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1 INC Report to the NANC October 2001 Norman Epstein INC Moderator.

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1 1 INC Report to the NANC October 2001 Norman Epstein INC Moderator

2 2 INC MEETINGS October 18th, 2001: NPA Workshop Web Conference October 29, 2001: NANPE Workshop Web Conference October 30-31, 2001: LNPA Workshop Web Conf. November 12-16: INC 60 All meeting information can be found at:

3 3 CO/NXX WORKSHOP ORPHANED CODES INC finished documenting procedures for NANPA, the PA, and SPs to follow when codes with ported out TNs are returned or abandoned. These procedures, contained in separate appendices, support the interim FCC direction that was provided to NANPA and the PA.

4 4 LNPA WORKSHOP Number Portability and Pooling are at a rate center level Some local calling plans (e.g., Extended Area Service) have different boundaries than rate centers Some states define rate districts within rate centers as wireline call rating mechanisms Calling Party call rating for all customers is impacted by the above two points Different districts/plans are served by distinct NXXs Therefore, states with different districts/plans should require separate pools within the same rate center Numbering resources for distinct districts/plans may need to be considered separately for code and block acquisition.

5 5 NANP EXPANSION RECOMMENDATION INC Recommended NANP Expansion Plan Format The expanded format will be as follows: NXX(X) + (X)NXX + XXXX where NXX (X) a four digit NPA with (X) the additional digit (X)NXX a four digit Central Office Code with (X) the additional digit XXXX a four digit line number Here, the values, N represents digits 2 through 9, X represents digits 0 through 9

6 6 NANP EXPANSION RECOMMENDATION Expansion Method 1 (Both Digits Implemented Simultaneously) NXX(Y) + (Y)NXX + XXXX Expansion Method 2 (Phased Approach with NPA Implemented First) NXX (Y) + NXX + XXXX NXX(Y) + (Y)NXX + XXXX Expansion Method 3 (Phased Approach with CO Code Implementation First) NXX + (0)NXX + XXXX NXX(1) + (X)NXX + XXXX Y represents 0 or 1.

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