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Group Purchases of Korean Online Databases Mikyung Kang Korean Studies Librarian UCLA.

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1 Group Purchases of Korean Online Databases Mikyung Kang Korean Studies Librarian UCLA

2 Before planning Free trial services for initial 6 mo. after the 2002 CEAL meeting Expanded another 6 mo. of trial services Survey on usage of Korean Studies online databases Constant testing of the DB access and searching Asked usage statistics from each vendor

3 Free Trial Services Full-text journal article DBs DBPia Korean Studies Information: KISS Historical/literary primary source DBs DB Media Contents Library: Korea AtoZ KRPia Encyclopedia DB EncyKorea

4 Web-based survey Target audience: the UCLA Korean Studies scholarly community, including Approx. 50 graduate students 10 faculty members Approx. 10 visiting scholars Period: Winter Qtr. 2003 January - March 2003

5 Survey pop-up window

6 Survey questions 1. Which database(s) do you use most frequently? Please choose all that apply. DB Media Contents Library: Korea A to Z EncyKorea KRPia DBPia Korean Studies Information KISS 2. How often do you use one of these Korean studies online databases? Once a week or more Once every two or three weeks Less than once a month

7 Survey questions (2) 3. Each of the database provides access to a number of different titles. Which title(s) do you find most useful? 4. Have you had any problems using any of the databases? No Yes. Please describe the problem(s)

8 Survey questions (3) 5. Which journal/other publication titles do you recommend for purchase by the library? If more than one, please list in order of importance from most to least important. 6. Do you have any comments or suggestions for the library or for the database companies?

9 Survey questions (4) 7. What is your status? Choose one. UCLA undergraduate student UCLA graduate student UCLA faculty Visiting scholar 8. What is your primary research area?

10 Announcement through the UCLA EAL homepage

11 Announcement through e-mail

12 Survey results

13 Survey Results Total 23 users responded Excluding undergraduates, 21 users responded 31% response rate 39% of respondents answered: Use Korean Studies online databases once a week or more Databases used most frequently: Journal article full-text databases

14 KSI online statistics

15 Initiated as a UC-wide project Agreed among two Korean Studies Librarians in the UC system (UCB & UCLA) first Contacted potential UC system libraries for participation Provided all the UC campus IP addresses to the DB vendors for requests of free trial services Introduced Korean online databases in the EAALC (East Asian Academic Librarians of California) annual meeting Looked for other UC library participations

16 Beyond a UC-wide project Not enough participations among UC system libraries Two non-UC Korean Studies Librarians (Columbia & Michigan) expressed to join So, at least 4 libraries (UCB, UCLA, Columbia, and Michigan) firmly committed to work together as a starting point for the consortial purchase project

17 Before negotiation with vendors Set a maximum amount each participant can contribute to the project Prioritized database titles by the four Korean Studies librarians Discussed fair and reasonable amounts each library can pay annually to each vendor Decided time frame for the project Divided responsibilities into two parts: Communication with vendors (UCB) Communication among libraries (UCLA)

18 Negotiation process Different pricing for tier 1 and tier 2 groups Combined concepts of subscription and purchase (subscription + back-up copy provision) Tried to ask similar purchase conditions to all three vendors Centralized communication channels Communicated in person with the vendors in Korea (UCB & Michigan)

19 After negotiation Announced through EASTLIB Received requests of purchase information (prices & conditions) for each database Distributed purchase information upon requests Received participation requests by due dates Participating Libraries Korea AtoZ – 9 libraries EncyKorea – 7 libraries KRPia – 6 libraries DBPia – 6 libraries KISS – 9 libraries

20 License agreement Made standard license agreement drafts by UCLA for all participating libraries and vendors Distributed electronically by each vendor for each participating librarys own use for individual contracts Finalized and signed contract documents individually by each participating library for each database

21 After group purchases… Each participating library is responsible for Annual payment to each vendor Reporting any technical problems Communicating with each vendor for any other problems

22 After group purchases… The working group will continue to Plan potential future consortial purchases Introduce any new databases available Request free trial services for newly developed databases Look for a possibility of cooperative cataloging for Korean E-journals in aggregator databases (DBpia & KISS)

23 Any questions? Thank you very much!!

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