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COLL131: Employ Google Applications Now! April 17, 2009.

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1 COLL131: Employ Google Applications Now! April 17, 2009

2 Presenters Rachel R. Medina LSNTAP Sandra W. Quiles Mass. Law Reform Institute

3 Training Agenda GMail GCal GDocs

4 Overview GMail Filters Getting/sending email from other email addresses Labs features Google Apps Domain/email setup Integrating domain Web host support Setting up Introduction to the dashboard Catch all email

5 Overview Google Calendar Setting Up Individual Calendars Setting Up Master Calendars Holiday Calendar, Vacation Calendar, Master Docket Best Practices for Calendar Use Syncing Calendars & Going Mobile Google Docs Best Practices Plan for Implementation

6 Interlude Which camp are you in? Decided Need the know-how On the Fence How to determine whether change is good Barriers to implementation ? Other Already adopted Google personally Im convinced, but my superiors are not

7 Which apps are an easy sell? Case Study: Legal Services of Northern California Case Study: Legal Aid of Western New York None have been "hard" to sell. I think the issue is whether the utility of the particular Google App is self-evident as a useful alternative to something the users already do. To use Google apps that are not so, takes time or circumstances to make its utility apparent. Not a question of which apps are an easy sell. Its a question of who to sell to first. Look at the population of your staff. Younger staff and tech savvy staff may already may be using various Google applications on their own. Start with those folks. Any of the Google apps will be easier to sell to late-adopter-types once they see others using the applications.

8 Which apps are an easy sell to staff? This is a management of change issue Dont confuse this with an issue of utility, though the two may be intertwined E.g., if folks cant see the utility in the switch, then you may have a difficult time selling the switch to them FIRST STEP: make your own individual case for Google Determine why the switch would be good for your organization (or not?)

9 Making the Case MESSAGING TOOLS (GMAIL & GCAL) COLLABORATION TOOLS (GDOCS & GOOGLE SITES) From GoogleEducation Edition Available to NonProfits for free. Education Edition Available to NonProfits for free. Continuous Innovation. Universal Access. Secure Infrastructure. Control of Spam. Archiving. Find Messages Instantly. - HEREHERE Worker mobility. Information Access Control (Public/Private). Protect Documents (control over sharing). Revisions saved. Publish through the web (read only copies). Import/export a variety of formats. – HEREHERE LSNCs Experience self-evident – it resolved in a practical way how to have universal web access without the need for syncing work/home desktops RE Gmail: totally eliminated the spam problem for us, which had been the number one tech complaint in our organization GDocs: was more slowly adopted…not immediately self-evident how it would be helpful. …utility has become apparent to more staff as others do shares, form invites, etc. Google Sites use is still at an embryonic stage…its use is fairly self-evident to those who have experience with project management software LAWNYs Experience Easy to use by staff; management is easy – see J.Hogues presentation GDocs attributes to advertise to staff: versioning and revision history; no need to send multiple emails back and forth

10 GMail & Google Apps

11 Google Apps and Gmail Google Apps Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Intranet! This is just the beginning Gmail Secure email access anytime anywhere, excellent spam filter, mobile email access, and much more.

12 Gmail Accounts: getting/sending email from other email addresses (Labels) Filters Lab features

13 Gmail

14 Gmail Settings Customize your Gmail account through Settings, from basic Timezone to vacation emails. Accounts (Labels) Filters Labs

15 Star events: Undo star when event is done Send spam directly to trash: is:spam Finding emails with attachments: has:attachment Delete old emails: before:2006/06/01 label:sent 30/20-ways-to-use-gmail-filters/ 30/20-ways-to-use-gmail-filters/ Gmail Filters AT&T Example: Cingular Nextel Sprint T-Mobile Verizon ALLTEL

16 Gmail Creating a Filter

17 Send email as: Get email from other accounts: (!)... Have your own domain Gmail Accounts

18 Gmail Use Other Address

19 Gmail Compose Email

20 Gmail Labs Daves Favs Undo send: Gives users five seconds to undo Attachment Detector: Prompted if attach is found in your email but no attachment is found. Create Google Document from an email conversation or to start a blank document GMail Tasks Others Offline Custom Label Colors Superstars Email Addict :) Mark As Read Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat Send & Archive

21 Showtime! Any Questions?

22 Google Apps Integrating domain Discuss web host support Dashboard Setting up Email setup Catch all email

23 Google Apps Integrating domain Email and Google servers Email, Docs, Calendar (iCal), etc. Excellent spam filter! Mobile access Limit of email accounts: 50 Support

24 Google Apps

25 Google Apps Standard Edition Gmail Google Calendar Google Docs Documents Presentations Spreadsheets Google Sites Websites Group wikis Lets Get Started

26 Google Apps Domain Integration Basic Information Name Email Use a backup email address: Phone Organization Information Name Type (next) Administrator Account password Terms and Conditions !!

27 Google Apps Domain Integration cont. Verify Account CNAME - Host Control Panel access HTML file - FTP access googlehostedservice.html Discuss Host Support Dreamhost Other Hosts answer=140034

28 Google Apps Domain Integration cont. !!

29 Showtime! Any Questions?

30 Thank you :) Thanks to LSNTAP for this opportunity

31 Google Calendar Using Your Individual Calendar Setting Up Master Calendars Syncing Calendars & Going Mobile

32 Googles Reasons For Using Google Calendar Share Your Schedule Get Your Calendar On-The-Go Never Forget Another Event Again (Customizable Reminders) Send Invitations and Track RSVPs Sync with Desktop Applications Work Offline

33 Setting Up Individual Calendars You have a Google Calendar by virtue of having a Google Account Select Calendar, then Settings to personalize Sharing Calendar with Specific People Settings>Calendars>Shared:Edit Settings> Enter E-mail address & Select level of permissions Add Person



36 Share with Everyone in the Domain Click on the down arrow to the right of your e-mail address under My Calendar Select Share this Calendar

37 Share with Everyone in the Domain Click on the down arrow

38 Calendars On-The-Go

39 Google Sync

40 Setting Up Group Calendars

41 Master Calendars Pros and Cons Master Calendars allow for one person to add important dates that are relevant to everyone in an office or that require more than one persons attention Depending on how your office workflow is set up, you may end up with duplicate entries which could ultimately be messy and confusing

42 Public Calendars & the Weather

43 Public Calendars Settings>Calendars>Import Calendars>Browse Calendars

44 …more on Calendars List of Calendars: op.php op.php Article re Public Calendars: 8/01/17/adding-public-calendars- to-your-google-calendar/ 8/01/17/adding-public-calendars- to-your-google-calendar/ Short-cut to add calendars:

45 Syncing Calendars - Outlook Why? Allows late adopters to continue to use Outlook, but also gives them the added benefit of convenient GCal interface Serves as a dedicated syncing tool – connects all calendars iCal (Mac) at home Outlook at work GCal in the cloud + Outlook and iCal

46 Syncing Calendars 1-way sync or 2-way sync 1-way: Sync GCal events to MS Outlook Sync MS Outlook events to Gcal 2-way: Sync both Gcal and MSOutlook with each other

47 Syncing Calendars 1-way sync or 2-way sync Download and install Google Calendar Sync.Google Calendar Sync Enter your Google account email address and password. Select your sync method and the sync frequency you prefer. Hit Save and you're done. Easy, right? --How to Sync Any Desktop Calendar with Google Calendar by Adam Pash. Lifehacker. July 29, 2008. Located at: desktop-calendar-with-google-calendar

48 Google Docs Best Practices for Managing Work Product Most folks have not entirely converted to using Google Docs yet But we do have some idea about what folk are using it for…

49 Syncing with Basecamp 1. Copy subscription URL RightClick on " Subscribe to iCalendar" link in Basecamp, Then click on "Copy Link Address. 2. Add URL to subscribe Get to "Add via URL" page, Press "Ctrl"+"V" to paste link, *IMPORTANT* Change first part of URL from "webcal" to "http", resulting in something like this [http://******&proj ect_id=***] --From Google Calendar Help: 650c&hl=en

50 Syncing with Basecamp Paste Link Here

51 Google Docs Foreclosure Grant Form – Data Collection from Each Participating Office ***Data Important for Legal Services (e.g., case no, census tract, income level, etc…) & Some of the Partners on the Project are not Legal Services, so they cant give them access to their CMS Staff Profile Embedded into Google Site TIG LOIs & Apps (Collaborate on Text) Lists of Special Projects To Dos Project Management Presentations (Easy to Design; Easy to Publish on the Web) A2J Usability Survey – Used the Form Tool

52 Google Docs Demo

53 Implementation Plan Prepare Your StaffDo the switch over a weekend On Monday – walk staff through the tools, focusing primarily on GMail

54 Implementation Plan Do NOT train on all apps at the same time.Focus on basics initially Then…Show them where they can play with the bells and whistles VERY IMPORTANT: Explain and encourage use of the GMail inbox as the common inbox for all their email accounts

55 Implementation Plan Assure staff that IT will be there to help Support continued use of Outlook, but also work to phase out GMail/GCal purpose is straightforward, but you made need to describe advantages of other apps Rely on the viral effect of Google: Offer. Explain. Demonstrate. Implicate. Provide fun and useful support

56 Change Management Rolling it out to all the other offices – Contact each office and set up appointments to discuss plan for implementation Go back and look at accounts for people who have either never used it or are making little use of the apps and offer additional assistance Continue to make visits to other offices to make presentations

57 Sample Timeline - LAWNY



60 THANK YOU Dont forget to complete our survey Rachel R. Training Coordinator LSNTAP

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