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Three ways to get the most out of intake: 1. Since Intake is the gateway to justice, open that gate as wide as possible Ohio Online Intake System 2. Once.

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2 Three ways to get the most out of intake: 1. Since Intake is the gateway to justice, open that gate as wide as possible Ohio Online Intake System 2. Once through the gate, get what we need to help them VLAS use of Case Management System 3. Use that information to its fullest effect Bay Area Legal impact work


4 Walk-in Hotline Web-based 4

5 Nearly 9,000 online applications in 2007 Web makes up approximately 30% of all intake traffic 5

6 Legal Aid of Western Ohio (LAWO) submitted a $30,000 TIG application in 2007 in order to: Provide the opportunity for all providers to share in the intellectual capital and investment made by Iowa and LSC; Provide Ohios legal services providers with 24/7 online intake capabilities via a link through the LAWO website, as well as the Ohio Legal Services statewide website; Provide people in need with the ability to contact legal aid at all hours of the day and night. 6

7 7

8 The script from Iowas initiative was used as the starting point for the Ohio intake initiative. Modified as needed, with input from Legal Aid Line intake staff and LAWO attorneys. The script will be reviewed by all participating Ohio programs and will be edited based on the individual intake process for each program. 8

9 User will complete the interview. The information gathered from the interview will be passed to Legal Aid Lines Pika case management system by utilizing a custom-written piece of code called a transform that converts the.anx file to a.php file.* 9 *Transform written by John Mayer, Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

10 Intake staff can then review the case before it is accepted into the programs Pika case management system by utilizing a piece of code called Case Q, developed through a TIG granted to Michigan Legal Services. Checks for conflicts and confidentiality issues. Follows the same intake process as the Hotline. 10

11 A2J Guided Interview for Intake (.a2j files) Case Management System Data Collection Interview Answers (.anx File) XSL Transform Transformed Answer Files Case Management System Answer File Data Now Available For Review in the Case Management System…. ….conflicts check ….attorney review ….processing


13 Link for LAWO (and other participating providers) will be available under the Find Ohio Legal Help directory section of the Ohio Legal Services website. 13 Click here to complete the online intake application

14 Best practices in project management will be applied to all stages and phases of the Ohio A2J Intake project. Actively using: Microsoft Project Issue Tracker (Kaivo tool) GoToMeeting / GoToWebinar Other: Poverty Law Survey Tool 14


16 It is estimated that once fully implemented, the A2J Intake tool will save the client information gathering step; thus, shortening the intake process by 15-20 minutes, per client. A2J Intake will be available 24/7, which provides potential clients with a way to contact legal services outside of regular business hours; thus, potentially reducing the amount of call traffic (and waits on hold). 16


18 Ed Marks, Litigation Director, Legal Aid of Western Ohio Debra Jennings, Managing Attorney, Legal Aid Line of Western Ohio LAWO staff and Statewide Intake Staff Cynthia Vaughn, Ty Acker, Jeffrey Fortkamp, Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation Rachel Medina, Chicago-Kent College of Law John Mayer, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction Will Shryock, Network Administrator, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE) Teresa Green, Technology Support, Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE) Eve Ricaurte, Iowa Legal Services Steve Gray, Michigan Legal Services 18

19 19

20 Kelly Shuptrine Virginia Legal Aid Society (VLAS)

21 Who are we? VLAS is one of 10 legal service programs in VA; cover 10,000 square miles with 5 offices, 13 attorneys Why did we want to change? help more people, more consistency, and more quality control; increase time spent on complex cases How did we accomplish it? LawLine (LL) – centralized intake advice hotline & our CMS

22 Results? Closing almost double the number of cases since before LawLine 2004: 2350 cases 2007: 4515 cases Extended Service cases: 2006 : up 12% with three fewer advocates 2007: about the same as before LL but with four fewer advocates Consistent advice, intake, and high quality service

23 PBI Client intake questions and FAQs Agency referrals Document Assembly Call backs


25 Katherine Ezell, winner of the 2006 Tobias Simon Pro Bono Service award in Florida








33 Problem codes

34 National Index Codes














48 Questions? Contact Information: Kelly Shuptrine Virginia Legal Aid Society, Inc. Phone: (434) 455-3095 Email:


50 An intake system that incorporates technology Will give you added ability to do systemic work: 1) Volume 2) Diversity of client population 3) Farther geographical reach 4) Ease of access

51 Challenge: now that you have the ability, how do you create the capacity? 1. Staff 2. Organizational structure 3. Communication/culture 4. Accountability/management support

52 Have the priorities of your program be the priorities of your helpline Incorporate the hotline stats, info, experience into your strategy meetings by area of law Have hotline staff be on the look out for certain type of cases

53 Hire people who like to learn and are self starters Train staff on new changes in the laws, and update them on proposed regulations and new regulations/laws/city ordinances Encourage staff to spot new issues, sexy issues, and provide feedback constantly

54 Hotline staff cant be isolated from the day to day practice Create avenues of communication with local staff, for example: training; office visits; county updates on judges, court rules, local housing authority staff changes; feedback on cases; periodic case review; technical assistance, etc

55 Create accountability going both directions If a case is scheduled and it had no merit, provide feedback to helplines MA If a case is scheduled and it is not acted upon, have the notes reflect why in a clear and cogent waymost likely the client will call the intake system over and over so it has to be an office/program decision, not an individual advocates decision

56 The managers of the litigation offices will need to push local staff to take the newer, different cases that come from the hotline Once intake has been expanded via technology, it will never be business as usual Staff will need support, training, and motivation to step out of the comfort zone to tackle the new issues coming from the hotline

57 Management will need to look for and monitor systemic advocacy in various ways: o Database/case management system o Time slips/how staff spends their time o Court decisions/outcomes of cases/stories o Community related activities o Monitoring to see if the same problem keeps coming up over and over and over and over

58 Embrace the change Be open to new possibilities Learn new tools and bring tools from other areas of law to your priorities Take time to monitor and control the change Communicate the changes Be positive, be excited

59 Questions? Contact Information: Claudia Johnson Pro Bono Net,NY Phone(212)760-2554

60 Developing guidelines on compliance issues with online eligibility screening Revising Program Letter 02-04 on intake systems Session tomorrow on Telephone Intake Systems – 2:00 pm Minneapolis Grand Ballroom – Salon E

61 Questions? Contact Information: Glenn Rawdon LSC Phone:202-295-1552

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