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2 F-RIC Ops Cell Mission Statement Build APRP Joint Secretariat (JS) and sub-national operational capacity (people, tools, procedures, and training) in order to facilitate and enhance the conduct of outreach and demobilization operations to take fighters out of the fight UNCLASSIFIED

3 Director of Ops Deputy Director of Ops Ops Rep to JS (Afghan Hand) Reintegration Systems Data Manager Mentor ISAF F-RIC Ops Organization UNCLASSIFIED 6 Nationalities Demob Staff Officers Reintegration Int O Cultural Advisor, Interpreter and Translator

4 FRIC OPS CRITICAL TASKS Partner with JS Ops Assist with Demob Msns and Tasks (Phase 2) Maintain and Analyze Reintegree Data Assist with development of Demob processes Represent FRIC (Ops) at ISAF Forums UNCLASSIFIED

5 Intent Survey Biometric Weapon Reg Vetting Transition Assistance Disengagement Training Declaration Form Signed Not Enrolled APRP Enrolled APRP Three Stages of APRP SOCIAL OUTREACH, CONFIDENCE BUILDING, NEGOTIATION UNCLASSIFIED Security & Grievance Resolution Social outreach and messaging Contact Establishing dialogue Negotiation Grievance resolution Registration Formal vetting/Assess Biometrics/ID card Weapons registration Community security CONSOLIDATION OF PEACE AND COMMUNITY RECOVERY Religious, literacy, and vocational education Community recovery Agriculture Conservation Corps Public Works Corps DEMOBILIZATION Y N

6 Joint Secretariat Ops Cell Mission Statement The JS Ops cell will ensure that negotiations with Insurgents stay within the APRP framework and that expectations are managed through PJST, and provincial and district MoI, MoD, and NDS staff UNCLASSIFIED

7 Joint Secretariat Ops Responsibilities Outreach, strategic communication, and identify reintegration opportunities Repository for all reintegration data Oversight of provincial and below activities – Outreach and grievance resolution – Demobilization – Community recovery Facilitate info-sharing between MoI, NDS, MoD and ISAF Deploy mobile teams to support reintegration activities UNCLASSIFIED

8 PoA High Peace Council Joint Secretariat Provincial Peace Committees Provincial Joint Secretariat Team Community Joint Secretariat partnered by HQ ISAF (F-RIC) Supported by IJC PPCs are responsible for APRP implementation and management of reintegration within the province. PPC PJSTs are responsible for supporting the PPC implementation and management of reintegration activity within the province. PJST Sub-National APRP structure partnered by IJC (supported by PRTs) COMISAF, SCR KLE with PoA/HPC Policy Execution Partnered for Reintegration UNCLASSIFIED Service Delivery Ministries partnered by HQ ISAF (DCOS Stab) Security Ministries Partnered by NTM-A and HQ ISAF (DCOS Strategic Partnering) Afghan Hand UNDP Regional Manager PG

9 Afghanistan Reintegration August 2011 Reintegration Itself Forces the Pace Reintegration Activity Provinces with Opportunities Provinces with Events Provinces with No Activity Events42 Reintegrees2357 Opportunities25 Recidivists3 ProvincialEstablishedEmerging Council322 JS Team250 UNCLASSIFIED BADAKHSHAN TAKHAR KUNDUZ BALKH JOWZJAN FARYAB SAR-E PUL SAMANGAN BAGHLAN BADGHIS HERATGHOR FARAH NIMROZ HELMAND KANDAHAR ZABUL DAYKUNDI URUZGAN PAKTIKA GHAZNI WARDAK BAMYAN NURISTAN KUNAR NANGARHAR PANJSHAYR LAGHMAN KAPSIA PARWAN KABUL LOGAR PAKTIYA KHOST August 2010 Kandahar is the one emerging PPC 08 Aug

10 Joint Secretariat Demobilization Team Responsibilities Lead/manage demobilization registration, processing and disengagement actions Registration –surveys, biometrics, and weapons management Processing – vetting, sharing biometrics, target list, and declaration Record and rapidly access reintegration data/records UNCLASSIFIED

11 Afghanistan Reintegration Tracking System (ARTS) Stores reintegration data in order to share information between the GIRoA and ISAF Facilitates tracking and monitoring of reintegration opportunities and events UNCLASSIFIED

12 Reintegration Candidate Registration & Survey Form Filled out by INS under the supervision of a Surveyor at Province level 1 2 Provincial Joint Secretariat Team Internet INDURE/ARTS Info Manager File Uploaded 4 Mobile Teams on the Field Reintegration Opportunity Report and Individual Case File Report is created offline 3 File submitted in soft copy Reintegration Opportunity identified 1 Reported Reintegration Opportunity Report Flow UNCLASSIFIED

13 BADAKHSHAN TAKHAR KUNDUZ BALKH JOWZJAN SAR-E PUL SAMANGAN BAGHLAN FARYAB PAKTIKA GHAZNI WARDAK BAMYAN NURISTAN KUNAR NANGARHAR PANJSHAYR LAGHMAN KAPISA PARWAN KABUL LOGAR PAKTIYA KHOST KANDAHAR ZABUL DAYKUNDI URUZGAN PJST Status (Provincial Joint Secretariat Teams) Operational Recruiting None BADGHIS HERAT GHOR FARAH NIMROZ HELMAND Events42 Reintegrees2357 Opportunities23 Candidates1590 REINTEGRATION EVENTS/OPPORTUNITIES # of reintegrees # of candidates (Opportunities *) # of candidates (Inactive opportunities**) *ROs will be moved to IROs after 60 days, unless agreed or stated otherwise by FRIC/JS (to be coord) **IROs will be moved to archive after 150 days, unless agreed or stated otherwise by FRIC/JS (to be coord) Updated 08 August 2011 Reintegrees/Candidates Status Status (per province) UNCLASSIFIED

14 Demobilization UNCLASSIFIED

15 Demobilization Registration : PJSTs will arrange for registration to be conducted. This includes completing the Intent to Reintegrate form and Individual Survey. [See survey training brief] Biometrics: MOI is the lead agency for collecting biometric information. Demobilization: Is managed by the PJST with assistance from the JS mobile teams travelling to the location where reintegration opportunities arise. Weapons Management: In contrast to DIAG, the APRP allows reintegrees to keep their personal weapons, however, these must be registered. MOI is responsible to register weapons. MOD will store heavy weapons (e.g. machine guns, RPGs, Etc). Security: MoI (assisted by NDS & MoD) will provide security. ANSF and ISAF will work closely to determine the security risks in each reintegration case and determine a course of action to mitigate these risks. UNCLASSIFIED

16 Vetting Vetting of ex-combatants is done to determine motivations and eligibility for reintegration Vetting will be done at the community, district, provincial and national levels APRP eligibility criteria: –Ex-combatants must be verified insurgents –Ex-combatants must not be wanted for criminal offenses –Must not be foreign fighters UNCLASSIFIED

17 Vetting Joint Secretariat will: –Guide and direct a standardized vetting process –Appoint a designated vetting manager, responsible for: Managing vetting actions with provincial staff Managing vetting actions with the security representatives to the JS –Maintain paper and electronic files of vetting documentation –After initial vetting, approve and assist provincial formal enrollment as required UNCLASSIFIED

18 Vetting Provincial Chief of Police (CoP), provincial NDS Chief, and ANA Security Shura rep will: Confirm based on organizational data that ex-combatants are APRP eligible per the eligibility criteria Document ex-combatant eligibility by signing vetting list prior to PG signature Chairman of the PPC will: Ensure community vetting is done to verify ex-combatant eligibility Verify the community is willing to accept the ex-combatants back into the community Security Representatives (MoI, NDS and MoD to the JS will: Ensure provincial CoPs, NDS Chiefs, and ANA follow the vetting responsibilities Vet provincial lists based on national level data within 3 days of receiving; after 3 days concurrence is assumed UNCLASSIFIED

19 Vetting Provincial Governors (PG) and their staffs (i.e. PJST) will: –Confirm in writing that ex-combatants are eligible based on community and provincial vetting. –Send vetted list of ex-combatants to the JS. The list will be signed by the PG and counter-signed by the Chairman of the PPC, CoP, NDS Chief and ANA Provincial Security Shura representative. This signed list will verify that those individuals are eligible for the peace program. –Oversee the conduct of community vetting Shura to ensure fairness. –Keep paper and electronic files of provincial vetting documentation in the PJST. UNCLASSIFIED

20 Vetting Joint Secretariat will ensure the following representatives sign off the vetted list: –JS Operations Director –MoI rep –NDS rep –MoD rep UNCLASSIFIED

21 ISAF Force Reintegration Cell QUESTIONS? UNCLASSIFIED


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