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2 e-learning noun : learning using electronic means: the acquisition of knowledge and skill using electronic technologies such as computer and Internet-based courseware and local and wide area networks

3 They are all the Same… On-line learning E-Learning Web Based learning Virtual learning

4 e-learning is used for College & university courses Annual certifications Required professional continuing education Technical training Sexual abuse training Personal enrichment

5 American Bar Assn American Medical Assn Boy Scouts of America YMCA of the USA Dennis White Rotary International WHO?

6 The History of this project District 5190s size The Community College Connection US-Canada YEO Network US-Canada Philadelphia meeting

7 Blackboard (Commercial) WebCT (Commercial) Moodle (Open source) Proprietary CMS COURSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSETMS)

8 Create HTML content Upload/download documents Upload/download multimedia Online discussions Online chat Student submission of papers, essays, projects Glossary Online grading Online quizzes/tests BASIC CMS FEATURES

9 (n) Modular Object Oriented Development Learning Environment (v) To let the mind or body wonder and do something creative but without particular purpose MOODLE

10 Lets See Moodle in Action

11 Brainstorming Session Philadelphia, January 2007

12 No direct student contact Time lag to answer ???s Different learning styles Handouts need to be downloaded & printed In person orientation may be required Convenient Inexpensive Worldwide Can use multi-media Supplements in person orientations DISADVANTAGESADVANTAGES

13 - Inbound students - Outbound students - Host families - Dist governors - Club counselors - Dist governors elect - School counselors - All club members - Club board members - Club YEOs Who in Youth Exchange?

14 Never ask your exchange student to walk you more than once a day. If however …

15 POLICY ISSUES – 1 of 2 What training to offer? What level for each class (target audiences)? What is the content of the class? Lesson modules (or chapters) Tests & Quizzes Do we get a domain name? (

16 Tracking student progress Reporting to District upon completion Who can take the online classes? Who sets these policies? Where does the funding come from? POLICY ISSUES – 2 of 2

17 Create our own program Use existing program What server will host? What bandwith is needed? Who will set technical policies? Who will be site administrator? TECHNICAL ISSUES

18 What do we do next? The question that we discussed was: If you have to choose 3 classes to start with, what 3? The Consensus was Host Family training Club Counselor training Club YEO training PRIORITIZE

19 Geographically large districts Not getting all counselors to orientations Not getting all host families to orientations Having to orient all STE & NGE ……….. [YOU fill in the blank] IMAGINE!

20 On-line training for all RI Youth Programs On-line training State Dept Certifications Letting host family & counselor do training at their convenience Everyone having the same basic training NOW IMAGINE!

21 On-Line Training IMAGINE!


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