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NANC Report of the pANI IMG September 20, 2005 by Hoke Knox & Karen Mulberry pANI IMG Co-Chairs.

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1 NANC Report of the pANI IMG September 20, 2005 by Hoke Knox & Karen Mulberry pANI IMG Co-Chairs

2 September 20, 2005NANC2 pANI IMG Formation Background ATIS Emergency Services Interconnection Forum (ESIF) July 25, 2005 request to NANC regarding the establishment of a temporary Routing Number Authority (RNA) for pseudo Automatic Number Identification (pANI) codes used for routing emergency calls. Issues Management Group (IMG) formed on August 5, 2005 to review the ESIF request and prepare a set of recommendations for NANC

3 September 20, 2005NANC3 pANI IMG Project Plan Work divided into two phases: Phase 1Interim pANI Administrator designated and Guidelines Phase 2Permanent pANI Administrator and criteria for INC to use in developing Guidelines

4 September 20, 2005NANC4 pANI Interim Assignment Guidelines for ESQK The purpose of this document is to define the interim guidelines that shall be used by any entity that is assigning Emergency Service Query Keys (ESQKs) for VoIP 9-1-1 compliance Designates specific non-dialable 10 digit numbers to be used in the implementation of pANIs, ESQKs for use during VoIP 9-1-1 calls The duration of this interim period shall be decided separately by NANC Revision made to the 9-2-05 document transmitted to NANC to include additional guidance on the VoIP Interim ESQK Request Form By applying for this resource, the applicant hereby certifies that it has obtained approval from the appropriate 9-1-1 Governing Authority to provide routing or data retrieval for E9-1-1 traffic to the applicable PSAP. Should it later be determined that such authority has not been obtained, the applicant will be reported to the FCC and the appropriate state commission, and may be denied further resources. IMG recommends that the PA be designated as the Interim pANI ESQK Administrator until such time as the permanent Administrator has been selected

5 September 20, 2005NANC5 Phase I - pANI Interim Guidelines for pANI ESQKs IMG recommends that: NANC formally endorse the Pooling Administrator as the Interim pANI Administrator NANC approve the pANI Interim Assignment Guidelines as revised on 9-14-05 Upon acceptance of the above items, request that the NANC Chair, Bob Atkinson forward the NANCs endorsements to the FCC for immediate action

6 September 20, 2005NANC6 Phase I - pANI Interim Timeline

7 September 20, 2005NANC7 Phase II - pANI Policy & Guidelines Target Report to NANC - Year End 2005. Example of Policy & Other Issues that are being addressed by the IMG: –Wireless inclusion in pANI, non-dialable ESQK assignments and transition process –Permanent pANI Administrator selection criteria –Impact on NXXs 211 & 511 for pANI ESQK assignments

8 September 20, 2005NANC8 Phase II - pANI Policy & Guidelines Issues and Agreements Reached to date: Should the CLLI code associated with the relevant Selective Routers and the appropriate NPAs be identified on the ESQK request form? –Agreed that the PSAP Selective Router CLLI is not needed by Administrator. Keep separate pANI NXX codes for PSAP use to segregating wireless (ESRKs) and VoIP (ESQK) pANI Numbering. –Agreed that separate NXXs allow caller identity by NXX so PSAP can provide more efficient help.

9 September 20, 2005NANC9 Phase II – pANI IMG Next Meeting –October 4, 2005 at 1 PM ET for 2 hours –Conference Call –To Participate Contact Karen Mulberry at Hoke Knox at

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