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Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET E-BUSINESS.

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1 Cultural Heritage in REGional NETworks REGNET E-BUSINESS

2 3 February 2003 2 B2B COMPONENT The E-Business (EB) gives possibility of advanced search of goods and services and also process orders on the goods and services for registered users. Below are the main capabilities of the system: 1. Advanced search of goods and services. 2. Drawing-up of contracts. 3. Process of orders.

3 3 February 2003 3 1. Advanced search of items & services The E-Business gives possibility in search by the name of the items and services, by the manufacturer, by its category, by the warehouse, and also by the price type and other attributes (following figure).

4 3 February 2003 4 Figure 1 – Advanced search

5 3 February 2003 5 2. Drawing-up of contracts After the functionality of searching for items or services registered users (only suppliers) have the possibility to draw up a contract. After the contract is drawn the supplier should get to the following page of order processing. On this page for order processing the supplier gets the information about the contract number, the name of goods or services, the vendor, the quantity or quality goods or services, the warehouse address and others.

6 3 February 2003 6 Figure 2 – Drawing up contacts

7 3 February 2003 7 After the finishing of the order processing, the system can send an email not only to the supplier who offers the specific items or services but also to the person who express his/her interest.

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