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Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example - your audio.

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1 Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example - your audio pin will be different.) If you joined with a microphone and headset or speakers (VoIP), please be sure your device volume settings are properly adjusted. If your mic & headset is not working, please try unplugging and re-plugging in your device. We will begin promptly at the top of the hour.

2 COLL130: Introduction to Google Apps March 27, 2009 Rachel Medina, LSNTAP David Bonebrake, LSNTAP Molly French, Colorado Legal Services Brian Lawlor, Legal Services of Northern California

3 Please, let us know your questions and comments during the training Maximize/minimize your screen with the chevron symbol Telephone participants need to enter their audio pin Ask a question in the questions log Raise your hand

4 Ensuring we can hear you Mic & Speakers users should make sure the microphone volume is turned up. You can always switch to telephone at anytime in the training. Ensure that you have not muted yourself Un-mutedMuted

5 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

6 Todays training… …is being recorded …will be archived on our website Registered attendees will receive an email with a link to this information once it has been posted

7 Presenters Rachel R. Medina LSNTAP Molly French Colorado Legal Services David Bonebrake LSNTAP Brian Lawlor Legal Services of Northern California

8 Todays Presentation Introduction to Google Gaining Personal & Workplace Efficiency Through Google Apps GMail, GCal, Google Reader, Google Voice Organizations Employing Google Apps Applications of GCal and GDocs at Colorado Legal Services Applications of Google Sites at Legal Services of Northern California

9 Introduction Google Timeline

10 The Google we all know and love

11 Google quickly became everybodys favorite search engine… Google it has become part of our everyday vernacular

12 There is more to Google than the basic search tool… How many have used the Advanced Search to narrow results?

13 How many use Google as their search engine? How many have a Gmail account?

14 Behind the very simple interface, there is a Google world of fun….go ahead…click more!

15 Be brave….click even more!


17 Privacy Issues & Cloud Computing The web is a vulnerable place – is the tradeoff acceptable? Are the ethical issues overstated? If its okay to use Gmail, then why not a brief bank on a Google Site? Is it possible that Google is as secure as anything youre capable of creating with your own systems? Privacy Policy: More resources on this issue will be posted to the Training Module for this training at

18 If you are not using any Google applications (beyond the search engine and GMail), why not?

19 Google Apps for Personal and Workplace Efficiency Gmail Gcal Google Reader Google Voice

20 GMail Googles free web-based email system Good Intro: 798 798 Powerful spam, virus, and phishing protection Fast and comprehensive message search Many of Outlook and Thunderbirds features are available in Gmails web client Can be installed on a Mobile Device

21 GMail Labs Added in 2008, Gmail labs allows users to test new or experimental features of Gmail. Currently about 45 features available, including: Offline Access Tasks to-do list Undo Send Mail Goggles

22 GMail Offline Access Offline Lab for Gmail standard or Google Apps Setting > Labs > Offline > Enable Uses Google Gears Can create a shortcut from your desktop Takes a few minutes to setup and synch emails

23 GMail Tasks Simple, straightforward to- do list within Gmail You can access your list through Gmail, mobile devices, and iGoogle

24 More cool Labs Undo send: Gives users a five second window to undo a sent message Forgotten Attachment Detector: Prompted if you use attach in your email but dont include an attachment. Create a Document: Create a Google Document from an email conversation or to start a blank document

25 And a Quick Note on Security Turn on Gmails SSL feature now! Settings > General > Browser connections SSL is an encryption protocol that protects data sent over networks On a public WiFi, its easy to hack a webmail account not protected by SSL

26 Google Calendar Add and share multiple calendars among users Integrates with other Google Services: Gmail iGoogle Google Deskop Offline access Can be embedded into a website



29 Google Reader

30 Google Voice Googles free phone manager service Provides one single, unified phone number that can be connected to work phones, cell phones, and other lines Calls to your unified number would ring all of your other phones Lots of options for how calls are handled

31 Google Voice The features I described were basically the Grand Central features – Google had added more: Free voicemail transcriptions Free conference calling Cheap international calls Text messaging organization David Pogue article on Google Voice: gy/personaltech/12pogue.html?scp=5&sq=G oogle%20Voice&st=cse

32 How do you envision using Google Applications? Or what do you wish you could do with Google Applications?

33 Google Apps for Your Organization Applications of GCal and GDocs at Colorado Legal Services - Molly French Applications of Google Sites at Legal Services of Northern California - Brian Lawlor

34 Getting Your Feet Wet – Primary Uses Google Calendar Personal Work Calendar Intake Managing Attorney tracks intake staff schedules Managing Attorney in FCU suggested to Judge as tool for scheduling parenting time between adverse parties

35 Google Calendar Continued Why this application? On net and available 24/7 online No syncing required No Google email account required to share Can share calendar with others – give them control to add to calendar (or not) Can make personal appointments and meetings private – only you can see them when you share the calendar Easy for a unit or smaller office (such as our Intake Unit) to coordinate schedules/track each others attendance and leave time Ease of use overall

36 Google Calendar Continued Challenges Must have Internet access Not extremely intuitive to more novice computer users to join calendar initially Can get cumbersome (tight) if more than 2 busy people using same calendar

37 Google Documents Document Presentation Spreadsheet Form

38 Google Documents Document Work off-site on projects – prepared for meetings, trainings Collaborate with others by sharing document – prepare for EJC presentation with consultant Spreadsheets Use to track software licensing, staff software updates Use to track tech issues (never formally tracked tech issues prior to this)

39 Google Documents – Why this application? Documents Work at home, pull up most recent copy at work (no flash drives, emailing, etc.) Collaborate easily – simultaneously edit documents while talking on the phone, know where the latest version is Spreadsheets Data was not being tracked prior to using Google apps, move into using other methods if needed Easy to invite all Tech Unit staff into documents – dont have to use email, etc. to keep up with these projects Inexpensive in cost and resources – if we used tech tracking/license tracking software – more software we have to maintain

40 Google Documents – Why this application? Cost Savings – How to Use Google Apps to Increase Your Organizations Productivity –

41 Google Apps = Google Sites = Intranet

42 What is Google Apps?

43 Google Sites: a publishing platform for creating private or public wikis or websites

44 LSNC had used MediaWiki for its intranet

45 LSNC now uses Google Sites for its intranet

46 How easy is it to create?




50 What are the file limits? "At this time attached files and uploaded images are currently limited to 10 MB." "Each domain is limited to 10 GB in total size with... Education [Non-profit] Edition domains receiving 500 MB per user beyond the initial quota." (Google: October 2008)

51 How user friendly is it? o everything we got with MediaWiki... only more and better o zero learning curve for viewers, since it relies on familiar web design metaphors: search, navigation, content, sitemap, etc. o very easy for contributors from multiple locations to create and edit and share content o way Way WAY better search, including content of uploaded files

52 Yeah, but do people use it?

53 What is the $ cost? o Zero. Totally free for non-profits: o No hidden fees, subscription or maintenance costs. o Free, real email technical support.

54 Google Sites ~ give it a spin in your regular Gmail account

55 Welcome/index.html Google Apps Overview

56 Brian Patrick Lawlor, Regional Counsel Legal Services of Northern California Sacramento, California

57 So Many Applications….So Little Time! Other Google Apps: iGoogle/Start Page Set up Google Gadgets, RSS feeds, personal To-Do List, etc. Other Google Search applications: Blog Search, Government Search, Google Scholar Google Translate Possible Creative Uses – Think Outside the Box! GCal: Use for your case docket Google Sites: Formulate your own project management tool

58 Google Apps support through the NTAP Help Desk On-demand support available for LSC- funded programs Live chat available Monday – Thursday, 12 – 3 pm PT

59 Questions?

60 THANK YOU Dont forget to complete our survey Rachel R. Molly David Brian

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