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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET Task 2.2 Implementation of REGNET System Version 1.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET Task 2.2 Implementation of REGNET System Version 1

2 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 2 TASK 2.2 Implementation of REGNET System Version 1 Partners: ZEUS, AIT, SR, IMAC, TARX, MOT, SPACE, SI, CERT, VALT Start Date: 10/2001 End Date: 03/2002 Person months: 70 6 Subtasks

3 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 3 TASK 2.2 - SubTasks T2.2.1PortalMot T2.2.2CH Data ManagementAIT T2.2.3E-Business Data ManagementZEUS T2.2.4OntologySI T2.2.5Electronic PublisherSR T2.2.6Core SystemVALT

4 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 4 Overall Planning Production of the first version of the REGNET System, as a standalone English only version. 3 iterations of 2 months: Iteration 1 (elaboration phase): Architecture validation Iteration 2 (construction phase): Regnet portal Iteration 3 (construction phase): Regnet system version 1

5 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 5 IT1: Architecture validation Prototypes: EbXML messages communication for B2B interaction. TopicMap generation and visualisation. Search and retrieval. CatXML standard for eBusiness catalogue management. Technology validation for Portal based on Apache/Jetspeed and Wireless communication. Publisher technology validation.

6 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 6 IT2: Portal GUI Mockup User authentication and profile management Ontology: User profile storage into dbXML database Portlet design & integration of: Search & retrieval Eshop Data Entry required tools and applications Analysis of others sub-systems

7 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 7 IT3: Regnet system version 1 Ebusiness: Product catalogue management eProcurement Cultural heritage data management Publisher Topic Map: Storage into XML database Topic Map visualisation tool based on VRML Overall integration

8 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 8 Functional Architecture (CSC level)

9 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 9 Technical architecture (CSC level) Linux SOAP Portal JetSpeed dbXML Ontology MySQL Product Catalogue mgt Cultural Heritage Data mgt TextML Server Procurement eShop Search & Retrieval Linux Connector

10 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 10 Engineering point of view Portal: Apache/JetSpeed Nodes: PHP, Microsoft/ASP, Java/J2EE Databases: TextML Server (XML DBMS), MySQL (RDBMS) Ontology: TopicMap (XTM) Middleware: SOAP: TheMindElectric / GLUE B2B collaboration: ebXML messaging (JAXM) Catalogue exchanges: catXML

11 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 11 Portal This version of the Portal prototype meets the following requirements: Availability of tools and applications developed by the various partners; Integration of the Search And Retrieval module through SOAP; Integration of the Data Entry module through SOAP; Integration of external applications through HTTP Forward; Users registration and authentication; User profiles synchronization with the Ontology repository; Support for registered users and system administration. Web and Wap Access (Just few functionalities)

12 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 12 Portal Screenshot

13 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 13 Data Generation Manage one Document Base (=Database) Main functionalities Create Documents (+ Lookup-functionality for common terms) Search for Documents Edit Documents Delete Documents Bulk load of XML Documents Export functionalities (Print, process documents with XSL stylesheets)

14 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 14 Data Generation Screenshot

15 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 15 Search & Retrieval Search Two levels (Simple, Advanced) Search transformation to query format Query sent to reference system Retrieval The results from the Reference System are transformed by the means of XSL stylesheet transformation and presented to the user. The presentation includes navigation through the current result set.

16 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 16 Search & Retrieval Screenshots

17 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 17 Ontology – SOAP implementation Essential for the integration of the Ontology with all other REGNET modules Deployed on Apache SOAP v2.2 Based on Apache Xindice v1.0 (XML:DB API) Developed in Java

18 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 18 Ontology – SOAP implementation Ontology Apache Xindice DB Apache Tomcat Apache SOAP Ontology SOAP methods REGNET Module XML:DB API Soap request Soap response

19 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 19 Ontology – SOAP implementation Ontology-SOAP methods developed for: Adding an XML file / Collection to Ontology Listing the XML files / Collections of the Ontology Deleting an XML file / Collection from Ontology Retrieving an XML file / Collection from Ontology Checking for the existence of a user profile Creating unique keys to be used by all REGNET modules

20 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 20 Topic Map Generator The Topic Map Generator Tool is based on the TM4J, which is a Topic Map engine for Java. Topic Map Generator Tool is a topic map "engine, which processes files conforming to the XML Topic Maps (XTM) specification and stores them either in memory or in a persistent store, providing access via a Java API. In REGNET the persistent store is Xindice (a native XML database).

21 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 21 Topic Map Generator Screenshot

22 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 22 Topic Map 3D Navigation The current version of this tool operates as follows: Load a Topic Map or XML file Then the file is parsed and if errors appear the tool will ignore the errors and generate a 2D tree The tool also displays statistics of the Topic Map file (number of topics, associations etc.) Then the topic map file can be generated in VRML and saved in the desired directory. Once the VRML file is generated then the result can be browsed using a VRML plug-in.

23 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 23 Topic Map to VRML

24 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 24 Topic Map 2D Navigation Tool for displayingX TM files Used for XTM Navigation

25 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 25 E-Business Presentation side present all the necessary text and graphical information to the user (customer). The PHP methods and the standard features of the browsers implement these functions. This subsystem also provide the customer all the necessary interactive input forms and interactive interfaces. Distributed Search & Retrieval Based on Z39.50 protocol This component includes YAZ client, which prepares and send the RPN query to the remote databases. It also receives the responses from them and sends them to presentation side.

26 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 26 E-Business (2) Core System It allows user to create the orders, to change them, choose the method and accomplish the payment for the products. It is strongly related with a mechanism of the credit card validation. It is also necessary to appoint that all the input information about the credit card details should be done in a protected way, using the SSL protocol. Product Catalogues – Eshop It contains the database, which stores the information of the product, such as information of its name, price, description etc.

27 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 27 E-Shop - screenshot

28 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 28 Product Catalogue Management Creation of distributed catalogues Search the remote catalogues Present results of the search Management of the PCM

29 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 29 PCM Screenshot

30 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 30 Understanding e-procurement E-procurement uses Internet & Intranet technologies to automate the process of procuring indirect products and services. Buyers Select approved goods Check prices Check availability Submit requisitions Suppliers Manage content Maintain accuracy Negotiated relationships Buyer specific content Purchaser Approve requisitions Place orders Manage consolidation Analyse purchasing data Sales Accepts order Distribution to buyer Catalogues 1 23 4

31 July 2002Project presentation REGNET External links are important too Supplier Buyer Catalogue updates, availability information Requests for information, Orders Logistics Instructions to ship Shipping status Bankers Instructions to pay Procurement card transactions Requests for payment Money

32 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 32 Procurement parts Supplier Part Products are organised through departments, which contain categories. Product Management Search, Delete, Create, Update a product Buyer Part Searching and ordering products Consulting and validating orders Basket Management

33 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 33 Procurement Screenshot

34 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 34 Publisher Web-based definition of publication prototypes XML based publishing structure for exchange of information Relies on widely accepted standards Online presentation of publications using Web- Browsers, PDF viewers and a SMIL player Download of presentation for CD-ROM production

35 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 35 Publisher screenshot

36 July 2002Project presentation REGNET 36 EDIT Component Tool editing resultsets (XML files) Used for the Electronic Publisher

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