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The International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Sciences Peer Review Meeting John Gowens ARL Collaborative Alliance Manager Graham George.

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1 The International Technology Alliance in Network and Information Sciences Peer Review Meeting John Gowens ARL Collaborative Alliance Manager Graham George MoD Collaborative Alliance Manager Dinesh Verma & David Watson Program Managers IBM 21-25 September 2009

2 THE PROGRAM Initiated in May 2006 Fundamental research in network and information sciences IBM-Led Consortium The Consortium and the US/UK Governments establish an Alliance 5-year program with 5-year option Awarded a fundamental research agreement and two transition contracts Total funding for first 5 years = $58M Approximately 40-60% split industry-academia Consortium cost share ~ 12% Builds on UK Defence Technology Centres and US ARL Collaborative Technology Alliances COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP UK MOD/Dstl and US Army Research Laboratory working together closely to jointly lead programme Single coherent fundamental research programme Involves US/UK industry, academia, and government Promotes collaboration between leading industrial and academic organizations in both countries Collaboratively push the state-of-the-art Critical mass of researchers focused on key challenges Staff rotations to deepen collaborations Develop a deep understanding of how technologies can contribute to future defence capabilities The ITA Program 2

3 3 PROGRAM OBJECTIVES TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT The technical quality and significance of the advances made under the program MILITARY RELEVANCE The value to the U.S. and UK stakeholders of the advances made under the program COLLABORATION The extent to which the program has delivered greater value to both governments through effective and true collaboration across international boundaries, organizational boundaries and technical area boundaries

4 4 The ITA Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 10 11 7 10 6 4 2 8 5 3 1 9 13 12 11 INDUSTRY 8.IBM UK 9.Logica 10.Roke Manor Research 11.Systems Engineering and Assessment ACADEMIA 1.Cranfield University 2.Imperial College, London 3.Royal Holloway University of London 4.University of Aberdeen 5.University of Cambridge 6.University of Southampton 7.University of York ACADEMIA 1.Carnegie Mellon University 2.City University of New York 3.Columbia University 4.Pennsylvania State University 5.Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 6.University of California Los Angeles 7.University of Maryland 8.University of Massachusetts INDUSTRY 9.BBNT Solutions 10.Boeing 11.Honeywell 12.IBM Research 13.Applied Research Associates

5 5 ITA Areas of Investigation Distributed Coalition Planning and Decision Making (TA4) Security Across a System-of-Systems (TA2) Sensor Information Processing and Delivery (TA3) Network Theory (TA1) TECHNICAL AREAS GRAND CHALLENGES Rapid Collaboration between coalition war- fighters Share knowledge, trust and risk Across cultural boundaries Get the right information at the right time to coalition war-fighters Before they realize they need it mediation based on risk & context

6 6 ITA Recent Activities Timeline 6 2006 20072008200920102011 AWARD Initial Plan Biennial Program Plan (BPP07) Biennial Program Plan (BPP09) Possible Option Extension Formal Launch BPP Planning Meeting (Hursley) Collaboration Boot Camp (CUNY) BPP Planning Meeting (Hawthorne) Collaboration Boot Camp (Hawthorne) 1 st ITA Conference2 nd ITA Conference3 rd ITA Conference4 th ITA Conference WashingtonLondonWashingtonLondon Peer Review Activities Reviewed 2008 Changed BPP07 Biennial Program Plan (BPP09) Current Review Collaboration Boot Camp (Southampton)

7 7 SIGNIFICANT CHANGES POST PEER REVIEW NEW MEMBERS Brought several new members to bolster team strength in various projects in all technical areas RESHAPED PROJECT FOCUS Significant changes in research scope and focus for some projects, EVALUATION PROCESS FOR BPP 09 Projects and Activities selected in consultation with peer reviewers CURRENT PEER REVIEW SCOPE Reshaped Projects of BPP 07 ~ work continued till May 09 Results of BPP 09 Most new activities are in-progress (started May 09)

8 ITA Projects Project 1. Theoretical Foundations for Design and Analysis of * Wireless and Sensor Networks 2. Interoperability of Wireless Networks and Systems * 3. Dynamic Self-Organizing Wireless Networks * 4. Policy Based Security Management * 5. Energy Efficient Security Architectures/Infrastructures 6. Trust and Risk Management in Dynamic Coalition Environments 7. Quality of Information of Sensor Data * 8. Task-Oriented Deployment of Sensor Data Infrastructures * 9. Agile Sensor Networks and Data Discovery * 10. Mission Adaptive Collaborations 11. Cultural Analysis 11. Cultural Analysis * 12. Semantic Integration and Collaborative Planning * 8 Noteworthy changes Increased focus on dynamic graphs Significant change, focus on metadata aspects Increased focus on functional models and db paradigm P11 successfully transitioned Emphasis on network enabled cognition Increased focus on cross-organization issues * Projects with transitions Increased focus on distributed aspects of policy

9 9 Peer Review Panel Provides independent assessment of each project by internal and external experts with respect to: The relevance of the problems addressed The technical merit of the approaches adopted The significance of the research The quality of the results achieved The utility of the outcomes

10 ITA Contacts ALLIANCE MANAGERS John (Jay) Gowens (ARL) Graham George (UK MOD) Dave Watson (IBM-UK) Dinesh Verma (IBM-US) WEBSITES Public Website ITA Collaboration System AGREEMENTS/CONTRACTS Patty Fox (ARL) Peter Chatwal (UK MOD) 10

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