Southern Ural State University (RU) Belgium Bulgaria France Germany Greece Great Britain Italy Netherlands Austria Russia Spain Sweden

12 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 12 PROJECT PARTNERS REGNET Partners Countries

13 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 13 PROJECT PARTNER GROUPS

14 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 14 Content Provider (Cultural Institutions) Digital Content REGNET infrastructure for multimedia productions und data base management With other partners within the production of data bases, multimedia products and virtual exhibitions Selling digital und physical goods & services Provide Access to Use Cooperate B2B Have Income through PARTNER NETWORK 1

15 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 15 PARTNER NETWORK 2 Service Centres Technical Infrastructure (Software/Hardware) IT-Service und Consulting Provide Access to Have Income through

16 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 16 PARTNER NETWORK 3 System Developers Components of the REGNET Software System Selling the REGNET System to Service Centres License fees for the REGNET System Implement Have Income through

17 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 17 PARTNER NETWORK 4 End User Cultural Data & Services Generation of personalised products (CDROM) Virtual exhibitions Internet shopping Have Access to

18 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 18 APPLICATION SCENARIOS Shopping Cultural Objects (Digital Surrogates, Articles from Museum Shops) (B2C) Cooperative Production of Virtual Exhibitions (CD-ROM, WEB-Project) (B2B) Private Auctions (with the help of a Service Centre) (C2C)

19 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 19 POTENTIAL 1 MAGNETS - Museum & Galleries New Technology Study 100.000 cultural organisations in Europe 15.000 Museums & Galleries with over 500 Mio. visitors per year Institut für Museumskunde Germany 1998 ca. 25% of museums are presented on the WEB Trend 2000 over 50% of museums have an own Home Page

20 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 20 POTENTIAL 2 VLMP Virtual Library Museums Pages http://www.vlmp.org (ca. 1.200 visitors/day) 1997 630 Museums referenced in the data base September 2000 4.872 Museums Museums and the Web 1999 Conference 1999 34% of museums run an Online Museum-Shop (http://www.archimuse. com/mw99/papers/bowen/bowen.html by Jonathan Bowen).http://www.archimuse. com/mw99/papers/bowen/bowen.html Potential candidates for the establishment of a Museum-Shop in Europe: 3.000 (15% of 20.000 Museums)

21 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 21 REGNET Functional Architecture

22 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 22 OVERVIEW

23 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 23 Work Area A: Content Engineering Digitization of 2- and 3-dimensional objects using data capturing systems already on the market Use of Dublin Core Metadata to enable Cross Domain searches within the 'virtual union' catalogue (generation via an available Metadata Editor or Harvester) Use of documentation standards in the different domains (MARC21, CIDOC, AMICO/CIMI, CDWA, EAD, ISAD(G), TEI,...) Use or modification of existing Document Type Definitions (XML-DTDs) to describe objects and collections (eg. AMICO, or CIMI-based) as well as products Storage of XML (Extensible Markup Language) structured data in data bases at the content provider's site Development of Stylesheets (XSL) for data presentation in online or printed form (eg. dedicated and personalized catalogues)

24 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 24 Work Area B: Platform Engineering (1) Implementation of a B2B-commerce system based on XML-data transfer, following existing and emerging standards as specified by the ebXML community. Implementation of a B2C-commerce system including an 'internet auction' system. Integration of a distributed search and retrieval (S&R) component based on Z39.50 standard or similar methodologies based on XML and http protocol, for accessing distributed Cultural Heritage related catalogues as well as product/Service catalogues in the eBusiness environment.

25 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 25 Work Area B: Platform Engineering (1) Integration of a customer management system based on relational data base management supoorting customer relationships. Use of an appropriate integration environment for all the middleware components (B2B, B2C, S&R, RDBMS, Metadata Management, …). Usage of Open Software Standards and Software available preferable in the public domain (eg. LINUX). Usage of low cost hardware. Integration of wireless access to the REGNET System.

26 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 26 Work Area C: Enterprise Engineering (1) Definition of Core Processes for REGNET, comprising at least: access and data entry to distributed catalogues, a shopping cart system, creation of a personalized catalogue based on retrieved data from the 'virtual catalogue' (in printed and electronic form), an auction system (eg. duplicates of posters), and a delivery system for physical goods (eg. goods from museum stores). Use of XML/EDI (eg: Simple-eCo Elements like: Order, Invoice, Despatch, Report,...) for exchange of business data (based on ebXML recommendations).

27 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 27 Work Area C: Enterprise Engineering (2) Use of XML/EDI like methodology (eg: Simple-eCo Elements like: Order, Invoice, Despatch, Report,...) for exchange of business data (based on ebXML recommendations). Definition of the workflow connected with the creation of a electronic publication (eg.: storyboard development, content management, compilation of data, production, delivery) as reference model for electronic publishing Definition of appropriate 'business profiles' evolved from different functions and processes (eg: 'content manager') for the involved personnel (following the recommendations to the European Parliaments just being worked out).

28 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 28 Work Packages (1) WP-1: Analysis of the State of the Art and Development of Concepts Definition of content to be provided, development of a documentation and digitisation plan for content creation and management (Work Area A). Identification of standards to be used, development of the user requirements and system requirements & specifications (Work Area B). Development of the legal framework and partnership model, definition of supported business functions, identification of market (Segments) and user groups (Work Area C)Work Area AWork Area BWork Area C

29 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 29 Work Packages (2) WP-2: Implementation of the System and Preparation of Services and Product Generation Preparation of content and products (Work Area A). System implementation; development of the building blocks; integration into the REGNET-System (Work Area B). Settlement of the legal framework, business process (re-) engineering, market preparation (Work Area C).Work Area AWork Area BWork Area C WP-3: Validation of the REGNET-Demonstrator and Preparation of the Demonstration Phase Validation of the REGNET-demonstrator; preparation of the demonstration phase.

30 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 30 Work Packages (3) WP-4: Demonstration The REGNET-System will be used in a trial services which includes an initial testing phase (selected users). The REGNET- demonstration part of the project includes: execution of the demonstration phase (trial service); refinement of system and services where appropriate and necessary; analysis of the trial service. WP-5: Development of an exploitation plan Development of an exploitation plan on different levels (content providers, service providers, business access points). The plan has to include new models of co-operations and partnerships.

31 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 31 Work Packages (4) WP-6: Information Dissemination Information dissemination will be done using different types of dissemination channels: Project WEB-Site, conferences, seminars, printed and electronic publications. Special attention will be drawn to the participation of project members in relevant standardisation committees and workshops. WP-7: Project Management This work package includes management, reporting, quality assurance, etc. The management activities are split up into contractual and technical matters and are covered by two different partners.

32 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 32 Deliverables (1) D1: Content Creation and Content Management D2: The REGNET – System: Specifications and State of the Art D3: REGNET - Enterprise Engineering and Market Analysis D4: Available Content and Products D5: REGNET-System: Version-1 D6: System Services and Business Processes D7: Validation of the REGNET System operation & Preparation of the REGNET - Demonstration Phase D8: The REGNET-System: Version-2

33 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 33 Deliverables (2) D9: REGNET System operation D10: Demonstration (Trial Service) D11: REGNET trial service and recommendations D12: Technology Implementation Plan D13: Information Dissemination Activities D14: REGNET - Quality Assurance System D15: Final Report D16: Project Presentation (WEB Presence) D17: Project Presentation (Fact Sheet)

34 October 2001Project presentation REGNET 34 REGNET – Project Plan

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