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Annual ‘Command Plan Review (CPR)’ Process

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1 Annual ‘Command Plan Review (CPR)’ Process
SY 1390 / FY 2011 ‘The ANA 171.6K Force’ CSTC-A CJ7 FM

2 Mission Conduct annual Command Plan Review (CPR) AMoD/GS led process
Annual review of current year structure CPR begins: WED, 05-MAY-2010 Evaluate and approve proposals for changes to manning, equipping or organizational structure Timed to support Program Budget ($$$) build Results in approved force baseline for current SY1390 / FY2011 (ANA 171.6K) force

3 * adjustment to 1389A Tashkil published in JUNE
ANA CPR Force Review Evaluate requirements for 1389A/1390 Force * adjustment to 1389A Tashkil published in JUNE

4 CPR Purpose Evaluate unit / staff (bottoms up) initiated change proposals and make recommendations for Approval/disapproval and Priority for resourcing Examples of changes to a unit Tashkil: Changes to unit organization, structure or mission Manning changes: changes to military, civ ranks, grades or gender Equipping changes: changes to major end items of equipment systems or quantities Fix errors to previous Tashkils Focus is on UNIT MISSION and OPERATIONAL Requirements. What is your end state? How does this change support it?

5 What is your end state? How does this change support it?
CPR Process Here is where Mentors help: Develop REQUIREMENTS -Justify, develop rationale: Answer 4 Questions: What? Why? How Much? Where? 4 phases 1st phase – Preparation (issue LOI) 2nd phase – conduct CPR review (unit briefings) 3rd phase – Approval 4th phase – Publication SPACES – not Faces! What is your end state? How does this change support it?

6 Afghans Decide. Afghans Prioritize!
Conduct the CPR Preparation Unit Commanders / Staff Submit change proposals based on the units ability to complete its mission (CONPLAN / Form 2028/2029) complete justification/rational and cost submitted thru command channels to AMoD thru GS-G3 FM AMoD S&P and GS-G3 Schedule CPR dates and focus (60 days prior to start) Evaluate unit submissions and notify units of the specific dates they will be scheduled. (At least 30 days before CPR) Publish final unit presentation schedule Units will not brief unstaffed issues or issues which have not been reviewed by appropriate commanders and the staff proponents (e.g. commo = G6) Mentors/Coalition Counterpart assist and accompany presenting units Focus on Requirements. What is your end state? How does this change support it? AFGHAN process. Afghans Present. Afghans Decide. Afghans Prioritize!

7 The CPR process CPR Review
GO Chair, Afghan Presenter PPPPPP Answer Questions: -What, why, how much, where? - Preparation pays dividends CPR Review ANA personnel present their case to the CPR Review Board Presenter needs to fully understand and explain What it is that they are trying to accomplish Why the proposal is necessary (justification) Cost (how much) and impacts including all units affected and impacts on as a minimum address: manpower (Mil / Civ spaces) equipment facilities training

8 The process of the CPR CPR Board Actions: The CPR board will
Recommend approval or disapproval Recommend resourcing priority (add to UFR) or alternatives (specific bill payers) Return for correction or clarification Report all recommendations for approval, disapproval and resourcing Proposals recommended for approval and resourcing are presented to Commission A with a proposed resourcing priority

9 Each CPR is a ‘new start’
The process of the CPR Each CPR is a ‘new start’ Issues submitted/approved but unresourced must be Re submitted Re approved and Re prioritized with each new CPR Mentors stay ‘above the fray’: Focus on mission and requirements. Do NOT fall into FACES trap! What is your end state? How does this change support it?

10 The process of the CPR Approval
Upon completion of the CPR the Board recommends priority for all (recommended) approved issues and a bill paying strategy. The CPR board presents findings to Commissions A and B with the recommended Order of Merit List which details resource impacts and rank orders the approved proposals for resourcing and effective dates (e-date) CPR board may recommend specific bill payers or other resourcing strategies to Commissions for DefMin approval - The CPR recommends approval - Resource constraints may cancel a CPR recommendation for approval - Bill payers can guarantee execution

11 The process of the CPR Approval
Commission A recommends approval to Commission B Commission B will recommends approval to the DEFMIN Once approved Tashkil including all changes (incl bill payers) are prepared and submitted for DEFMIN approval Approved documents provide the basis to make any adjustments to the next budget and program. Approval to execute early (before next budget) is a separate issue….based on operational need

12 The process of the CPR Publication
MOD, GS G3, and CJ7 FM will make appropriate changes to document both the approved changes and the bill payers / strategy the approved documents will be published and released for distribution to all ANA and Mentors as soon as possible (EOM June 10)

13 Documents required to support your proposal
Concept Plan (CONPLAN) ANA Form 2028 CONPLAN must ‘tell a compelling story’: Focus on Requirements. What is your end state? How does this change support it? Internal CSTCA CJ7 web page:

14 Concept Plan for Major Changes
CONPLAN required when a proposal Changes the mission or organization Requires additional manpower or increased ranks Requires new major systems or changes to major system authorizations Changes more than 10% of manpower or equipment Has a cost increase >$10K

15 Concept Plan Standard, Approved Forms and Formats
CONPLAN Executive Summary (over view) Subject Background (why) Objectives (improve what>) Capabilities (better mission what?) Advantages (pros and cons) Resources (how much?) Standard, Approved Forms and Formats Through the Chain of Command Approval before documentation Competes with all other priorities for resourcing

16 CONPLAN Clear, logical presentation Fill in the blanks
Through Command Channels to staff proponent ENGLISH and DARI versions should be the SAME 2028 supplements / clarifies

17 Minor Tashkil changes: Form ANA 2028
ANA Form 2028 is used for Minor changes to manpower or equipment which do not generate a resource bill includes bill payers from within the organization which does not change organization structure or mission correct minor errors to organization, manning or equipping MUST be submitted in both Dari and English Concept Plan may provide specifics / clarity

18 ANA 2028 Standard Format Answer the Questions: Who - What? Why?
How much? Where? When? $$$

19 (Provide exact wording of recommended changes)
ANA 2028 TO: (Forward to Proponent and to Force Management) FROM: (Activity and Location) ANA G3 Force Management Office 1/2/201 NAME OF TASHKIL: Infantry Battalion (LIGHT) TASHKIL UIC: DATE PREPARED: DATE RECEIVED: ZCCA12 1 Apr10 13 Apr10 ITEM NO. PARAGRAPH LINE NO. RECOMMENDED CHANGES AND REASON (Provide exact wording of recommended changes) 1 2 100 200 01 z00215 Change Commander from 81A O5 to 11A 05. Rationale: Surgeon not qualified to command IN Battalion. Change Commenader MOS from 11A03 to add ASI W9 Rationale: see above. Truck Staff Support. As Reads: 1, Should Read: 2. Para 200 has 8 personnel which exceeds capacity of current 1 vehicle authorized. TYPED NAME, GRADE AND TITLE TELEPHONE NO. SIGNATURE A. R. Wardak, LTC, Commander Xxxx Submitting Organization Address (Optional: Internal Control Number for Multiple ANA Form 2028 Requests) (Note: neatness counts! Legibility counts more!)

20 Form ANA 2028 Fill In key items Item = Sequence Start at #1
UIC = unit applies to. Who are we talking about? Para Line / LIN = What and where in the current document? Reason: The story: What is wrong? What to do? How much? Signed, including command endorsement/approval and POC. Who gets credit and/or provides more info and clarification? Tell a compelling story: Focus on Requirements. What is your end state? How does this change support it?

21 CPR 1390: When/Where When: 05 thru 19 May 2010 (15 Saur, 1389) per schedule Where: MOD Conference Center (4th floor)

22 05 MAY: begin CPR 1390 06 FEB: CPR 1390 LOI published
CPR 1390 Timeline CPR: MAY 2010 06 FEB: CPR 1390 LOI published 22 FEB: CPR 1390 documents published 03 APR: Final proposals submitted (CONPLAN / 2028) 17 APR: Pre-CPR review: procedures + guidelines 05 MAY: begin CPR 1390 TBD MAY: CPR out brief (Council A/B): TBD End-June: Publish Final Documents

BG COL GS G3 BG COL CSTC-A CJ7 FM LTC Eugene MAJ Rafael Mr. Mark or


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