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TT103: All About VOIP September 30, 2009. Presenters Martin Ostensen Legal Aid Alberta William H. Guyton, Jr. Legal Services Alabama Rachel R. Medina.

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1 TT103: All About VOIP September 30, 2009

2 Presenters Martin Ostensen Legal Aid Alberta William H. Guyton, Jr. Legal Services Alabama Rachel R. Medina LSNTAP

3 Agenda What is VoIP? Planning, Preparation and Implementation: Advice from Legal Aid Alberta - A Project-in-Process Lessons Learned (What NOT To Do): Alabamas Case Study


5 Voice Over Internet Protocol Put simply, VoIP is: the ability of sending Voice (Telephone Calls) over the same data network that is used by our computers and the internet This can mean lots things these days Cheap Long distance Smart PBX solutions Voice communications Telephony Applications End Point Connectivity All of the above

6 Existing Features Caller ID Blacklisting Call Waiting Call Transfer Call Conferencing Conference Center/Bridging Do-Not-Disturb Call Forwarding Unconditional Busy No Answer Call Parking Call Detail Reporting Dial by Name Directory Interactive Voice Response Time Condition Call Routing Call Queuing Call Back Hold Music/Recordings (MP3) Application Integration Extended Call Reporting DISA (Direct Inward System Access) Dictation Follow Me Paging/Intercom Ring Groups Graphical Call Manager Day/Night Controls

7 Data Connectivity School Bus vs Porsche VoIP requires little bandwidth VoIP requires very high quality low latency bandwidth Quality bandwidth can be delivered over various connection types and vendors DSL Cable T1 Fiber Deliverable Quality can vary greatly among vendors Read contracts carefully, ensure specific performance SLA

8 Voice Applications Examples of Voice Applications Voice Mail Interactive Voice Response Dictation Whats possible Attorney Client Message Pickup Attorney Client Call Scheduling

9 Analog Telephone Service Model

10 Key Based Phone Systems

11 Digital PBX Phone Switch

12 VoIP/Digital Phone Switch

13 Existing Investment? Already invested in a phone system how will this help?


15 What is the need? Due Diligence Vision, Mission Business Priorities and Objectives Success Measures

16 Business Objectives example Rewrite of business –systems design and changing workflowTelephony integration with data systemsWeb functionality (movement to self-service channel options)Perceived as client advocates; conduits to other agenciesMovement away from decentralizationGreater consistencies in approach and process

17 Convergence Some factors that came together Recognition - telephony required improvement Financial timing – we had funding Demonstrated excitement over industry technology advancements, i.e. VoIP Corporate project team formed with the view to improve client service delivery

18 Holistic Approach BPs for Functional Areas Client Service Experience Our Approach

19 People Strategy and Overall Operation Internal Communication Process Technology Performance Measurement Our Approach Overall Performance

20 Our Approach Reviewed and assessed all operational activities & ALL functional areas, as they relate to a contact centre business documentation (reports, procedures, manuals, plans) ACD system reports Present technology Met with key client stakeholders (internal departments - Recoveries, staff law offices – FLO and YCDO) Observed the overall environment Staff handling telephone calls & working with applications Reception & Intake LAO LRO staff lawyers Examined interdependencies between functional and program areas

21 Our Approach Discussed findings with key stakeholders Analyzed findings Developed and presented recommendations

22 Scope Functional Departments/Programs included in review: Client Services –Calgary & Edmonton Regional offices Communications Department Corporate Services including Taxation, HR, Recoveries Program Services: Alberta Law Line (ALL) Family Law Office (FLO) Youth Criminal Defense Office (YCDO)

23 Conclusion – Then Current State LAA & ALL meet the basic requirement of the strict definition of a call centre, i.e., single point of inbound contact. Many of the basic contact centre operating principles/disciplines are not in place. Having the right skills and resources in the right place, at the right time with quality. Having the right skills and resources in the right place, at the right time with quality. ICMI, Brad Cleveland

24 Impact of Findings on Priority: Strategy and Overall Operation We looked at: Client Eligibility LAA Culture Training & Development Client Service Experience

25 Impact of Findings on Priority:

26 Impact of Findings on Priority We also looked at: People Process – Awareness, Contact, Application Connection to Service, Continuous Quality Improvement Performance Management Internal Communication Technology Client Experience

27 Recommendations Fully exploit use of telephone through routing & resource strategies Execute performance management & measurement processes Improve client service access via multi- channel options

28 Profile of Best Practice Organizations Know their clients Understand clients deeply Identify and anticipate clients moments of truth Calls are routed to the right person at the right time Anticipate, address, and avoid critical issues Measure, monitor, and improve what matters to clients Consistent and seamless branded experience Employees work together to streamline clients interactions with the organization Strive for single- contact problem resolution

29 Recommended Phased-Approach for Long-Term Client Service Centre single, provincially-shared 1-800# with IVR functionality Client access: Initial eligibility screening Application intake Additional contact channels Provisioning of in-person appointments in addition to current referrals through all contact mediums In-Person Appointments Reception continues to support walk-in clients with general administrative support Ideal long-term state is appointment only Walk-In Support Others

30 Future State Staff directory readily available Implement a Reg. Admin. position with expertise in call centre operation Monitor queue in real time Implement on- line workforce management Effective managerial reporting Balance operational performance with quality of service

31 Performance Management Performance Objectives Voice Email Fax Web Performance Management Model quantitative qualitative

32 Recommendations: Business Processes (Contact/Call Handling) Restructure the call flow client centric appropriate skill set Benefits: Increase accessibility Improve client service/quality Establish a scalable business model

33 Technology Review Current State

34 Recommendations Call management system for all business units Optimize menu trees Additional queues for high traffic areas VoIP to enable additional regional resources Secure, remote access capabilities Home agent assessment Dynamic Contact Centre solution Robust IVR (consider voice- enabled) Enhanced targeted routing strategy Full queuing capacity QA/QM call monitoring solution CTI enabled desktop/telephony Enhanced reporting, historical and real time On-line workforce management solution Multi media contact management

35 Specific solution - Cisco

36 Cisco IPCC

37 Highlights of the IPCC System Integrated solution IVR, ACD, CTI, Outbound Multi channel interaction capabilities. Multi site intelligent routing. Robust reporting from the system level to the agent level. Complete scalability to manage growth.

38 Highlights of the IPCC System Real time and historical reporting VoIP ready Single provider of technology. Premise based solution.


40 Program History Voice mail server dies (abort, retry, fail?) 6 months later, August 29 Hired late February 2005 Technology outsourced Three Alabama programs merged

41 Katrina

42 30 days E.D. says we need to have a disaster call center up and taking calls in the next 30 days.

43 Flexibility Given the 30 day time frame to go live no major PBX vendor would commit. Nortel Avaya LSA was looking for a system that allowed for flexibility that didnt cost in the 6 figures and could be working in 30 days. Software IP PBX was the solution. But which one? And of what type?

44 Core Concept When your phone system is done in software, your voice system becomes an application.

45 Options Roll your own solution: All in one, software PBX in one server/framework Compile or ISO distro Build each part Outsource, hosted VoIP Buy off the rack

46 Many options Freeswitch openPBX openSER Off the shelf options: Fonality http://www.fonality.com Hosted: Qwest OneFlex ISOs asteriskNOW! Trixbox and others

47 LSA went with What is Asterisk? Wikipedia Asterisk

48 What is Asterisk? Complete IP PBX in software Multi platform (Linux, BSD, OS X, Solaris) Open source (GNU General Public License) Modular, broad hardware and protocol support (H.323, SIP MGCP, SCCP) Community Paradigm Shift

49 Who is digium? For profit company Based in Huntsville, Alabama Sells hardware, software, training and support services for Asterisk. Digium

50 LSA Call Center Design: Disaster Hotline v1.0 Four locations: Huntsville office, Montgomery office, Partner with Cumberland school of law, Samford University, Birmingham and Mobile, located in the same building as the Mobile office. Server in each location DSL for the WAN analog Wildcard 800 number with 5 analog numbers in the hunt group in Montgomery

51 LSA Call Center Design : Disaster Hotline v1.0 Queue in Montgomery, agent IDs with penalty to support ringing the intake first, paralegal second, call transfer to attorney. IAX2 over DSL WAN, 911 on local POTS.Cisco unified IP Phone 7960 with SIP loaded.

52 Central, Montgomery, DCC : Disaster Hotline v1.0 Remember the dead voice mail server? Replaced the Central and Montgomery offices 7 year old NEC PBX, and the voice mail server. Plus, added the disaster hotline. The five DID numbers in the hunt group where donated by LSA staff.

53 LSA Disaster v1.0 cost White box server, RAID 0 $~4800 4 port analog Wildcard $~375 3 Cisco phones, SIP load and config $~265 Testing and configuration $~80/hour DSL $~80=$5,600++

54 LSA Disaster v1.0 DSL broadband, static IP, aDSL cheap sDSL expensive. No QoS, packet loss, bandwidth saturation and jitter. Rhino channel bank

55 LSA Disaster v2.0 WAN upgrade to public frame DIA 1.54Mb/sec Load balanced DIA and DSL, Firewall, routing and failover using Juniper Netscreen 5GT. Added Spanish hotline to disaster hotlineextended hours, introduced IAX soft phones

56 LSA Disaster v2.0 costs DIA WAN $~425- 525/month Netscreen $~800 Netscreen 25 $~2500 =$3825++

57 LSA Disaster v3.0 Private 1.54Mb/sec private point to point from Montgomery to each call center. QoS and control from end to end.Switched from POTS to digital local and LD PRIsDedicated call center network serverAdded Elder hotline and centralized intake

58 LSA Disaster v3.0 cost Private P2P $~700/month (x) 3 Routers $ Local and LD PRI $ =$____++

59 LSA VoIP v4.0 WAN upgrade to 1.54Mbit/sec MPS statewide (fully meshed) Dynamic T in small officesDigital PRI and MPLS in larger officesFixed cost intra office callsLeast cost routing

60 LSC Performance Criteria April 2006 Are intake, case management, statistics, production of routinized legal work, legal research, document assembly, and inter- and intra-office communications thoroughly integrated with the programs telephone and computer system?

61 CTI What is computer telephony integration? Wikipedia

62 CTI at LSA Softphone USB headset Broadband Internet access IAX2 protocol iaxComm About Kiax | Why IAX vs. SIP?

63 CTI at LSA IM, Wildfire, Spark and * Igniterealtime Unified Messaging Wikipedia AsterFax Visualization and Asterisk metrics LSA call center network Portal

64 THANK YOU Dont forget to complete our survey Rachel R. Training Coordinator LSNTAP Martin Legal Aid William F. Guyton, Jr. Legal Services Alabama

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