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SWEB 121: A How To for New Website Tools August 15, 2008 Pro Bono Net National Technology Assistance Project.

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1 SWEB 121: A How To for New Website Tools August 15, 2008 Pro Bono Net National Technology Assistance Project

2 Panelist Control Panel Reduce Panel with GrabTab View Full Screen Mode Move Control Panel (Put cursor on any textured area to drag) Chat (goes to all Panelists -- All of You)

3 Mute Yourself… Using GoToMeeting Phone: -- To MUTE: *6 -- To UNMUTE: *6

4 Panelists Liz Keith, Pro Bono Net David Bonebrake, NTAP Matthew Burnett, Immigration Advocates Network

5 Todays Training Online video using YouTube and other hosting services Podcasting Sprout Mashups RSS and Law Blawgs

6 Why Use Online Video? Statistics about Internet use: 53% of persons from households earning less than $30,000 use the Internet A large percentage of low-income persons have literacy limitations

7 Getting Started CALS Experience Nonprofit account on YouTube $30 Webcam Windows Movie Maker Donated microphone

8 Arkansas Legal Tube

9 Online Video Hosting Services Cost effective way to deliver videos to your user YouTube is far and away the most popular Several other services provide similar hosting, some with better features

10 Advantages of Online Video Hosting Cost Accessibility Ease of use Potential to reach more clients

11 Disadvantages of Online Video Hosting Quality concerns Size and length limitations Less control over how users access the video

12 YouTube Nonprofit Channel Branding benefits Rotation of your videos in the "Promoted Videos" areas throughout the site The option to have a Google Checkout "Donate" button Listing on the Nonprofit channels and the Nonprofit videos pages Application process: Must provide information about your organization, including your fed tax id number to prove youre a 501(c)(3)

13 Uploading Your Video

14 Embedding Your Video

15 Other Hosting Services Max SizeMax Length ResolutionStereo? BlipTV1 GB? – over 10?? OurMediaUnlimited? – over 10?? Vimeo500 MB? – over 101280 X 720Yes YouTube1 GB10 min480 X 360N0

16 example Media is uploaded to http://ourmedia.org Free hosting service through the Internet Archive (registration required) Can be used for video or audio Like YouTube, it generates code required to embed player in another web page Automatically creates other formats (MPEG4, Flash etc.)



19 example Use Blogger blog as the interface to integrate videos Create a new blog entry for each audio or video file Embed OurMedia code into HTML view Go to Edit view of post, right-click and copy shortcut Post link as LawHelp resource

20 Production tools Audacity – free audio recorder and editor Handbrake ( – open source tool for converting DVDs to MPEG files Any Video Converter – free and paid versions Windows Media Maker

21 Video Cameras Webcam Hercules Deluxe Optical Glass $25 Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 $100 Flip Video Camera HDV Camera

22 Flip Video Camcorder Effgie:

23 HDV Cameras Josh Bancroft:

24 Video Editing Software Free editing solutions Microsoft Movie Maker Apple iMovie Wax VirtualDub Mid-Range QuickTime Pro Adobe Premiere Elements More expensive options Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere

25 Microphones Audio is important – poor qualify audio can really ruin a web video Test your camcorders audio quality – it may be sufficient Other options: Techsmith USB Condenser Microphone Audio-Technica USB Condenser Mic Blue Snowflake

26 Multimedia widgets Sprout is popular -- and free -- option Allows non-technical staff to create multimedia Sprout "badges" Badges can include text, images, videos and more "Share" link allows supporters to paste the badge into their own website or blog You can track where the badge is appearing

27 example

28 NTC Sprout includes live links to NTEN website, blog, Twitter feeds and more.

29 Using Sprout Free, but registration required Choose templates from a gallery or integrate your own graphics and branding Publish your Sprout to generate embed code Manage and monitor your Sprout

30 Mash Ups Application that allows you to combine and display data from multiple sources into a single integrated tool. Technology to create mash-ups has become very accessible. Classic example is a Google Maps mash- up.


32 Getting started with mash ups Determine purpose and audience for your map Google Maps has a helpful tutorial Other tools include MapBuilder, QuikMaps, Wayfaring

33 ABA Journal Blawg Directory

34 Consumer Law Blogosphere Feed 3 RSS Feeds CL & P Credit Slips Michigan Collection Lawyer Blog

35 Yahoo Pipes

36 FeedBurner FeedBurner is a commercial web application that allows users to manage feeds. FeedBurner can turn RSS feeds into Javascript that can be placed on a HTML page.

37 Thank you! Questions? David Bonebrake - Liz Keith - Matthew Burnett -

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