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Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.71 Status of Task 1.7 Carlo Donzella - TINC Florence, 12/09/901.

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1 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.71 Status of Task 1.7 Carlo Donzella - TINC Florence, 12/09/901

2 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.72 Main outcome: Interim Report 1.7 Composed of four surveys on: -online auction and offering systems for individual artists; -online services offered by museums; -online services offered by libraries; -state-of-the-art of micro-payment systems. A glossary of business and marketing terms has been compiled and distributed separately

3 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.73 Short history Version 1: circulated on 10/07; Version 2: circulated on 15/08; Version 3: circulated on 28/08; Version 3 is the final version, integrates contributions by all authors: ICCS, ONB, IMAC, TINC

4 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.74 Auction and offering systems for individual artists TCATCO Productions and auctioneer Terry Catalano WORKINGWITHARTISTS Night of Artists Auction Site Fine art Gallery Vincent Art Gallery British Art at Auction PHILIPS de PURY & LUXEMBURG CHRISTIES SKINNER

5 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.75 Auction and offering systems for individual artists: key conclusions All sites (but one) include online auction services; Vincent Art Gallery offers the possibility of buying reproductions of famous paintings; WORKINGWITHARTISTS and ARTCNET.COM Fine Art Gallery offer the possibility of participating in auctions online; PHILIPS de PURY & LUXEMBURG and Christies give estimated auction prices for Artists works.

6 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.76 Services offered by libraries British Libraries Library of Congress

7 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.77 Services offered by libraries: key conclusions The two selected Libraries are considered the references, world-wide, for their online services; The British Library offers a wide range of high- quality commercial and non-commercial services to libraries, business clients and individuals; The Library of Congress has three outstanding services: Photo duplication service; Interlibrary Loan; Online Museum Shop; The Library of Congress is able to provide services for the blind and physically impaired.

8 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.78 Services offered by museums The Metropolitan Museum of Art Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze The Tate Gallery Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien The Museum of Modern Art

9 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.79 Services by museums: key conclusions MOMA: thematic access, good e-commerce applications, special internet membership; Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza di Firenze: novel WAP services; The Tate Gallery: model web site, excellent sponsorship program; Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien: extremely information rich portal, good online shop; The Museum of Modern Art: best practice for navigational tools and online exhibitions.

10 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.710 State-of-the-art of micro-payment systems 1ClickCharge Cartio Micropayments eCoin iPIN NewGenPay PayPal (Confinity) Qpass Reciprocal

11 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.711 Micro-payment systems: key conclusions Next big thing in financial transactions after credit cards, not so good for e-commerce; Answer the questions: how to collect small payments and still make a profit? Common solution is to aggregate micro-payments into a large(r) one, handled traditionally; Common limit is the lack of interoperability; Qpass, 1clickCharge, eCoin established in US; Cartio, iPIN and NewGenPay offer solutions of European origins.

12 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.712 Glossary of marketing and business terms Final selection of terms: Business ModelBusiness PlanBusiness Cycle BrandBrand NameBreak-even CashCash-flowCompetition CommodityCustomerDelphi CopyrightDemandSupply Market demandInvestmentPatent Intellectual propertyIntangible assetTrademark RoyaltyLicenceFranchise LiquidityMarketMarketing Market positioningMicro-PaymentCommodity ExpenditureExpenseProfit ProfitabilityLossSustainability StakeholderSWOTPrice Unique Selling PropositionSegmentationValue Chain

13 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.713 Glossary of marketing and business terms Sources: UAB Small Business Development Center Washington Post Auburn University Sydney Business Enterprise Centre Institute for Media and Communications Management, University of St. Gallen International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Oxford Reference Shelf by Oxford University Press

14 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 1.714 Fundamental results Precious indications about: Competition in online cultural services; Fundamental selling propositions in key sectors like: Art auctions; Libraries; Museums; Potential technical providers/allies for micro-payment; Guidance for common understanding of exploitation.

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