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1 January 18, 2000 NANPA Report to the NANC Prepared by: NeuStar January 18, 2000.

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1 1 January 18, 2000 NANPA Report to the NANC Prepared by: NeuStar January 18, 2000

2 2 New York 914 NPA Relief Plan u November 9, 1999 - Relief NPA code request for 914 received u November 16-17, 1999 Meeting –NANPA notified the NANC of 914 NPA relief plan –NANC instructed NANPA to deny the request for the new NPA based upon the relief plan (proposed NPA boundary split rate center boundaries) u November 18, 1999 - NANPA letter to NYPSC –Denied the request; referenced NANC directive to NANPA u November 18, 1999 - NYPSC letter to FCC CCB –Outlined history behind proposed NPA relief plan –Requested immediate release of the new NPA

3 3 January 18, 2000 New York 914 NPA Relief Plan u November 30, 1999 914 Relief Implementation Meeting –NANPA conducted 914 NPA relief implementation conf. call –Developed implementation schedule based on when relief NPA is assigned u December 3, 1999 FCC CCB letter to NYPSC –Directed NANPA to release relief NPA –Encouraged state commissions to follow industry guidelines and avoid area codes splits that do not follow rate center boundaries –FCC will review any relief plans that are clearly outside the industry guidelines u December 3, 1999 - NANPA assigned NPA 845

4 4 January 18, 2000 NPA Exhaust Analysis u Background –May 26, 1999 NANC Meeting NANPA provided 1999 COCUS results Reviewed exhaust analysis methodology Committed to provide a review of NPA projections in 4Q99 –Ongoing NPA Monitoring Forecasted vs. Actual Monthly Assignments Significant effort to update CO Code assignment data –Follow-up on outstanding Part 4 certifications –Investigation and recovery of unavailable CO codes –Investigation of discrepancies between NANPA and LERG data

5 5 January 18, 2000 NPA Exhaust Analysis u NPA Analysis –Historical CO code assignments over eight months (April 1 - November 30, 1999) Total number of codes assigned Average code demand/month Spikes in assignment rate –Number of service providers and rate centers –CO Code rationing –Recent or planned NPA relief activities

6 6 January 18, 2000 NPA Exhaust Analysis u NPA Exhaust Analysis Report –NPA Exhaust Date - (December 99 and April 99) Sorted by NPA, state and exhaust date Rationed NPAs, New NPAs and NPAs impacted by relief –Exhaust date change (in years) +/-4 years --- Explanation provided (e.g., 2.5X increase in code growth rate, introduction of new NPA) –Notes Section Information impacting NPA exhaust –Explanation of NA (e.g., new NPA code) –Pooling implemented or planned –Overlay situations (e.g., concentrated overlays, capped NPAs)

7 7 January 18, 2000 COCUS 2000 u Survey distribution underway –Similar to 1999 survey –Include list of NPAs requiring special attention u Responses due no later than March 1, 2000 u Notice provided that COCUS must be on file for NPA in which service provider is requesting code(s) –March 15, 2000 - Date CO code applications will be denied if a service provider does not have a COCUS on file for the NPA in which they are requesting resources u Information available on –Submit COCUS input via the web site

8 8 January 18, 2000 California Lottery u CPUC Decision 99-10-055 - October 21, 1999 –Directed NANPA to submit a bid proposing fees it would charge for assuming the responsibility of the California lottery now performed by the Telecommunications Division of the CPUC –Response due in 20 days; NANPA requested and received extension u NANPA Response - December 9, 1999 –Proposed service as NeuStar; provided copy to NANC Chair –Response provided matrix of steps currently performed in other state lotteries and the steps unique to California –Conference call with CPUC to discuss proposal

9 9 January 18, 2000 California Lottery u Current Status –CPUC has requested some additional information Examine California lottery process to see if it can more closely model other state lottery processes Method of funding –CPUC initial determination is that NeuStar as NANPA should provide California lottery service NANC approval required (per NANC Requirements Document) NANC decision: –Base service (all service providers currently funding NANPA) –Base service (only California service providers pay) –Enterprise service

10 10 January 18, 2000 NANC Support u NARUC Account Established at NeuStar –Invoices distributed in December 1999 –Remaining funds transferred from Frontier u NANC Chair Web Site (www. –2000 NANC and Working Group calendar posted –NANPA Performance Survey available –Other NANC documents

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