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OFF106: MS PowerPoint for Legal Aid Advocates October 17 th, 2008.

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1 OFF106: MS PowerPoint for Legal Aid Advocates October 17 th, 2008

2 Todays Presenter Jeff Narabrook, NTAP Training Coordinator

3 Our audience This is an intermediate training, which assumes you can construct a basic presentation The training will focus on versions of PowerPoint earlier than 2007, but most information is transferable

4 Six PowerPoint Topics Part I Create a master template Part II Embedding and linking Creative cut and paste Basic animation Part III Tools for distributing your presentation Using Word and PowerPoint together

5 PART 1 Building a presentation template

6 Why build a common template? Save time in the long run Standardize your materials Brand your presentations and discourage infringement Make it less intimidating to your colleagues

7 Did you know… Every presentation comes with a template The default template is intentionally bland so that users can define their own design and style PowerPoint comes with pre-made templates that can be applied to yours There are high-quality, pre-made templates to be found online

8 Defining our terms Slide Master A pre-formatted slide template that can be applied to slides in a presentation

9 Slide Master View

10 Live Demo

11 Matching colors in PowerPoint PowerPoint understands RGB color codes Instant Eyedropper Will reveal RGB codes of web pages Online color scheme generator

12 Finishing touches on your slide template Choose to enable/disable: Footer Slide number Date/time

13 Design title master A template for your first title slide

14 Saving your design as a template

15 Using your template Start a new presentation, open slide design toolbar

16 Find your template

17 Slide Layout

18 Getting started with pre-made templates Templates Wise Microsoft Office Live Presentation Helper

19 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

20 PART II Embedding and linking Creative cut and paste Basic Animation

21 Linking to slides You can link to other slides that you might need to refer back to Select object or text to serve as anchor

22 Linking to slides

23 Custom show A show within a show

24 Custom show

25 Linking to media Embedding audio and video Very large files will be problematic Plays directly from your slideshow

26 Linking to external files

27 Opening the external link

28 Link to external file Dont forget to bring that file with you if you switch computers or the link will be dead! Pack and Go (2003) or Package for CD (2007)

29 Link to an online source Type in URL as a regular hyperlink YouTube linking instructionslinking instructions

30 Should I include audio or video? Embedding a file is generally reliable, but you are more limited in the range of files you can do this with Linking a file requires that the linked file reside on the computer or disc you present from If linking to an online file, be sure to verify You will have a reliable internet connection The online video does not require extra software to play (such as Flash)

31 Creative Cut and Paste Print Screen Great for pictures, graphs, logos, and text that wont copy and paste the conventional way

32 How can I get this pie chart?

33 Enlarge your view

34 Paste into your slide thumbnail

35 Crop

36 …and resize

37 Creative Cut and Paste When copying formatted text, use Paste Special

38 Copy and Paste Slides from other presentations Select slide thumbnails on right-hand side Hold Shift to select multiple slides Paste them into your presentation on thumbnail view Does not work well between different versions of PowerPoint

39 Animation Keep audience focused on one line at a time Synch what you say with what your audience sees Makes the structure of your argument more clear

40 Animation Animate all slides

41 Animate one slide

42 Animation You can also set your slide master to have animation Go easy! Only use this if it will help you present more effectively!

43 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

44 PART III Tools for distributing your presentation Using Word and PowerPoint together

45 Tools for distributing your presentation Printing with notes Slides Handouts Notes Outline

46 Should I even print at all? Keep your audiences attention better Save resources Consider printing the following: A resource page with important outside resources Information on how to obtain the entire PowerPoint later A general notes page

47 Share your work electronically Upload your presentation to a website Online Broadcast (2003) Record Narration (2007) SlideShare PDF Free PDF Convert PDF995

48 Using Word and PPT Together Formatting translation:

49 When to build your presentation in Word You already have a lot of text in a document You work better in Word than in PowerPoint during the creation process Switch to Outline view in PowerPoint

50 Using Word and PPT Together Utilize Outline view in Word to best visualize how PPT will display text You can also export PTT into Word Save as Outline/RTF

51 Word 2007 and Compatibility 2007 file extensions:.pptx (.docx,.xlsx) Download this compatibility pack to view 2007 documents in previous versionsthis compatibility pack If you use 2007, make sure you Save As PowerPoint 1997-2003 Presentation to ensure universal compatibility More options to lock your work to prevent unwanted changes

52 Making your presentation smoother Keyboard shortcuts in presentation mode Go to specific slide (Slide number + enter) Display black screen (b or period) Display white screen (w or comma) End presentation (Esc) Pointer to pen (Ctrl + p) Pointer to back to arrow (Ctrl + a) Erase drawing (E) Wireless slide advancers $30-60

53 Thanks for joining us! You will be receiving a post-training survey, please help us gather feedback from you! Contact information: Jeff Narabrook

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