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1 YouSendIt.Com You want me to this PowerPoint? …..Its too big! Use YouSendIt -- I upload it to their site. They send an to you for you to download. Easy…Free (with limits)

2 LegalMeetings Web Conferencing for Poverty Law

3 LegalMeetings Allows our program to do things we could have never envisioned doing. Saved our program money -- we would have had to drive to offices to transition to a new case management system.

4 LegalMeetings Share a document You can have remote control over my computer (tech support and new software demonstration) Co-edit a document and save it Chat while viewing or editing


6 LegalMeetings No Mores! We eliminate the: –We cant afford training. –You need to drive to this office because they need training…software support…mentoring… –Can you go to page 6 in the second paragraph…wait, do you have the right version? Let me it to you.

7 LegalMeetings: Ohio Ohio: 10 AmeriCorps lawyers across the state, 1 expert Consumer lawyer. LegalMeetings helps them train on laws, briefs, issues, and strategies. 1 Consumer lawyer can more effectively train 10 rather than drive to each or spend money on in-person trainings.

8 LegalMeetings: Georgia 11 offices for GLSP, 5 of them require an overnight stay for a visiting staff from another office due to distance. Average distance 3.5 hour one way In 2006: changed the Case Management System

9 LegalMeetings: Georgia 157 online meetings, 47 of which were to train staff on new timekeeping and case handling software. Saved an estimated 630 hours of driving time Calculated soft savings of $23,424 for GLSP

10 LegalMeetings: Georgia 157 online meetings, 47 of which were to train staff on new timekeeping and case handling software. Saved an estimated 630 hours of driving time alone Calculated soft savings of $23,424 for GLSP

11 In April, well use GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar (Citrix) $ / month for LSC-funded $ / month for non-LSC funded Training and Support included

12 Poverty Law Survey Tool Sign Up: More info:

13 Power of Surveys Tool to return to Community Lawyering Instant feedback for management, organizational development, fundraising, technology evaluation, services evaluation, and priority setting More accurate than web tracking forms

14 Power of Online Surveys Cheap, Relatively Easy, Fast Lots of features -- Create surveys where: –anyone can respond as many times as they like; –only invited persons can respond; –a person can only respond only once; –in other languages; –anonymous surveys are sent in; –participants go to a URL or respond to an ; –prior surveys can be reused and edited; –data is analyzed instantly online or downloaded to a spreadsheet or graph.

15 Examples of Surveys for Poverty Law Technology Evaluation Community Based Priority Setting Outcome Assessment & Satisfaction of Services (Clinics, Hotline, Representation) Fundraising Volunteer Recruitment Staff Input (Retreats, Conferences, Training) Task Force or Committee Planning

16 Poverty Law Surveys

17 Poverty Law Surveys

18 Poverty Law Surveys

19 #1 Feature: Share Your Surveys with Others Usable by Non-Techie who is Willing to Learn Sign Up: More info:

20 Format Painter What? Looks like a paintbrush in Toolbar. Why? Can apply formatting you have in one part of a document to any other part of the document with one click.

21 Format Painter - Application Format Painter can copy character attributes if you choose the (font style, font size, bold, italics etc). It can also copy paragraph attributes (alignment, indentation, bullets etc.) It can apply the original formatting to your next click. Multiple Locations: If you want to apply the same formatting to more than one item, select the formatting you want, double-click Format Painter, and then select each word, phrase, or paragraph you want to apply formatting to. When you're finished, press ESC. Note: You can also use a feature called Styles to apply formatting to multiple locations in a file. Advantage of this is that you can select all instances of that formatting and change all of them at once if you want. Format->Styles and Formatting.

22 Format Painter – Example Add text from an to your pleading. Formatting is messed up. Correct with Format Painter. Say you've written a quarterly report for one of your funders, in Word. You like the look, especially your headings, which are 14 pt. Bookman Old Style, centered, green, and bold, with a nice subtle shadow. Thirty minutes before you're supposed to present the report, you need to add four new sections to the report. You spend twenty minutes adding the information and manually reformatting all of the text to match the existing headers. You spend the next two wishing that you hadn't chosen such complicated formatting for your headings.

23 Format Painter How to use Format Painter –Select the text with the formatting you want applied elsewhere in the document. –On the Standard toolbar, click Format Painter icon. –Select the text you want to apply the formatting to. The text takes on the new formatting.




27 Paste Special Format Painter AutoCorrect & AutoText Find & Replace Section 1: Formatting

28 AutoCorrect What? Corrects typos as they occur. It does this by replacing text you type with something else. Why? –You need to know how to turn it off. –You can use it to apply replace characters with special symbols you commonly use (such as the § symbol). –Very Important: You can use it like a mini-macro. You can save A LOT of time if you use it to replace text you type as a shortcut, with longer, standardized text that you tire of retyping again and again. You can assign abbreviations to frequently used names, phrases, and terminology, for example such as the copyright symbol.

29 AutoCorrect: How? From the Tools menu, select AutoCorrect Options…to: –Change Rules: (i.e., correct two CAPITAL letters together.) –Change Formatting: You will see a grid that shows character(s) and the symbol Word will convert it to. If you are done with the © symbol transformation, simply highlight it and Delete or modify. Scroll through to see what else Microsoft wants to correct for you.

30 AutoCorrect for MiniMacros How Do I Use Replace Text? –Say you type in your name and your programs address, contact, etc. Select the text and copy it. –From the Tools menu, select AutoCorrect Options…In the With field, paste your text. –Replace Text: This feature, can revolutionize your work and make up for all the frustration youve accumulated from the tool. Youll see a line that says Replace and With. (Note: You can also access this feature Insert>AutoText.) –In the Replace field, type the code you want to use to have Word automatically generate that text. Remember: if you use commonly used words, like address, then every time you type the word address, your programs name and contact will show up. Choose a code that is not a series of characters you normally type. –Notice you can select Plain Text or Formatted Text. This will simply allow you to carry over specific formatting, if desired.

31 Applications for AutoText & AutoCorrect Commonly used words: –Your programs name –The name of courts you file in –Your signature –Small sentences you type often (confidentiality clauses, closings, etc.) –Opposing Counsel names





36 AutoText What? AutoText finishes words you are typing. You can use AutoText for words you will still type out (versus use a code as in AutoCorrect), but you want Word to finish your typing for you to save time. Any text entered as AutoText will be utilized for word prediction. Examples: –Name of your program –Your name –Your courts name –Opposing parties (common) –Some sentences or phrases

37 AutoText How? 2 Ways: –Tools>AutoCorrect Options… Select AutoText –Insert>AutoText Example: –Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project

38 Find and Replace What? Change a certain word or phrase that is repeated throughout the document. Save time by typing a code that will be replaced later. How? Edit > Find Note: Word also lets you conduct expanded searches for such things as matching case, whole words, wildcards, sounds like, all word forms, character formats, and special punctuation. To access these features, click the More button in the Find and Replace window.

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