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North American Numbering Council (NANC) Billing & Collection Working Group (B&C WG) June 20, 2013 Co-Chairs: Tim Decker, Verizon Rosemary Emmer, Sprint.

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1 North American Numbering Council (NANC) Billing & Collection Working Group (B&C WG) June 20, 2013 Co-Chairs: Tim Decker, Verizon Rosemary Emmer, Sprint Nextel

2 Mission Statement / Area of Responsibility The Billing and Collection Agent Oversight Working Group (B&C WG) was formed by and reports to the North American Numbering Council (NANC) and is responsible for overseeing the performance of the functional requirements provided by the North American Numbering Plan Billing and Collection Agent (B&C Agent). The B&C WG will investigate/review the performance of the B&C Agent and submit reports at each NANC meeting to fully inform NANC of the B&C Agents performance with respect to the functional requirements. The B&C WG will identify and determine the financial impact, feasibility and/or the appropriateness of initiatives/activities that may need to be included in the budget. 2June 20, 2013

3 Current Activities Monthly Billing and Collections Oversight Monthly Evaluation of Deliverables Finalized a contingency plan to have for future reference in the event an extenuating circumstance were to arise where expenditures may exceed proposed budget Year end Welch performance evaluation completed 3June 20, 2013

4 US Carrier Contribution Factor The US carriers are required to contribute $6,005,354 to the Fund by direct contributions and by reduction in the fund surplus. The International Participants (Canada and Caribbean countries) contribute the remaining $128,592 of the projected costs. The option selected assume the use of the entire anticipated surplus at June 30, 2013. During the February 2013 NANC meeting, the NANC agreed to approve a contribution factor range between 0.0000286 and 0.000028 based on a projected revenue base of between $194B to $198B. The Billing and Collection Agent (Welch) received the preliminary revenue data from USAC and it looks like the revenue base will be approximately $194B. However, we felt the need to increase the contingency allowance to $1,250,000 from $1,000,000 to account for any possible increases in 2 numbering contracts that are still pending. The NANC endorsed the contribution factor of 0.0000302 on May 7, 2013. Wed like to Thank the NANC for responding so quickly. June 20, 20134

5 5 History of NANP Fund Size and Contribution Factor

6 2012 Welch LLP Performance Review June 20, 20136 Developed the evaluation consistent with the monthly deliverable matrix. B&C WG evaluates Welch LLP performance monthly. Rating schematic used for performance was Met/Not Met. Scheduled conference calls to gain industry consensus on rating and evaluation.

7 2012 Welch LLP Performance Review June 20, 20137 The B&C WG considered, reviewed and analyzed the following data while compiling overall evaluation: Monthly deliverables matrix overall score 2012 team meeting materials (from monthly calls) FCC/NANC reports, monthly reports Customer Service, processes Clean-up of receivables B&C WG observations Co-chair interaction with Welch LLP Contribution Factor and Budget related communication/printed material

8 2012 Welch LLP Performance Review June 20, 20138 Welch LLP rating for 2012 was MET. This rating is defined below: Met performance requirement (s) Met requirements in order to be considered successful Performance was competent and reliable Decisions and recommendations were within requirements and expectations

9 Contingency Plan The purpose is to provide a process to address certain contingent needs related to the responsibilities of the NANC B&C WG. The scope enables the B&C WG to ensure the following: Annual forecasting activities and assuring sufficient funding under the NANP as required by federal law Predictable annual contribution factors for carriers and member countries Ensure the functional requirements are adhered to and complied with June 20, 20139

10 Contingency Plan In order to ensure the WG is prepared for a situation where annual funding requirements for NANP activities are less than the billed amount received by the Agent, we have listed a section of Triggers. For example: Contractual changes to existing agreements outside current terms Change Orders which exceed the projected cost or remaining monthly expenditures available Accounts payable factors such as slow payment or lack of payment June 20, 201310

11 Contingency Plan To date the FCC via government procurement and contracting processes have aided in efforts to mitigate the need for the BCWG to direct the B&C Agent to bill additional funding requirements to address any NANP funding activity shortfalls. However we have defined a general timing requirement which is basically to meet with the Agent as soon as possible – then the FCC and NANC – to work cooperatively and effectively in a timely manner to ensure positive balances exist in all accounts. Implementation – once the approvals for an out-of-cycle billing to provider and NANP member countries has been approved, the Agent will notify billed parties and begin the process of preparing operations, and will notify B&C WG and NAN on the successful completion and sufficient funding. June 20, 201311

12 NANC Action Items Approve Billing and Collection Agent 2012 Performance Evaluation as submitted by B&C WG. Endorse Contingency Plan June 20, 201312

13 B&C WG Membership AT&T Cox Sprint Nextel CenturyLink Verizon T-Mobile 13June 20, 2013

14 Future Meetings/Contact Information Contact the Co-Chairs for complete meeting or conference call details or B&C WG meeting notes and documents are posted at: Tuesday, June 25 Tuesday, July 16 14June 20, 2013

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