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3 Rotary YES/SCANEX Introduction Rotary International is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all our Youth Exchange Students, both here and abroad.

4 Rotary YES/SCANEX Topics of Discussion Why are Orientation & Training for STEP Exchanges so important? How is Orientation & Training different for STEP vs. LTEP? What Orientation & Training is necessary and for whom? What are Expectations for effective Orientation & Training for STEP?

5 Rotary YES/SCANEX WHY SUPPORT RIS ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY? To keep our students as safe as possible To maintain reputation as an Organization that takes Abuse & Harassment seriously – may help deter potential abusers Potential Youth Participants & Families may find our program more attractive knowing that we take students safety seriously Clear policies & procedures protects interests of all volunteers and participants

6 Rotary YES/SCANEX STEP vs. LTEP TRAINING SIMILARITIES Same Abuse & Harassment Prevention Policy Applies Same Stmt of Conduct for Working with Youth Applies – RI committed to safeguarding youth from all forms of abuse Same 6 Ds Apply (Drugs, Drinking, Dating, Driving, Downloading (Pornographic materials), Decoration (body tattoos, piercings) Training Required for all participants Students must have approved Insurance Independent YE Travel has same restrictions

7 Rotary YES/SCANEX STEP vs. LTEP TRAINING DIFFERENCES Outbound & Inbound Host Family is the same – combine training May need to do 1-on-1 INBOUND Training Less emphasis on adaptation School discussions not relevant Stages of Homesickness dont apply Student does not change families – only one HF Interview/Application Reverse Culture Shock not an issue

8 Rotary YES/SCANEX ORIENTATION & TRAINING District YE Policy Outlines content & frequency of training, who must receive training and whose responsibility it is to conduct training One IB & one OB O & T sufficient for STEP (3-4 hours each) District YEO, YPO, YE Committee, Club YEO, Experienced Counselor may conduct individual IB STEP Training

9 Rotary YES/SCANEX ORIENTATION & TRAINING District has procedures to ensure that all participants receive training District maintains records of participation Use and Keep on file Sign-in Sheets with date, type of Training (STEP, LTEP, IB, OB) and Location

10 Rotary YES/SCANEX OUTBOUND TRAINING Outbound Students and Parents/Guardians Required to attend Orientation & Training Content of Orientation includes: Program Rules, Procedures, Expectations and Abuse & Harassment Prevention Awareness and Training

11 Rotary YES/SCANEX INBOUND TRAINING Inbound Students must have Orientation shortly after arrival Content of IB Orientation includes contact info for Counselor to report problems or abuse, emergency contact numbers & info. on local laws & customs Since STEP is brief and exchange dates vary – holding 1 Group INBOUND Orientation is difficult. The STEP IB Orientation can be done by Host Clubs Trained RYE Counselor, Club YEO, or Committee member 1-on-1 Each IB should receive an IB Packet containing relevant materials & contact info

12 Rotary YES/SCANEX HOST FAMILY TRAINING Host Families Must receive Training that includes info. on Program & Rules and Abuse & Harassment Training Since STEP is Family-to- Family, can do Host Family Orientation same time as Outbound Training

13 Rotary YES/SCANEX RYE VOLUNTEERS & YEO TRAINING District provides specialized training for DG, YEO, YE Committee, Rotary Counselors and other Rotarian and non-Rotarian Volunteers District conducts special host family and Counselor Orientation usually in early/mid July before IBs arrive. The STEP Counselors attend this Orientation as well. District gives each Counselor a Packet with Counselor Job Description, Host Family Interview Form, Background Check forms, etc. Use EXISTING training opportunities: District Assembly workshops (i.e., Risk Management), PETS, PRLS, District Staff Meetings, etc.

14 Rotary YES/SCANEX KEEP IT SIMPLE Use RIs Training Manual and Leaders Guide – Contains specialized training programs & Handouts for Rotarians & non-Rotarians, Counselors, YE Committee, Host Families, Students, etc. ESSEX has excellent Training PowerPoint available on Yahoo YEO Resources – use as a guide Combine STEP/LTEP OB Orientations Can give STEP Host Family Orientation at STEP OB Orientation since parents are present Use same Rotary Counselors, District Contact Info, Emergency & Hotline Numbers as LTEP

15 Rotary YES/SCANEX ELECTRONIC RESOURCES Can Download the following from (Under RI Programs select Youth Exchange then select Rotarians then Resources) Abuse & Harassment Prevention Training Manual & Leaders Guide Sample District YE Abuse & Harassment Prevention Policy Youth Exchange Handbook New YE Application Forms New YE Promotional Materials

16 Rotary YES/SCANEX WRAP UP Help LEAD THE WAY to International Understanding and Goodwill!


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