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LSCs Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) Program: Eligibility, Application Process and Reporting Requirements TIG Staff: Bristow Hardin, Magali Khalkho,

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1 LSCs Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) Program: Eligibility, Application Process and Reporting Requirements TIG Staff: Bristow Hardin, Magali Khalkho, Glenn Rawdon, Jane Ribadeneyra

2 History of TIG LSCs Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) program began in 2000 when Congress appropriated $5 million for special grants to improve access to justice through technology Since 2000, 413 grants, totaling over $33 million Projects funded demonstrate Innovation, Replication, and Sustainability in the use of technology

3 TIG 2010 Funding Approximately $3.4 million will be available for 2010 grant awards Letters of Intent (LOI) due March 1 Programs invited to submit full applications on April 2 Full applications due May 21 Funding awards made in early September Projects begin January 2011

4 TIG 2010 Letters of Intent Eligibility Only LSC program grantees are eligible to apply for TIG funds. Other entities are encouraged to participate as project partners. Programs should be up to date on all previous TIG grants prior to submitting a LOI.

5 TIG 2010 Grant Categories LSC will accept projects in three application categories for 2010: Website Replication Open Category

6 TIG 2010 Grant Categories Websites Renewal Websites - $25,000 max Continuation Websites - $25,000 max Note: 2010 will be the last year for Renewal and Continuation Website Grants Website Improvement & Innovation (new) Initiatives to expand the use of websites Add new tools, promote traffic, build community and increase effectiveness to better serve the community, partners, advocates and client population

7 TIG 2010 Grant Categories Replication – to implement tested methodologies and technologies from previous TIG projects Replication of Previous TIG Projects – e.g., look at projects where software or content has been created and is available at no (or low) cost Automated Form Replication – identify Hot Docs and A2J templates on LawHelp Interactive National HotDocs Server ( that can be replicated for your jurisdiction Look for Replication Info on the TIG website

8 TIG 2010 Grant Categories Open Category – designated for projects that: Implement new or innovative approaches for using technology in legal services Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of other TIG initiatives Enable grantees to substantially increase or improve services provided to their client communities Proposals that would have broad applicability or impact are strongly encouraged

9 TIG 2010 Areas of Interest Board Training and Oversight Changing Service Demands Caused by the Economic Crisis Increasing Access to Legal Assistance for Limited English Proficient Client Populations Improving Fiscal Operations

10 TIG 2010 LOI Requirements One Project per Letter of Intent; applicants may submit multiple LOIs Submit online at http://tig.lsc.gov Reminder: Programs should be up to date according to the milestone schedule on all previous TIG grants prior to submitting a LOI.

11 Whats Needed in the LOI Grant Category Description of Project Major Benefits Estimated Costs Major Partners Innovation/Replication/Sustainability

12 LSC Grants Home Page

13 Create a New LOI

14 Choose Category

15 Complete LOI

16 Save Your Work!

17 Proof and Submit

18 Create New LOI or Exit

19 Tips & Resources for an LOI Include IT staff, project managers and expected users from the beginning Talk to past TIG recipients Check the TIG website for information about past TIG projects: Pro Bono Net LSNTAP A2J Author

20 What Comes Next: Full Applications In early April, LSC invites successful LOI applications to submit a full application in the LSC Grants online system Full Applications will be looking for: Project Budget, including TIG funding, program contribution, partner funding, and narratives on each item Project Narrative, including what is proposed, why it is proposed, and what it will accomplish

21 Full TIG Applications Full Applications will also be looking for: Need for the Project Goals and Objectives State Justice Community Partnerships Replication Potential Program Capacity and Staffing Past Performance Sustainability of the Project Milestones Letters of Support

22 2009 Grant Awards 38 Grants in 2009, ranging from $12,000 to $500,000 for the operation of the National Document Assembly project. Median grant award was $50,000 Complete list can be found at: Typical projects last 12 to 24 months plus an additional 3 months for final report

23 What happens after you receive a TIG award? LSC will notify successful applicants in early September Program director and board chair sign the grant award acceptance and grant assurances form Initial payment is sent late fall, 2010 Grant project begins January, 2011 At least one program staff attends TIG Conference in January, 2011

24 TIG Reporting Requirements Within 30 days of the end of each payment period, recipient submits payment request and milestone completion reports through the Online Milestone Reporting System Grantees cannot receive the second grant payment until they have submitted an approved evaluation plan Final payment is sent after the projects Final Report (which includes project evaluation) is approved by LSC LSNTAP Training on Reporting System TBA

25 Two Online Reporting Systems

26 What should I expect once I submit a payment request? Review by TIG staff for completeness Follow milestones instructions and make sure you answer each milestone precisely You may be contacted for additional questions Final review and approval for payment by OPP director Payment is processed Timeframe for this process: 4-6 weeks if all information required is submitted on time

27 TIG 2010 Timeline March 1: Letters of Intent Due April 2: LSC notifies successful LOI applicants May 21: Full TIG Applications Due September: LSC notifies successful applicants of grant awards January, 2011: TIG Conference and Projects begin

28 Additional Resources LSCs TIG Website: http://tig.lsc.gov LSNTAPs Tech Library ( LSNTAP Staff: Rachel Medina, Training Project Coordinator,; David Bonebrake, Help Desk and OST Project Coordinator,; Kathleen Brockel, Director, Pro Bono Nets Document Assembly Support Site: FundraisingSustainability Contact Claudia Johnson, for password, other questions and brainstorming Pro Bono Nets Live Help Toolkit: A2J Author: http://www.a2jauthor.org

29 TIG Staff Contacts Monica Guzikowski – Intern 202-295-1563 Bristow Hardin – Evaluations and Final Reports 202-295-1553 Magali Khalkho – Payment Requests and Milestones 202-295-1543 Glenn Rawdon – Grant Management for West & North: AK, AZ, CA, CA, CO, CT, DC, GU, HI, ID, IL, IA, KS, MA, MI, MP, MN, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NJ, NM, NY, ND, OK, OR, SD, TX, UT, WA, WY 202-295-1552 Jane Ribadeneyra – Grant Management for South & North: AL, AR, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, LA, ME, MD, MS, MO, NC, OH, PA, PR, RI, SC, TN, VT, VI, VA, WV, WI 202-295-1554

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