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Free Tech Tools for Poverty Law NTAP Presenters: Gabrielle Hammond Gwen Daniels.

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1 Free Tech Tools for Poverty Law NTAP Presenters: Gabrielle Hammond Gwen Daniels

2 Presenters Gabrielle Hammond Executive Director, NTAP Gwen Daniels Technology Director, ILAO Surprise Panel: You!

3 Overview of Free Tools to: Manage Information Online Manage Tasks and Projects Transfer Large Files Manage Collaborations Manage Meetings and Conference Calls Office Productivity Client Tools Help Techies (Viewer Recommendations)

4 Preview of Tools Mozilla RSS, National RSS, Netvibes Ta Da Lists Basecamp YouSendIt Team Viewer Wiki Jabber Chat Campfire Survey Tool Meet-o-Matic MeetingWizard FreeConference.Com GotVoice Gliffy PDF Alternatives Thunderbird OpenOffice 2.0 PublicRoutes.Com

5 Viewer Recommendations: Links for Techies HostMonitor: This is a very simple program with a great interface that lets you monitor a wide variety of aspects of your system (server up? service running? file size? low disk space? WAN down?...) and then launch any one of a number of different actions (send an email? restart the host? restart the service? Event Log? SNMP trap? Syslog?...) There is a FREE version with a limited number of tests and there is a pay verion (based on the number of tests) that is very reasonable. (Michael Bowen, PA) SnapFiles: The other site that I go to when I need something is Though not strictly a "tool" it is a great place to go to find tools... Kiwisyslog: This is a great syslog tool. Well supported and at a great price. They also make a cool tool called CatTools that lets you easily manage multiple devices such as routers and switches. (Michael Bowen) VNC: This little gem (in any of it's incarnations) has to be on everyone's short list.... (Michael Bowen) Firefox developer toolbar-- toolbar for Firefox that lets me test web pages (resize them for different screen resolutions, test with it different stylesheets, validate for accessibility and many other functions) (Gwen Daniels) Firefox developer toolbar intraVnews -- a nifty news reader for Outlook (Hugh Calkins) intraVnews

6 Part 1: Managing Information Your Internet Experience: Mozilla and IE 7 RSS National RSS Feeds Netvibes

7 Why Mozilla Firefox (or IE7)? Easy to use and improves your efficiency. Tabbed browsing Easy creation of folders for bookmarks LiveFeeds (Well discuss later.)



10 Organize Your Bookmarks Create Folders in your Bookmark Toolbar Easy Access


12 What if the Web Came to You? RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is simply a technology that allows you to – with a couple clicks SUBSCRIBE to online information, news, blogs, and content. Have you seen its logo? It indicates content you can subscribe to. This means it comes to you.

13 Where Can You Subscribe To? RSS can be received in your browser. RSS can be received in your email inbox. RSS can be received on a webpage.

14 How Do You Subscribe? Browser: If you use Mozilla, it is Easy. Find content you want to subscribe to. Click on the logo. Drag to LiveFeeds Folder on your Bookmark Bar. Lets try it.

15 Subscribe to my Email Inbox? You need what is called an RSS Aggregator. There are different services depending on your email client.

16 Poverty Law Content Organized What if all the news, blogs, and content from support centers, funders, and leaders relating to poverty law were in one place? What if when YOU found a good resource online, you could add it there for everyone to benefit? Enter: National RSS Server


18 Final Step: Your Own Personal Newspaper NetVibes

19 NetVibes

20 Part 2: Managing Your Tasks Basecamp (discussed later) TaDa Lists – Online Lists Linked with Basecamp…



23 Part 3: Transferring Large Docs YouSendIt.Com TeamViewer.Com

24 Transferring Large Files YouSendIt ( Perfect for when you want them to receive it by email. No downloads needed for recipient. TeamViewer( Perfect for when you have someone on the phone and want to give them something to look at or review with you. They need to download an executable file (30 seconds).



27 Part 4: Project Management & Collaboration Wikis Confluence ( PBwiki ( JotSpot (coming soon. Google bought.) Basecamp Instant Messaging ( Campfire: Group Chat

28 What is a wiki? In a single sentence, a wiki is a web site that is created and edited collaboratively.

29 Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania The problem Telephone Intake manual and Staff manual required constant changes to a printed manual. Staff manual-- -everyone throughout the program had different versions, depending on which updates they had actually kept.

30 Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania The solution: I checked out the NTAP info on wikis, and was drawn by the claim that creating a wiki could be as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich. I figured Id see if that was true, and it was.

31 Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania The result: A wiki with: Organizational information Help Line Manual Staff Directory Substantive Law resources Other Resources

32 Basecamp Basecamp is a free to low-cost web-based project management application Both versions include the ability to record milestones, assign tasks, relate tasks to milestones, track messages, create writeboards, and unlimited people Paid version includes more projects and file storage. Some plans also include time tracking



35 Jabber: Instant Messaging Jabber ( -- a customizable open source IM (instant messaging) protocol with many clients: Hugh uses Exodus ( Gabe uses PSI (

36 Campfire: Group Chat Free for four users File Transfer capability

37 Part 5: Meetings and Phones Meet-o-Matic ( MeetingWizard ( Free Conference.Com ( GotVoice ( Voicemail transferred to your email


39 Part 6: Office Productivity Alternatives Gliffy.Com is a free to low-cost ($30 per year) web-based alternative to Microsoft Visio. Gliffy.Com There are numerous free to low-cost options for creating PDF files. See Working with PDF Documents on LSNTAP Working with PDF Documents Open Office 2.0: Free alternative to Microsoft Office Thunderbird: Alternative to Outlook for email Survey Tool (


41 Poverty Law Survey Tool Sign Up: http://survey.lstech.org More info:

42 Power of Surveys Tool to return to Community Lawyering Instant feedback for management, organizational development, fundraising, technology evaluation, services evaluation, and priority setting More accurate than web tracking forms

43 Power of Online Surveys Cheap, Relatively Easy, Fast Lots of features -- Create surveys where: anyone can respond as many times as they like; only invited persons can respond; a person can only respond only once; in other languages; anonymous surveys are sent in; participants go to a URL or respond to an email; prior surveys can be reused and edited; data is analyzed instantly online or downloaded to a spreadsheet or graph.

44 Examples of Surveys for Poverty Law Technology Evaluation Community Based Priority Setting Outcome Assessment & Satisfaction of Services (Clinics, Hotline, Representation) Fundraising Volunteer Recruitment Staff Input (Retreats, Conferences, Training) Task Force or Committee Planning

45 Poverty Law Surveys

46 Poverty Law Surveys

47 Poverty Law Surveys

48 #1 Feature: Share Your Surveys with Others Usable by Non-Techie who is Willing to Learn Sign Up: http://survey.lstech.org More info:

49 For Your Clients and Websites PublicRoutes.Com Picks a public transportation route from two address points in major cities: NY, LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago…

50 More and Resources? Training Link at:

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