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Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example - your audio.

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1 Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example - your audio pin will be different.) If you joined with a microphone and headset or speakers (VoIP), please be sure your device volume settings are properly adjusted. If your mic & headset is not working, please try unplugging and re-plugging in your device. We will begin promptly at the top of the hour.

2 ED152: Applications To Make The Most Of Pro Bono Support April 22, 2009

3 Please, let us know your questions and comments during the training Maximize/minimize your screen with the chevron symbol Telephone participants need to enter their audio pin Ask a question in the questions log Raise your hand

4 Ensuring we can hear you Mic & Speakers users should make sure the microphone volume is turned up. You can always switch to telephone at anytime in the training. Ensure that you have not muted yourself Un-mutedMuted

5 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

6 Todays training… …is being recorded …will be archived on our website Registered attendees will receive an email with a link to this information once it has been posted

7 ED152: Applications To Make The Most Of Pro Bono Support April 22, 2009

8 Presenters Rachel R. Medina LSNTAP Mary Neal Illinois Legal Aid Online Liz Keith Pro Bono Net David Mandell Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program Mike Monahan State Bar of Georgia Pro Bono Project

9 Overview Introduction Websites Project Management & Collaboration Tools HotDocs LiveHelp Voice Recognition

10 Is the bad news really good news??? Just how bad is it out there? The Labor Department said the number of unemployed lawyers jumped 66% last year to a 10-year high of 20,000…. They [] have counted 3,149 lawyer layoffs -- just in the big firms, just in the first three months of the year…. Law students…are being paid to delay their start date. Some are being told there will be no work until later in the year, maybe in 2010. – Grim Job Market for Laid-Off Lawyers, Wall Street Journal-Careers, April 13, 2009,

11 American Bar Association Center for Pro Bono Effective management of a program's volunteers is essential to the provision of a high-quality experience to both client and the volunteer. The program must ensure that the volunteer lawyers are competent and that the volunteer lawyers properly handle cases referred. To effectively manage volunteer lawyers, the program should implement procedures that: provide volunteers with appropriate substantive training; verify that volunteer lawyers are qualified to provide the legal services in question; provide volunteers with appropriate training in program operations, including a reference manual; and track referred cases. --

12 Websites What should a website do?

13 Websites Recruitment Portal Information on Opportunities/ Job Postings LAWNY - action-project/Home action-project/Home Illinois Pro Bono- http://www.illinoisprobono. org/index.cfm?fuseaction=v olunteer.showVolunteerOp portunities http://www.illinoisprobono. org/index.cfm?fuseaction=v olunteer.showVolunteerOp portunities

14 Websites Verify Qualifications Online Registration Form - Arkansas Pro Bono Partnership http://www.arlegalservi eb/Volunteer/Volunteer http://www.arlegalservi eb/Volunteer/Volunteer

15 Websites Provide Substantive & Operational Training Track Referred Cases Options: Develop existing website Link from website to external tools Existing Website MediaWiki/Google Site/ for Operational Policies MediaWiki/Google Site/ for Substantive Training Materials (videos, forms, etc). Track Development of Pro Bono Project with a PM Tool (Zoho or Collanos) Password Protected

16 Project Management & Collaboration Tools Finding the tool best suited for the job

17 So many options… What products provide the best options for searching for documents? Will the free version be enough for our program? Do I even need a Project Management Tool – or will a simple collaboration tool do the job? To be or not to be In the cloud (vs. local network- P2P or Central) To be or not to be In the cloud (vs. local network- P2P or Central)

18 Just the Highlights… Sites for File Sharing/Collaboration Google Groups/Sites – quick – super quick Project Management Tools Zoho – in the cloud Collanos – on the ground

19 Google Groups – 1-2-3-Go!


21 Add pages, text, files, and have ongoing conversations…

22 Free, but limited space (kind of) Space – 100MB Any file that can be uploaded to the Files section can be sent to the Group as an attachment to a message. NAME OF GROUP GOES HERE

23 Google Sites Just about as easy to set up Add pages, files, etc

24 Google Sites How much storage do I have in Google Sites? Print For Sites created under Site quota: 100Mb/site Max attachment size: 10Mb Pages per site: unlimited Google Apps: standard edition Site quota: N/A (quota is tracked at the domain level) Quota per domain: 10Gb Max attachment size: 10Mb Sites per domain: unlimited Pages per site: unlimited

25! Step 1: create a name, add files, select a password, and Create Drop Step 2: share

26 Other Features…

27 Project Management – Zoho Projects In the cloud (on the web) 1 Project (up to 100 Mb) – free Includes: Gantt Charts, Time Tracking, RSS & iCal, Calendar Up to 10 projects for only $12/month File storage 2 GB Larger accounts available Price Comparison available

28 Zoho Projects File Management Features: Organize & Share a variety of content Sort in folders & add tags for searchability Versioning Lock project documents to prevent overwrite

29 Project Management – Collanos Peer-to-peer technology: data stored securely on computers of each participating team members Members can work from behind firewalls Communication is encrypted / secure transmission Benefits (per Collanos) Collanos is not simply providing access… but replicating the entire content of a workspace with all the members. An algorithm….[keeps] workspaces …synchronized Main advantage = ability to work offline.

30 Collanos System Requirements System Requirements Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac OSX 10.4.2 and later, Linux 500 MHz processor 256 MB RAM 100 MB free disk space Internet Connection

31 Collanos Features FREE No limit to amount of data that can be stored Unlimited workspaces Any type of content Tour Collanos Workplace Here:

32 Automated Documents for Pro Bono Attorneys Illinois Legal Aid Online

33 Advantages of Automated Documents Correct, complete and standardized Capture the knowledge of your most experienced advocates Automated Documents can provide help screens and explanatory text If used on server like NPADO, available anywhere via internet

34 Usage Statistics from Illinois 1,067 page views for automated documents via during first quarter 2009 (compare 629 for ) 188 page views for Civil Procedure Forms and Pleadings (compare 79 for ) 140 page views for Dissolution of Marriage (compare 122 for ) 83 page views for Cook County Adoption (compare 45 for )

35 Introducing Pro Bono Attorneys to Automated Documents Mention in topic-specific pro bono trainings Include material on how to log in and use automated documents in training packets Demonstrate use during training In IL, automated documents have been highlighted at: – Trainings on adoption law conducted by Chicago Volunteer Legal Services – Training on divorce proceedings by

36 LiveHelp Houston Volunteer Lawyers Program

37 The LiveHelp Concept Provides virtual, live assistance for Web site visitors Helps visitors find information and referrals Staffed by VISTA volunteers, paralegals, interns, attorneys, and other willing staff members

38 Where is LiveHelp being used? Seven states: (Hurricane Ike relief) Cross-jurisdictional pilot National support provided by Pro Bono Net



41 LiveHelp in Texas

42 Project partners Houston Bar Association Lone Star Legal Aid Texas Legal Services Center Texas Lawyers Care State Bar of Texas' Legal Services to the Poor in Civil Matters Committee Texas Access to Justice Foundation Pro Bono Net

43 Technical implementation ASP model (LivePerson) Licenses - $150 per seat/per month PBN implemented code on Content development needs Chat button Disclaimer and preconfigured responses Pre-chat and exit surveys FAQ Cross-linked with other websites

44 Volunteer Recruitment and Support Recruitment Training Scheduling Substantive resources and support

45 Ike-related LiveHelp questions I would like to know if there is anything to do about getting your deposit back after I have lost my apartment [Due to Ike]? I have been denied Fema assistance, twice, because they state my home is still liveable. My home leaks in 75% of the rooms, but I can still live in the other 1/4 of the home. I lam disabled and live on Social Security. When I sent the appeal, I had estimates of repair damage over $35,000. What can you show as proof of ownership for FEMA repair benefits? I have some concerns with my apartment manager They are refusing to return pro-rated September rent. I feel that this is unfair, so we paid for the whole month and only lived there for 2 weeks. It was unlivable after the hurricane.

46 Ike-related LiveHelp questions I have been served an eviction notice for court next Wednesday. I am unmemployed due to Ike disater and paid the realty company 90% of what was owed 2 days after they file the eviction. I have a balance of $142.00 which I can't pay along with this current months rent. How can I keep my home and not have this go on my credit? We had structural and roof damage with mold are running air filters & have tried to give electric co. payout arrangement but they are cutting my service tomorrow unless I pay $862 I do not have. I filed a claim with FEMA after Ike, was summarily denied. I am 64, disabled and below poverty level. I have already filed an appeal. I have major damage to my home that I cannot repair, what are my options? I was terminated from my job right after hurricane Ike. I wanted to know if I have rights since Texas is and at will state.

47 Texas LiveHelp usage Approx. 135 chats between Oct-Dec 2008 51% earn less than $1,733 / month 95% currently living in Texas Housing, FEMA and insurance claim issues most common Some non-Ike help requests (family, consumer most common)

48 Pro bono replication potential Pro bono replication potential General information and referral-finding assistance Expanding the physical reach of services Specialized substantive help Multilingual assistance Law student pro bono activity Other ideas?

49 Replication resources Liz Keith LawHelp Program Manager, Pro Bono Net Micah Jalloh LiveHelp Americorps*VISTA Member Support resources on SWEB Support Site:

50 Voice Recognition: Lawyer Referral Automation The GEORGIA LEGAL SERVICES PROGRAM

51 The Problem GLSP operates lawyer referral programs with several voluntary local bar associations Time consuming effort to accept calls and route to appropriate referral attorney 40-50% of pro bono coordinators time Matter, not Case Routine, administrative work

52 Referral Panel System Recruit private bar members onto panel to refer to them: Cases such as personal injury, workers compensation, employment discrimination In return, panelists accept pro bono and/or reduced fee cases Special telephone numbers used across the GLSP service territory (154 counties)

53 The Current Referral Process Caller dials number All calls routed to local pro bono coordinator Local pro bono coordinator answers or uses callback system Identifies legal problem and county of residence Searches panel Provides contact information for lawyer

54 The Environment CMS contains lawyer referral data (LegalServer) Data in XML format Internet-based CMS with all data accessible across the program VOIP in place across the program Special phone numbers can be set up at any time

55 The Proposed Solution XML Voice Recognition Software (Donated) XML Case management referral panel data (current system) Telephone Tree/Flow System programming (Donated) (SMS) Server Staff time to create the Library and implement

56 The Proposal: Voice Recognition Callers use special number The VOIP system identifies the location of the caller or the caller enters her zip code The caller is prompted to identify her legal problem by speaking the problem The system prompts the caller for information and confirmations

57 The Proposal: Voice Recognition The XML lawyer referral data needed by the caller, based on county/zip code and LSC problem code is spoken out of the CMS to the caller Caller prompted: Text message? E-Mail? Letter?

58 Voice Recognition Proposal The system rolls to next attorney on list by subject area Calls are tracked in a SQL database for reporting purposes Matters For local bar association reporting

59 CONTACT: JOSEPH MAYS, The Georgia Legal Services Program ® MIKE MONAHAN State Bar of Georgia Pro Bono Project and The Georgia Legal Services Program ®, or


61 THANK YOU Dont forget to complete our survey Rachel R. Medina Training Project Coordinator LSNTAP

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