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Update on CEAL RDA Review CEAL 2008 Annual Shi Deng, UC San Diego CEAL CTP Meeting April 2, 2008.

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1 Update on CEAL RDA Review CEAL 2008 Annual Shi Deng, UC San Diego CEAL CTP Meeting April 2, 2008

2 RDA: Resource Description and Access A new standard for resource description and access that will replace AACR2 A principle based content standard A web based product Designed for the digital environment URL for RDA drafts and more details:

3 RDA Drafts Review Timetable Before 2006 CEAL Annual: Part I, Description. Chapters 1-6. LCs proposal on RDA Part I Internationalization. CEAL comments available at CTP web site: ( Between 2006 and 2007 CEAL Annual: Part A, Description. Chapters 6-7 on Relationships. Revised LCs proposal on RDA Part I Internationalization. Scope and Structure. No comments submitted by CEAL

4 RDA Drafts Review Timetable Between 2007 and 2008 CEAL Annual: March-June 2007: Revised chapter 3 on Carrier in Part A July-September 2007: Revised chapter 6-7 on relationship in Part A December 2007-March 2008: Review of Section 2-4, 9 (former Part B on Access Point Control) LC Proposal on Designation of Roles in RDA LC Proposal on Musical works and expressions No comments submitted by CEAL

5 RDA Drafts Review Timetable After 2008 CEAL Annual: July 2008: Release full draft of RDA in its web based format Early 2009: Release of RDA Later 2009: Implementation of RDA with MARC

6 RDA: New Structure New structure relates data elements more closely to both FRBR entities and user tasks. The existing Part A and Part B is replaced by 10 sections which focus firstly on recording attributes for FRBR entities, and then on recording relationships between these entities. Terminology reflects the use of FRBR and FRAD Important words in the draft are 'preferred' and 'variant.' Each may be found before 'access point,' 'title,' and 'name. AACR2RDA Main/Added entryPreferred access point (title, name) ReferenceVariant access point (title, name] Uniform titlePreferred title

7 RDA: Internationalization References to the English language in the instructions have been replaced by the phrase the language and script preferred by the agency creating the data. References to non-roman language and script have been removed. Recording non-roman data is addressed with examples given in the draft.

8 RDA Related Activities DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiatives)/RDA Task Force working on RDA vocabularies by proposing to surface these underlying bibliographic elements in the form of Semantic Web vocabularies, thereby making them reusable in Semantic Web applications and citable with Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) RDA/MARC Working Group collaborating on the development of proposals for changes to the MARC 21 formats to accommodate the encoding of RDA data ALA RDA Implementation TF focusing on identifying training/CE activities and coordinating with various groups regarding their plans for RDA Implementation IFLA Satellite Conference on RDA: A New Standard for a Digital World, Friday, August 8, 2008

9 How you can get involved Subscribe RDA-L listserv or read discussion archives at: html html Review RDA drafts and send comments: Send to CEAL RDA Review Subcommittee via, OR Use the web form at or

10 Instruction on sending comments 1. Rule number for the rule upon which you are commenting; 2. A brief statement of the problem; 3. Your proposed solution(s) to the problem; 4. Your name and email address.

11 CEAL CTP RDA Review Subcommittee Members: Ai-lin Yang (Stanford) Chwang Chia Yang (LC) Daphne Wang (U. Oregon) Dawn Lawson (NYU) Edwin Yu (CJKat) Evelyn Kuo (UC Berkeley) Iping K. Wei (Princeton) Jai-hsya Tsao (U. Chicago) Joy Kim (USC) Wen-Ling D. Liu (Indiana) Nanako Kodaira (Duke) Shi Deng (UCSD, Coordinator) Thomas Tsai (LC) Wayne Richter (W. Washington) Young-ki Lee (LC) Advisors: Abraham J. Yu (UC Irvine, CEAL past president) Beatrice Chang Ohta (LC) Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia, Chair, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force) Philip A Melzer (LC, CEAL president) Sarah S. Elman (Yale, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force) Ex-Officio Mary Lin (Wisconsin-Madison, Chair, CTP) Comments Consolidation Dawn Lawson Nanako Kodaira Shi Deng

12 Please join the shared effort in CEAL Review of RDA Drafts Suggestions/Comments? Send to Thank You!

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