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North American Numbering Council Charter Peter Guggina May 22, 2001.

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1 North American Numbering Council Charter Peter Guggina May 22, 2001

2 NANC 5/22/012 North American Numbering Council NANC FCC established NANC in FCC 95-283 NANC Chartered 1995 First meeting October 1996 Charter renewed for two years in 1997 Charter renewed for another two years in 1999 Current Charter expires October 2, 2001

3 NANC 5/22/013 FCC 95-283 NANC Role and Direction Established as an advisory committee (para 42) To advise the Commission, direct the NANP Administrator, apply Commission policy to resolve issues arising in the administration of the NANP, and conduct initial dispute resolution of all issues. (para 117) Details and additional activities of the NANP Administrator will be determined by the NANC, so long as these additional activities do not involve policy making or dispute resolution. (para 117)

4 NANC 5/22/014 FCC 95-283 NANC Role and Direction cont To develop recommendations on: (para 46 and 118) 1.The transition plan for transferring CO code administration responsibilities from LECs to the new NANP Administrator 2.Measures to be taken to conserve numbering resources 3.Identify number resources, that should be administered by the NANP Administrator and 4.Whether the NANC, after two years, should continue as a federal advisory committee.

5 NANC 5/22/015 FCC Rules Summary 1995 § 52.11 North American Numbering Council. Advise FCC on NANP administration policy matters Make recommendations to the Commission Resolve disputes brought before the council Recommend new NANPA and cost recovery method Monitor NANPA/B&C Agent annual performance Take corrective action on unsatisfactory NANPA/B&C Agent performance as directed by the Commission § 52.26 NANC Recommendation on LNP Provide ongoing oversight of number portability administration, including oversight of the regional LLCs subject to Commission review

6 NANC 5/22/016 1997 NANC Charter Renewal Objectives / Scope / Responsibilities Advise the Commission and make recommendations that foster efficient and impartial number administration (DA 97-2074 para B) Provide oversight guidance to the NANPA and LNP Administrators to ensure fair and equitable access to resources (DA 97-2074 para B) Facilitate number conservation including identification of technical solutions to numbering exhaust (DA 97-2074 para B and F) Provide recommendations on the management of toll free administration (DA 97-2074 para F)

7 NANC 5/22/017 1999 NANC Charter Renewal Objectives and Scope NANC shall assure that NANP administration supports the following policy objectives: Make numbering resources available on an efficient, timely basis to communications service providers (DA 99-1864 para B) Does not unduly favor or disfavor any particular industry segment, group of consumers, or one technology over another (DA 99-1864 para B) Provide easy consumer access to the PSTN (DA 99-1864 para B) Address all NANP member country interests fairly and efficiently (DA 99-1864 para B) Provide further recommendations on toll free database administration (DA 99-1864 para B)

8 NANC 5/22/018 1999 NANC Charter Renewal Responsibilities The general duties of the Council are to gather and discuss information necessary to develop recommendations to the Commission related to the attainment of stated objectives. (DA 99-1864 para F) Under the direction of the Commission, the Council will provide oversight of all matters relating to numbering administration, including the development of industry guidelines. (DA 99-1864 para F) Specific duties will include developing and recommending a process for the selection of a thousands block pooling administrator, and an effective audit process for service providers and the NANP administrator. (DA 99-1864 para F) The Council will also prepare for the Commission periodic and final reports to aid the Commission in its oversight responsibilities. (DA 99-1864 para F)

9 NANC 5/22/019 Discussion The FCC has charged NANC with the mandatory duty to oversee the formulation of, as well as changes to, industry guidelines associated with numbering administration. (DA 99-1864 para F) Any entity that is engaged in numbering administration guidelines work must report the status of its guidelines activity periodically to NANC so NANC can report on such activities to the Commission to meet its reporting obligations. (DA 99-1864 para F) INC is engaged in number administration guideline activities and provides periodic reporting of its activities to NANC. A general interpretation of the Rules indicate INC must obtain NANC guidance and approval for its NANP guidelines work. Difficult to separate policy and non-policy aspects of guidelines. Guideline changes have potential to change policy intent and can effect the implementation of Commission policy directives.

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