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Knowledge on Fire Attacks on Schools in Afghanistan.

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1 Knowledge on Fire Attacks on Schools in Afghanistan

2 Attack Patterns Attacks are on the increase.

3 Attack Patterns Girls schools are attacked more frequently The armed opposition is the most likely perpetrator of attacks on girls schools Attacks on Girls, Boys, and Mixed Schools Girls' schools 40% Mixed schools 32% Boys' schools 28%

4 Attack Patterns Motive, nature, and successful prevention patterns are highly localized

5 Risk Factors The school as a symbol of government PRT and donor affiliations Poor location Lack of community acceptance

6 Consequences of Attacks In the most conflict-affected provinces, between 50-80% of all schools are closed. Even where there is no attack, fear alone is enough to keep children away from school.

7 Key Findings No national pattern = no national solution Community involvement is crucial. External protection mechanisms considered of negligible impact Fear factor: dramatic differences require different forms of protection

8 Recommendations 1.Decentralize school protection decision-making and implementation 2.Focus on the Community Based Education approach 3.Reduce visibility of schools 4.Restrict or eliminate direct PRT and donor visibility in schools. 5.Support the MoE to improve their databases

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