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INC Report to the NANC November 2000 Norman Epstein INC Moderator.

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1 INC Report to the NANC November 2000 Norman Epstein INC Moderator

2 2 Report Overview Upcoming INC Meetings NANPE Expansion Progress D-digit Release Growth CO Code Appeals Imminent Exhaust Procedures UNP Report Thousands-Block Pooling

3 3 Upcoming INC Meetings January 8-12: INC 54 March 5-9: INC 55 April 23-26: INC 56

4 4 NANPE Expansion Progress INC eliminated four NANP Expansion options. INC has reached consensus that there are two viable options remaining. Both require that the D-digit not be released prior to NANP Expansion. Information was shared by participants that the FCC is interested in learning more about D-digit release…

5 5 D-digit Release The INC reaffirmed that it does not endorse the release of the D-digit prior to NANP expansion because: It is not a quick fix for additional numbering resources as it will take years to implement. It is not clear that this will add significant life to the NANP. This will make it impossible to transition to the preferred NANP expansion options. Canadian industry and regulators have endorsed D-digit release in conjunction with NANP expansion. D-digit release must occur simultaneously across the entire NANP.

6 6 Growth CO Code Appeals To whom should a SP appeal if a growth CO code request is denied because it does not meet the MTE requirement? (Circumstances could be due to a new switch in a rate center, a specific customer request, or a new type of service.) CFR 52.15 (g) (3) (iv) states that SPs should appeal to state regulators However, the FCC has directed NANPA to refer SPs to the FCC Clarification from the CCB is requested in order for INC to document the correct procedure in its guidelines

7 7 Imminent Exhaust Procedures Imminent exhaust procedures would permit SPs to obtain codes (using strict needs-based criteria) outside of the rationing process without having to petition state or national regulators. Some participants believe that the FCC has already communicated a need in different venues that the industry should develop national procedures. Other participants believe that rationing plans should continue to be decided on a per-NPA basis, and that rationing plans are under state jurisdiction. Can the NANC or CCB provide clarification as to whether criteria for allocating CO codes outside of the rationing process be defined on a national basis or on a per NPA basis?

8 8 UNP Report INC report on UNP distributed to the FCC and the NANC. Report defines and evaluates UNP. Three potential approaches are described: UNP without an Administrator UNP with a minimal Administrative Structure UNP with an Administrator

9 9 UNP Report There are significant differences of opinion within the industry as to whether UNP should remain voluntary or be mandated, which is primarily why there is no consensus on the value of UNP. In addition, there is no consensus as to which administrative approach would be used to implement UNP. INC submits this report as part of the public record being developed by the FCC on the subject of UNP.

10 10 Thousands-Block Pooling New version of the Thousands-Block Guidelines dated November 13, 2000 has been issued. The guidelines now are aligned with FCC 00- 104. This document is located at:

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