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Last Two Summers in China Jing Liu University of British Columbia.

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1 Last Two Summers in China Jing Liu University of British Columbia

2 Sharing / Exchange Efforts of CEAL members for half a century New opportunities and demands More focused on expertise and innovative ideas Commitment of Public Services Committee Benefits to our work in public services

3 Two Summers in China 2001 paved the way for collaboration 2002 for conference, forums & training High profile conference on DL Knowledge Navigation in Shanghai Superstar BBS virtual reference Expert on traditional Chinese medicine Training and then bridging up

4 Amazing Discoveries A new library in every 3.7 days 70% of publications in China has been digitized Helping American institutes with digitization National Network of Cultural Resources Rapidly increasing Virtual Reference Librarians are seeking ways of collaboration Many international conferences

5 30 Yuan -- Take the Library Home at Suzhou Library

6 What Happened in Shanghai CALA delegation, presenters and panel hosts Reference services and Instructions Get to know colleagues from all over the world Impressed by Portals in Europe Services in Hong Kong Instructions in the US Ebooks in China

7 Library Instructions Faculty drive and information literacy Back to UBC: Focused on faculty liaison and set up class-setting instructions Gave instructions to TA and instructors before the new term Emphasised on basic library research skills of undergraduate students More attached to International MBA students


9 BBS Reference Services 12 reference librarians & 10 volunteers 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. by regular librarians Other time by volunteers like me 1,200 to 1,500 questions / day 5,000 to 6,000 e-items delivered /day Resources: ebooks, ejournals, databases, web resources

10 I am helping…

11 Being Helped Within 8 Minutes

12 Traditional Chinese Medicine Requests from UBC faculty Trial of the bilingual database Dr. Fan Weiyu & AskEASL Not only helping librarians but also physicians in Europe and the US

13 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Collaborative reference services UBC users library privileges in China Bridging up scholars across the Pacific International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family Chief Editor: Prof. Ponzetti

14 Conclusion Learn from our counterparts in East Asia Need more institutionalised collaboration CEAL plays a crucial role Please share your stories Next Summer...

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