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Healthy Flavors, Healthy Lives Lenny Scranton, CEC VP Culinary Operations.

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1 Healthy Flavors, Healthy Lives Lenny Scranton, CEC VP Culinary Operations

2 Why Healthy, Why Now? Our clients are asking for it Its important to our customers Insurance – An obese individual can cost an employer on average $1,800 per year in additional health care costs and lost productivity.

3 Why Healthy, Why Now?

4 Obesity Trends Driving Chronic Conditions – 80% of Type II Diabetes related to obesity – 70% of Cardiovascular Disease related to obesity – 42% Breast & Colon Cancer diagnosed among obese individuals – 26% of obese people have high blood pressure

5 Why Healthy, Why Now? Obesity Trends Among US Adults – 1985

6 Why Healthy, Why Now? Obesity Trends Among US Adults – 2005

7 Why Healthy, Why Now? 39% of consumers indicate their health is either excellent or very good. 76% of consumers seeking activities to lower health risks (increased from 52% in 2000). 62% of consumers who exercise at least 3 times per week (increased from 40% in 2000). 67% of consumers improving the healthfulness of their diets (increased from 56% in 2000). Sources: IFIC. 2007. 2007 Food & Healthy Survey. Consumer Attitudes Toward Food, Nutrition and Health. & L. Demeritt. 2006. Trends in Consumer Food Habits & Preferences. The Hartman Group

8 What is Healthy? Definition: Healthy (hel-thee), adjective – Possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality: a healthy body; a healthy mind. – Pertaining to or characteristic of good health, or a sound and vigorous mind: a healthy appearance; healthy attitudes. – Conducive to good health; healthful: healthy recreations.

9 What is Healthy? Our Definition: – Corporate Social Responsibility A comprehensive set of policies, practices and programs that earn financial success in ways that honor ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment. – Increase presence and awareness of better for you food choices – Providing education to our customers, clients and patients on improving lifestyle management Sources: Business for Social Responsibility USA

10 What is Healthy? Social Responsibility – Antibiotic Policy – Cage Free Eggs – RBGH Free Liquid Dairy – Sustainable Seafood Healthy Food Pledge: When a leader like Morrison pledges their support for sustainable food service practices, it sends a message to the rest of the industry. Were thrilled that a top organization is taking the initiative to sign the pledge and further their commitment to the thousands of guests they serve each day. Jamie Harvie, Coordinator of HCWHs Healthy Food in Health Care Initiative

11 What is Healthy? Better For You Foods – Whole Grains – Healthy fats and oils – Reduced sodium – Meatless alternatives

12 What is Healthy? Education – Lunch & Learn – Teaching Kitchen – Digital signage – Dietician involvement

13 MMS Food Philosophy Our PASSION is to be a culinary leader, preparing food that creates taste memories and pleases all the senses of our customers. We enhance LIFES FLAVOR by making foods from scratch that are alive with flavor and nutrition. Foods that use fresh wholesome ingredients seasonally harvested in a socially responsible way for the wellbeing of our clients, customers, team members, and environment.

14 Taste Memory

15 Building Healthy Flavors Deconstruct the classics and rebuild Mindless Cooking vs. Sensible Cooking Ingredient Control Technique Portion Control Culinary/Clinical Partnership


17 The Flavors 450 Promise: Unparalleled Flavor Balanced Nutrition 450 calories or less

18 the philosophy balance good taste good sense the best ingredients seasonal fresh vegetables healthy eating isnt boring the rationale flavorful and healthy on one plate no one should feel deprived sensible portions/real life foods wide variety of choices

19 the standards complete meals 450 calories or less no more than 35% calories from fat the menu exhibition station seasonal menu cycle additional items available new recipes/old favorites

20 the menu the main grain flat breads & salads

21 main grain choose from 2 specialty grains choose your vegetable Partner watch your chef create your personalized grain specialty top any grain with grilled protein or vegetable swords

22 main grain choices grain toasted quinoa cracked bulgur wheat toasted barley risotto white & brown basmati rice vegetable partners roasted butternut squash citrus glazed sweet potatoes roasted root vegetables asian stir fry vegetables spiced carrot

23 grilled swords with black bean sake glaze chicken beef salmon portabella mushroom mixed seasonal vegetables shrimp tofu

24 flavorful flatbreads chicken florentine fresh bruschetta fontina cheese, pesto, and cremini mushroom garlic chicken & roasted red peppers grilled steak & cremini mushroom garlic chicken & roasted red peppers shrimp scampi spice chipotle shrimp vine-ripened tomato

25 mediterranean salads caesar salad marinated tomato & cucumber roasted asparagus marinated roasted mushrooms marinated calamari canelli bean, artichoke & capers tortellini antipasto salad

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