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National Thousands Block Number Pooling Services NANC Meeting July 13, 2004.

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1 National Thousands Block Number Pooling Services NANC Meeting July 13, 2004

2 Status of Change Orders Pending. All have been reviewed by the NOWG. No. 24 – Recurring NPAC reports, held in abeyance pending outcome of Change Order #26 report and recommendation No. 25 - A request from a carrier to have the PAS generate a Part 4 report. No. 27 - Extending Forecast Report from 12 to 18 months No. 29 - INC Issue 426 Auto populate Part 3 remarks with information from comments on donation form

3 Status of Change Orders, contd No. 26 – one time NPAC report Was approved May 3, 2004 Completed the research generated by the Change Order #26 report and sent the results to the FCC on July 1. One NPA out of each NPAC region Compared PAS and NPAC information If not identical, contacted carrier to determine which was correct. Not all carriers responded; we will continue outreach. The percentage of blocks with errors ranges from 2% to 5% per NPA. Our inventory also contained 3 blocks that were more than 10% contaminated, and they had to be returned to the SP.

4 Pooling Administration System (PAS) – Assignment Volume 2004 Total assigned blocks in PAS Total assigned blocks as of January 1, 2004 29,027 January 3131,157 +6.9% February 2933,402+6.8% March 3135,781+6.7% April 30 38,029+6% May 31 39,946+4.8% June 3042,385+9.4%

5 Summary of Monthly Reports to FCC Thousands Block Pooling Report May, 2004 Report (data from April 1 through April 30, 2004) June, 2004 Report (data from May 1 through May 31) ApprovedDeniedSuspendedTOTAL Quantity of Applications 45763522325160 ApprovedDeniedSuspendedTOTAL Quantity of Applications 40392972894625

6 Summary of Reports contd. System Performance Report May, 2004 Report (4/1/04 thru 4/30/04 data) Percent availability: 99.94 Hours/Minutes of Availability: 719 hours 32 minutes Number of instances of unavailability: 1 Time of outage:2:43am – 3:11 am ET No trouble tickets were filed. June, 2004 Report (5/1 thru 5/31 data) Percent availability: 100 Hours/Minutes of Availability: 744 Number of instances of unavailability: 0

7 Other PA Activities of Interest June 18 Declaratory Ruling from the New York Public Service Commission re: reclamation of blocks in the 540 and 550 central office (NXX) codes. Non-Participating Carriers Report –Ran a list from PAS –Contacted carriers (if a contact could be found) to notify and allow them to perform any required functions (donations, forecasts, etc.). –Re-ran the list from PAS –This final list was edited and provided to the FCC on July 6 and the states on July 7, 2004. June was our busiest month so far 5575 applications processed.

8 Other PA Activities of Interest, contd Met with NOWG June 30 regarding PA performance evaluation for 2003. Received approval from the FCC for disaster recovery testing. Will take place the week of August 23 rd. –Operational testing -- during business hours and will not affect the availability of the Pooling Administration System (PAS). –Technical testing -- from 8pm-midnight ET on Saturday, August 28. Pooling in Alaska

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