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Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example - your audio.

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1 Welcome! If you joined the conference via telephone, please enter your audio pin if you havent already. (The image on the right is an example - your audio pin will be different.) If you joined with a microphone and headset or speakers (VoIP), please be sure your device volume settings are properly adjusted. If your mic & headset is not working, please try unplugging and re-plugging in your device. We will begin promptly at the top of the hour.

2 COLL151: LSNTAP to the Rescue: An Introduction to the LSNTAP Help Desk February 20, 2009 Rachel Medina, LSNTAP Madhu Lakshmanan, Consultant Gabrielle Hammond, Consultant

3 Please, let us know your questions and comments during the training Maximize/minimize your screen with the chevron symbol Telephone participants need to enter their audio pin Ask a question in the questions log Raise your hand

4 Ensuring we can hear you Mic & Speakers users should make sure the microphone volume is turned up. You can always switch to telephone at anytime in the training. Ensure that you have not muted yourself Un-mutedMuted

5 Questions? Raise your hand, please!

6 Todays training… …is being recorded …will be archived on our website Registered attendees will receive an email with a link to this information once it has been posted

7 Presenters Rachel Medina LSNTAP Madhu Lakshmanan Consultant Gabrielle Hammond Consultant

8 Todays Presentation Introduction to the Help Desk Mapping & GIS The Case Management System Reporting Tool

9 Help Desk Introduction Providing technology support to the legal services community has been central to NTAPs mission since we began. In the past, we have supported the community through several different projects: – Open Source Circuit Riding – Training Grants – Grants for LSC-supported technologies like the Poverty Law Survey Tool and GIS Mapping.

10 Specific Support Examples The following are examples of support that NTAP has provided over the past two months: Statewide website staffing transition Introduction to online project management Multimedia support Program needed guidance on Case Management Systems – wanted to know what similar programs were using and what CMSs were at their price points.

11 NTAP Help Desk For all LSC-funded programs NTAP will support programs though: Email: Contact us section of Real-time chat on

12 Real-Time Chat NTAP will experiment with providing real-time assistance to LSC-funded programs through a chat client located on Service begins February 23 rd An NTAP staff member will generally be available Monday – Thursday from 12:00 – 3:00 pm PST

13 NTAPs Real-Time Chat Client

14 Technologies Supported through Real-Time Chat Statewide websites Web 2.0 features Multimedia Poverty Law Survey Tool Online Project Management

15 Technologies We Will Be Adding GIS Mapping Google Apps Others?

16 But this isnt an exhaustive list! NTAP can still answer questions on a much broader range of technology topics, but not through real-time chat

17 But I already work with… A lot of programs already work extensively with an NTAP staff member through another project You can keep contacting this person directly and do not need to go through the Help Desk for support All requests we do receive will go the appropriate person

18 Expansion of Help Desk Case management guidance Tech survey GIS Mapping

19 Mapping & GIS Mapping & GIS

20 Mapping & GIS A geographic information system (GIS) captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that refers to location. Mapping is the commonest way of visualizing GIS data. GIS infrastructure, hardware & software are one of the most complex, expensive and dynamic systems now. Decent basic customized systems would run into the 6 figures.

21 Background NTAP has been trying to help the community use mapping since 2005. There were some basic trainings and resources deployed. The TNAtlas project created a prototype GIS application, appropriate census datasets and legal aid area boundary files and some of you may remember the trainings on that. There were shortcomings in terms of ease of use and just keeping up with the varied needs of the programs. After exploring various avenues for alternatives, NTAP partnering with LAET has put together a set of free (or almost free) tools that can have your program up and running with mapping immediately. This is one of various paths you can take, but quite the easiest.

22 Using case data A concern for mapping case data directly always remains that of confidentiality. Geocoding your case data would require you to get coordinates (lat/long) for the address portion of your data and you dont need to send any other information to the geocoder. It is exactly what you do when you type addresses into mapquest or into your cars GPS system to get you somewhere. The concern is also that the actual map would have a point where the case is and should be dealt with very carefully. Aggregating case data by zipcode would be almost as useful in showing you density on a map while preserving confidentiality of a specific case address.

23 The process What do I want to do? Map my sample New Mexico case data and also analyze it vis-à-vis the population of senior citizens in that state. What do I need? A mapping application (Google Earth) KML/KMZ files from the census for NM seniors & for my case data Geocoding service (to add lat/long to case data) KML creating application from census data Optional graphing tool

24 Online Tool to create KML files from Census data

25 Google Earth- Census data

26 Add lat/lon information to your case data @ You can download a KML file with this data.

27 Census data overlaid with case data directly in Google Earth

28 EarthPlot – plot aggregate data on a map

29 Case data by zipcode aggregate The size of the blue circles is proportional to the number of cases in that zip code area.

30 Individual & aggregate representation of case data

31 Google Earth representation of a legal aid service area

32 Upcoming… A showcase of GIS mapping @ Surveys to the field about what they would like to map and their current methods. Hands-on multi-part trainings using the process outlined here. Support @ the helpdesk for mapping Increased content in the tech library

33 The Case Management System Reporting Tool The Case Management System Reporting Tool

34 34

35 Selecting Your Case Management System CMS Report: Selecting Your CMS, 2003 ( CMS Report: Selecting Your CMS, 2003 CMS Sneak Peak: How Many Changed and To What System? ( CMS Sneak Peak 35

36 A Model We Like (unless you tell us otherwise) 36 Trip Advisor.Com


38 Possible Ratings Overall Rating Ease of Use Reporting Cost Vendor Support 38

39 39 Balancing Facts v. Reviews CMS Vendors Functionality

40 Timeline 40 MarJunSepDec Adv Board Input Vendor Input Development of Rating Development of Vendor Database Testing & Release Phase 1 Testing & Release Phase 2

41 The Case Management System Reporting Tool More Information? -- Regular Updates on Have ideas? -- Contact me:

42 THANK YOU Dont forget to complete our survey Rachel Medina LSNTAP Madhu Lakshmanan Consultant Gabrielle Hammond Consultant Help Desk…

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