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National Thousands Block Number Pooling Services NANC Meeting March 19, 2003.

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1 National Thousands Block Number Pooling Services NANC Meeting March 19, 2003

2 2 Rollout Update Since implementation of the national rollout began on January 4, 2002 there have been 80 First Implementation Meetings (FIMs) for 122 NPAs (including overlays and splits in permissive dialing). The FIMs for the 5Q of the rollout schedule were completed on February 5, 2003. Implementation meetings for the 6Q of the rollout begin on March 18 and end May 7. Tennessee 731 NPA was overlooked in the initial rollout schedule because it was originally scheduled to be implemented as part of the 901 state pooling trial, prior to implementation of the NPA relief. Because of delays in implementing that state trial, the split was implemented prior to the start of pooling but 731 was not added to the rollout schedule. Therefore, the 731 NPA has been added to the 7Q rollout schedule.

3 3 Change Orders 1.One new Change Order was filed with FCC on February 13. #17 - LNPA Issue #335 - AOCNs Performing Initial Thousand Block Entries into BIRRDS and LNPA Issue #389 - Change Minimum Expedite Thousand Block Effective Date (effectively replaces CO #16) 2.Outstanding Change Orders # 6 – CO NXX Issue # 295 – change to Selection Process of Code Holder #10 – LNPA Issue #319 – Intra-SP Porting for Rate Center Telephone Number Administration #11 – CO/NXX Issue #195 – Final Jeopardy Procedures #12 – changes to the TBPAG identifying rules within FCC 01-362 #13 – Modification To User Profile Application Appendix 5 #14 – Modify Part 3 Form in TBPAG #15 – Update MTE in COCAG #16 – LNPA Issue #335 – AOCNs Performing Initial Thousand Block Entries into BIRRDS

4 4 Summary of Reports to the FCC Pursuant to the Requirements Document, monthly reports are submitted to the FCC by the 15 th of each month. Thousands Block Pooling Report February, 2003 Report (data from January 1 through January 31) Quantity of Applications ApprovedDeniedSuspendedTOTAL 23072291422678

5 5 Summary of Reports Continued March, 2003 Report (data from February 1 through February 28) Quantity of Applications ApprovedDeniedSuspendedTOTAL 20352352832553

6 6 Summary of Reports Continued System Performance Reports February, 2003 Report (1/1 thru 1/31 data) Percent available: 100 Hours/Minutes of Availability: 744 Number if instances of unavailability: 0 March, 2003 Report (2/1 thru 2/28 data) Percent available: 100 Hours/Minutes of Availability: 672 Number of instances of unavailability: 0

7 7 UNP Trial Update The Modified UNP trial began in the Connecticut 203 and 860 NPAs on November 1, 2002. As of the March 4, 2003, no tens-blocks have been assigned. The decision on how to proceed with the trial or pseudo trial was postponed as there were not enough participants on the call on March 4. Another call has been scheduled for March 25th.

8 8 Action Assignment from January NANC meeting ACTION ASSIGNMENT: Track the frequency and report the trend of problems caused by intra-Service Provider porting on contaminated number blocks. RESPONSE: There were 68 cases of trouble reported from December to date which are related 10 Service Providers were affected 55% of the trouble cases were directly caused by intra-SP ports not being completed. 45% were do to related issues (over contaminated, not opened for portability in the NPAC, etc) NeuStar PA and AT&T WS brought in a PIM to the LNPA- WG to be discussed at the April 2003 LNPA WG meeting.

9 9 Additional Issues Need for multiple LRNs –Issue is currently being worked by the LNPA-WG Rate Center Consolidation –It is very important for us to be notified about Rate Center Consolidations, either by state commission orders or tariff filing. TBPAG Section 6.3.4 states that in the absence of state commission actions, SPs who file tariffs for a rate center consolidation must notify NANPA and the PA at the time of the filing. Wording of petitions to State Regulatory Agencies –Petitions to state commissions involving the assignment of thousand number blocks should reference NeuStar Thousands Block Pooling Administrator or National Pooling Administrator, not North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA). If a state issues an order in response to a petition for thousands blocks referencing NANPA, the PA will not be able to act until the order is corrected.

10 10 Additional Issues (continued) 4 th Quarter 2002 User Survey has been delivered to FCC and consists of the following detailed components: –Summary –Level of Satisfaction –Team Recognition –Individual Recognition –Pooling Administration System –Improvement –Other Comments

11 11 User Survey Summary

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