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Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.11 Status of Task 1.7 Carlo Donzella - TINC.

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1 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.11 Status of Task 1.7 Carlo Donzella - TINC

2 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.12 T1.7: Identification of Market (Segments) and User Groups Task brief First draft: distributed on 13/05 Amended with partners comments: 20/05 Final (minor amendments and corrections): 31/05

3 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.13 Objectives To identify market segments relevant to REGNET The initially envisaged segments comprise: Education, Entertainment, Leisure, (Cultural) Tourism, (Multimedia) Publishing, Media, Auctions, Antiquities, Arts, etc. To tailor the services of a REGNET based CSC (Cultural Service Centre) to the need of a (world) wide clientele

4 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.14 Description of Work Collection of available market information about existing online services for selected segments of CH A number of surveys of relevant areas will be carried out, specifically: -online auction and offering systems for individual artists; -online services offered by museums; -online services offered by libraries; -state-of-the-art of micro-payment systems.

5 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.15 Description of expected results Definition of potential Markets and User Groups. The Interim Report will try to collect as much information as possible in order to prepare to answer the following standard questions any in- depth market analysis has to address: How can the reference market be described? What is the market structure, in terms of demand? What is the market structure, in terms of supply?

6 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.16 Methodology (I): the surveys Survey: a thorough commented collection of selected items concerning a specific subject, after investigation of publicly available information. Each of the foreseen surveys will select and report about a small but significant number of players (indicatively, from 5 to 20) in the specified fields.

7 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.17 Methodology (II): the glossary Glossary: a reference paper listing and explaining the terms of a specific subject. The foreseen glossary on business and marketing terms will focus on few key concepts (from 30 to 40). It will try not just to give short simple definitions but rather, when needed, to compare different and possibly conflicting definitions, fostering a common understanding and a consistent use of the terms within the REGNET community.

8 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.18 Assignments to involved partners ICCS: Survey of online auction and offering systems for individual artists IMAC:Survey of online services offered by museums ONB: Survey of online services offered by libraries TINC: Survey of state-of-the-art of micropayments; Glossary of marketing and business terms

9 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.19 Survey on micropayment systems Some relevant companies already identified: eCoin Qpass 1clickcharge Reciprocal Dynamic Transactions Cha iPin Confinity Intellipost

10 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.110 Survey on micropayment systems (sample - I) Control section Name of surveyed object: eCoin Incorporated Author: Carlo Donzella Organisation: Terra Incognita Europa Ltd. Date: 06/06/01

11 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.111 Survey on micropayment systems (sample - II) Short analysis Reason(s) for inclusion in survey: eCoin is a small US start-up entirely devoted to Internet-based micro-payment solutions. Source(s) of information: Internet Relevance to REGNET project: The Company offers an immediately available commercial solution, which claims to be technologically advanced, secure, affordable for the merchant and easy-to-use for the user. It has to be considered a player in the field of micro-payment system developers. Keywords list: e-wallet, e-cash, Diffie-Hellman blinding digital cash, token-based micro-payments, URL redirect, Pay Per Login, Pay Per Use, sub-dollar transactions.

12 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.112 Survey on micropayment systems (sample - III) ANNEXES: downloads from eCoin Incorporated © Copyright 1998-1999 All Rights Reserved. About eCoin Incorporated and Our Vision ------------------------------------------------------------------------ eCoin Incorporated And Its Vision ECoin, Inc. is a small startup company founded in 1998 by Steve Lihn. The vision of eCoin Inc. is to develop a web-based micropayment system that will transform the internet to a place where valuable information and services can be exchanged on a commercial basis. … (from

13 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.113 Glossary of marketing and business terms Early selection of terms: Business ModelBusiness PlanBusiness Cycle BrandBrand NameBreak-even CashCash-flowCompetition CopyrightDemandSupply Market demandInvestmentPatent Intellectual propertyIntangible assetTrademark RoyaltyLicenceFranchise LiquidityMarketMarketing Market positioningMicro-PaymentCommodity ExpenditureExpenseProfit ProfitabilityLossSustainability Unique Selling PropositionValue Chain

14 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.114 Glossary of marketing and business terms Major sources: Academic publications by University of Harvard, Oxford, Auburn, Chicago, St. Gallen, etc. Magazines and journals like Red Herring, Business Week, Washington Post, etc. Consulting/service companies specialising in E- business like IBM Global Service, XEROX Parc, etc. Portals dedicated to business and finance like,, etc.

15 Carlo DonzellaStatus Task 7.115 Schedule and deadlines 04/06TINC distributes the sample for surveys 25/06The four surveys have to be delivered to TINC for integration 30/06 TINC distributes first version of Interim Report integrating the surveys and the glossary

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