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Syringe Viscometer.

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1 Syringe Viscometer

2 Viscosity The property of resistance to flow in a fluid or semi fluid. (From Webster) Property of a fluid in which layers of the fluid exert shear forces on each other. Viscosity = kg/(m-s) or slug/(ft-s)

3 The Instrument Composed of: Syringe (50cc) 5 different size tubes
Drain beaker Stop watch


5 Process Fill the syringe with the fluid in question.
Use a constant force to displace the fluid into the beaker in 5cc increments. Take an average of the time it takes for each 5cc to be forced out. Switch tubing and repeat for all remaining tubes.

6 Process (Continued) To find viscosity use a modified form of Bernoulli’s equation : h=(D2*hl*p)/(32*L*v) h=viscosity, D=Diameter, p=density, L=Length, v=average velocity Plot each average on a tube size versus time graph Compare the slope (which should be the viscosity) of the graph with the result from Bernoulli’s equation.

7 Conclusions

8 References Used for picture of syringe.

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