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Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example, your audio.

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1 Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example, your audio pin will be different) If you joined with a microphone and headset or speakers (VoIP), please be sure your device volume settings are properly adjusted. If your mic & headset is not working, please try unplugging and re-plugging in your device. We will begin promptly at the top of the hour.

2 ED111: Creative Uses of Technology in Poverty Law October 31 st, 2008

3 Todays Moderator Jeff Narabrook, NTAP Training Coordinator Kathleen Brockel, Executive Director Gene Donney, Project Coordinator

4 Todays Panelists Carol Garner Law Access New Mexico Ken Penokie Legal Services Northern Michigan Rebecca Miller Georgia Legal Services William Guyton Alabama Legal Aid Mary Neal Illinois Legal Aid Online Matthew Burnett Pro Bono Net; Immigration Advocates Network

5 Todays training… …is being recorded …will be archived on our website Registered attendees will receive an email with a link to this information once it has been posted

6 Please, let us know your questions and comments during the training Maximize/minimize your screen with the chevron symbol Telephone participants need to enter their audio pin Raise your hand

7 Ensuring we can hear you Use Mic & Speakers users should make sure the microphone volume is turned up. You can always switch to telephone at anytime in the training. Ensure that you have not muted yourself

8 CAROL GARNER LAW ACCESS NEW MEXICO Kinship-Guardianship HotDocs project

9 Carol Garner Carol Garner lives in Albuquerque & works at Law Access New Mexico, a stand-alone telephone legal helpline. She is a unit supervisor of the Domestic Relations/Guardianship, Public Benefits & Intake Screening units and coordinates program technology. She has provided legal services nationally and internationally to low-income populations both as a paralegal and an attorney, on the Navajo Reservation, in Durban, South Africa, and in Houston, TX, Cleveland, OH, and Rochester, NY. Carol received her J.D. from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and her B.A. from Rice University, Houston, TX.

10 Background of Project Law Access New Mexico has been the primary HotDocs template developer for legal service providers in New Mexico. In 2006, through a sub-contract with Pegasus Legal Services for Children, a set of special pleadings were developed to aid attorneys (& self-represented litigants) in filing petitions seeking child guardianships.

11 Background of Project Capstone Practice was contracted to develop the templates The templates were uploaded to NPADO for use by Pegasus attorneys in representation cases and by Law Access attorneys for self-represented assistance. Law Access attorneys have been successfully using the templates; Pegasus attorneys have not utilized the templates as much as was hoped

12 Carol Garner – New Mexico

13 Instructions were provided regarding utilization of the templates on the NPADO server: Register yourself or your agency for an Advocate account. The links are not set up for use by public, so you must have an account. Go to: http://npado.org (you must use Internet Explorer for now; the site does not work in Firefox unless you have the IE Tab plug in) You can "save answers" to come back later. Before beginning, you should create & faithfully follow a naming protocol for 'saved answers', so that you can both (1) retrieve them for further work, and (2) share them with other advocates or tech support for trouble shooting. Use the following links to access the online interviews to create pleadings. (Note: most of these are currently set up with Law Access letterhead & our versions of instructions; future revisions will provide more generic options) The following link allows creation of attorney-representation pleadings: Kinship-Guardianship Petition for attorneys:

14 Carol Garner – New Mexico But the lack of familiarity by Pegasus staff with the HotDocs program and NPADO services has delayed the maximum utilization of the templates. Such hesitancy clearly underscores the need to allocate time and services for training and support and to insist that they use the support services.

15 Carol Garner – New Mexico To the extent possible, success comes best when you (1) "force" use of the technology, but also (2) provide support and patience for as long as necessary, and (3) remember that while our staff may be 'forced' to use technology, they may not be avid embracers and the patience required may never go away, staff may always need nurturing hand-holding

16 Carol Garner – New Mexico Attitude should be: "Yes of course I can help you, and I don't mind how many times I have to show you how to manage the system, because I know it can be confusing to learn something new. Attitude should not be: "OK, I'll show you again, but I've already shown you this how many times and I dont understand why you can't remember what I've already shown you"

17 Questions? Raise your hand, please!


19 Ken Penokie Ken is a lifelong 3 rd generation Yooper. He started with Legal Services of Northern Michigan in 1979 as a staff attorney, becoming Deputy Director in 1992 and Director in 2001. Ken purchased the 2 nd and 3 rd computers LSNM ever owned (Tandy Model 3 and 4) and is the computer responsible person by default because LSNM, in Kens words, cannot support a real tech person.

20 Internet Representation Project

21 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

22 REBECCA MILLER GEORGIA LEGAL SERVICES Litigation Document Management System

23 Rebecca Miller Rebecca Miller graduated from NYU law school in 2003, clerked for Chief Judge Consuelo Marshall in the Central District of California, and is now a senior staff attorney in the Farmworker Division of Georgia Legal Services. At the Farmworker Division, Rebecca primarily litigates employment claims in federal court for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Agricultural Worker Protection Act, and temporary agricultural guestworkers employment contracts. The Divisions typical case is a document intensive wage and hour suit brought as FLSA collective actions on behalf of 20-80 workers.

24 The problem… Document intensive wage and hour litigation on behalf of 20-80 plaintiffs No efficient and consistent way to catalog documents received in discovery No efficient and consistent way to tag or code documents for later use in the case (which caused need to re-review documents before motions and depositions)

25 The problem… Document review tags and observations not searchable Document organization set up differently depending on staff member Loss of institutional memory about what documents we have when staff member leaves Excessive staff time spent collecting documents from clients after infield intake meetings

26 Solutions offered by document management system Searchable format Uniform organizational system Code documents according to use in case (by issue) for easy use in motions and depositions Allows staff to build off each others observations

27 Solutions offered by document management system Searchable, uniform format minimizes loss of institutional memory when staff member leaves Paralegals can do more document review Use of scanner in field allows for instant capture of client documents into format that can be merged with electronic documents back in office

28 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

29 WILLIAM GUYTON ALABAMA LEGAL AID Increasing Call Center Capacity with Pro Bono volunteers

30 William Gutyon William Guyton Jr. has served as network engineer and systems administrator in a variety of corporate settings where he was responsible for all aspects of company-wide networked systems from design and planning to budgeting and security as well as managing vendor relationships for voice, data, equipment, software and services. Mr. Guyton has been with Legal Services Alabama since February 28, 2005, first serving as LSAs Technology Planner and then as IT Manager. While at LSA, he has implemented a call center that is now entering a new stage of development.

31 Call Center

32 Questions? Raise your hand, please!


34 Mary Neal Mary K. Neal is Automated Documents Manager for Illinois Legal Aid Online. She is a recent graduate of Chicago-Kent College of Law, where she was Executive Editor of the schools A2J Student Editorial Board and President of the International Law Moot Court Honor Society. She worked for the Center for Access to Justice and Technology and at the Illinois Human Rights Commission while in Law School. Prior to law school, Ms. Neal worked at the Institute of International Education in Washington, DC. There she planned international exchange programs and also coordinated the development of a departmental database and document automation system.

35 Need for Project Legal Aid Organizations use Case Management Systems (CMSs) to better track clients, cases, and outcomes. Attorney-oriented automated documents on NPADO can save attorneys time and allow them to serve more clients. There is up to 40% overlap between information in a CMS on a given case, and the information required for a related automated document. Currently, despite the overlap, attorney must enter all of this information twice– once in the CMS, once on NPADO.

36 Project Goals (1 of 2) Create Standard Variables for ease of transferring data from a CMS to NPADO. Enhance NPADO so that it can receive input from CMS recognize the problem codes used for web-based legal content verify which servers are allowed to send data

37 Project Goals (2 of 2) Modify Legal Server so that it – uses the same standard variables as NPADO – can export data to NPADO in a usable format – allows users to seamlessly access automated documents Test and Evaluate the system created – by project team – by pilot user group in Illinois Create Project Documentation so that other states may make use of the infrastructure put in place

38 Parties Involved Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago: TIG Grantee, also currently involved in planning version of Legal Server to be used in project. Pro Bono Net: Contracted by LAF to make necessary enhancements to NPADO, provide user support during pilot phase. PS Technologies, Inc: Contracted by LAF to add necessary enhancements to Legal Server Illinois Legal Aid Online: Contracted by LAF to manage the project, develop standard variables, test and implement.

39 Legal Server Screen shot – case details

40 HotDocs Example Screenshot

41 How Does It Work? 1.Fill out case information in Legal Server 2. From within Legal Server, chose an Automated Document on NPADO. 3. NPADO uses info from Legal Server to pre-fill many fields in the automated document, you fill out the rest in HotDocs. 4. Download finished documents to your machine - where you can save and print them

42 More About the Server Formally named National Public Automated Documents Online Server, or NPADO Legal Services Corporation-funded resource Used by legal aid organizations across the country Contains all of the back end document assembly templates

43 Questions? Raise your hand, please!


45 Matthew Burnett Matthew joined Pro Bono Net in August 2005, originally as a Law Help Circuit Rider and now as the Coordinator of the national Immigration Advocates Network. Matthew earned his B.A. cum laude from the University of Washington and his J.D. cum laude from Seattle University School of Law. He has worked representing asylum seekers at the East Bay Sanctuary in Berkeley, California and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project in Seattle, Washington. He has also worked with the Gender Research and Advocacy Project at the Legal Assistance Centre in Windhoek, Namibia, and served as law clerk to Justice Z.M. Yacoob of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

46 Online Multimedia: Immigration Advocates Network Objectives: Create content thats informative and engaging Expose members to the experts/leaders in the field Quickly address emerging issues/changes in the law Simplify complex legal issues in a clear, accessible format Build a resource that delivers all of the above to advocates regardless of their programs size, location, or resources Benefits: Low cost, high impact Web-based, accessible 24/7 Minimal time investment Publish instantly Tools: Podcasting Video/Webcasting Webinars (live and recorded) Screencasting

47 Social Networking: Immigration Advocates Network Objectives: Enhance communications and coordination among IAN members and within the immigrants rights community Increase access to information and improve information sharing on immigration law and policy Facilitate increased collaboration among immigrants rights organizations Build broader support for the work that the Immigration Advocates Network, its partners and members are engaged in Benefits: Facilitates more meaningful social interaction among members Creates robust communications channels between IAN, our partners and our members Gets information out quickly, to a lot of people Low-cost, high impact Increase traffic, rankings, etc. Tools: LinkedIn (members only) Facebook Twitter

48 Tools and Resources Software/Tools: Audacity (podcast recording) Dynametric Telephone Transmit Patch (phone recording for podcasts and webinars) Microphone (podcasting/video) Video Camera (video/webcasts) GotoWebinar (webinar hosting) Camtasia Studio (webinars, podcasts and screencasts) Accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (plus Twitterfeed) Resources: Beths Blog Chris Brogan We Are Media LSNTAP SWEB ebsites/ Email: Twitter: mjburnett, technola, immadvocates

49 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

50 Thanks for joining us! A special thank-you to all our panelists for sharing their work! NTAP sends post-training surveys to all participants; please let us know how were doing. For more information about NTAP, visit Questions?

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