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2005-12-19 Dr. Roland M. Wagner (IFGI) Spatial Data Infrastructures: Architecture & Approach X-Border Spatial and urbanization planning Aachen Some slides.

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2 2005-12-19 Dr. Roland M. Wagner (IFGI) Spatial Data Infrastructures: Architecture & Approach X-Border Spatial and urbanization planning Aachen Some slides are based on Ioannis Kanellopoulos: Improving Access to Environmental Information in Europe: the INSPIRE Initiative

3 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 2 Overview 1.Design Metaphor 2.SDI Basis (Integration mechanism) 3.SDI Functions and Components 4.Relevant SDI Player

4 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 3 1.1. Spatial Data Infrastructure: Bridge Building Environment BEnvironment A Encoding: jpg,GML,... Data Access Service: WMS,WFS,.. Security Service: WA/SS eBusiness Service: WPOS

5 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 4 1.2. Example of data mismatch at borderline (1) Discrepancies in Transport Network Data between Northern Ireland and Ireland, Source : MOLAND-NI

6 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 5 1.3. Example of data mismatch at borderline (2)

7 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 6 2.1. Architecture: Distributed Environment Setting up and connecting of initially unknown resources: Publish data sets (name, ID, abstract, layer) and services (Type, URL) as meta data (ISO 19115/19119/OGC Capabilities) Find data sets and services with catalog search engine (CS-W) Bind Application(-clients) to data and services (URL, ID, names), versioning publish findbind

8 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 7 2.2. Getcapabilities Request A mechanism for service self-describing Service interface (type, version, operations, content) Version negotiation Fundamental OGC Operation (BSM/OWS common) Requires only a valid URL Request example: WMS response example: Service (getmap, HTTP Get URL, HTTP POST URL) Layer (name, abstract, styles, boundingbox,…)

9 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 8 2.3. Used HTTP request methods HTTP GET Key-value-Pair Supported by regular browsers Limited length (4096?) HTTP POST XML (Object) encoding for more complex information models Not limited No encoding required (space, ä, …) HTTP SOAP Transport more defined Use of powerful tools and components Transport of binary & ascii possible WMS WFS Geo- DRM?

10 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 9 2.3. Architecture: Integration by Cascading Integration of distributed resources with the same service type interface simple and powerful WMS-Service WM-Client WMS-Client WMS-Serv.WMS Serv. OGC defined interface

11 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 10 2.4. Cascading: Security & eBusiness Enhanced functionalities need to support basic cascading mechanism Examples Web Security Service Web Pricing & Ordering S. Web Terms of Use Service geoDRM …and corresponding clients WSC WSC-Client WSS-Service WMS- Serv. WMS-Client WMClient WSS-Service WMS- Service WSS-Service WMS- Service

12 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 11 3.1. SDI core Components

13 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 12 3.2. Architecture with Components

14 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 13 3.3. Hands-on Approach: Skunk works Staff: some IT knowledge required (Network, web server, IT Administrator) Web Mapping Service, version 1.0.0, 1.1.0 Free Software, e.g. deegree, Many services are running on tomcat web server ( and using Java ( Internal test: Use own Web Mapping Client [ Set-up De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) ] External test: external WMC, e.g. Input yours WMS URL into the WMC

15 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 14 3.4. Cluster-wide services Some network services support content services, e.g Catalog (CS-W) WAS Web Authentication Service Monitoring Service Question: Who is operates them? Maintenance of meta data crucial for acceptance Monitoring Service helpful in a larger environment Federation of catalogs CS-W 2.0.1/ ISO Application Profile Federation with harvesting and distributed search possible URLs of current core of 5-8 catalogs managed by CeGI

16 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 15 4.1. Relevant Player INSPIRE More: OpenGeoSpatial Consortium More: http://www.opengeospatial.org XML Schema: [ISO]

17 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 16 4.2. INSPIRE Characteristics More than just data it includes documentation, means to discover, access, evaluate,.. it includes organizational agreements needed to coordinate/ administer at various scales it influences both data collection and application development through minimal appropriate standards and policies ESDI build on top of National and Regional SDIs

18 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 17 The following principles govern INSPIRE: a)that spatial data should be collected once and maintained at the level where this can be done most effectively b)that it must be possible to combine seamlessly spatial data from different sources across the EU and share it between many users and applications c)that it must be possible for spatial data collected at one level of government to be shared between all the different levels of government d)that spatial data needed for good governance should be available on conditions that are not restricting its extensive use e)that it should be easy to discover which spatial data is available, to evaluate its fitness for purpose and to know which conditions apply for its use. 4.3. INSPIRE principles

19 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 18 4.4. Open Geospatial Consortium The OGC Not-for-profit, international consortium 250+ industry, government, and university members (about 1/3 from Europe) Specification Development Program (since 1994) similar to other Industry consortia like W3C, OMG, etc. Class A liaison with ISO/TC211 Interoperability Program (since 1999) a global, innovative, hands-on engineering and testing program designed to accelerate interface development and bring interoperability to the market OGC Web Service Testbeds (OWS) Interoperability Experiments Outreach and Community Adoption Program (since 2002) awareness raising, education and training, encourage take up of OpenGIS® interfaces, business development Subsidiaries: OGC Europe, OGC Australia, … OGC Vision A world in which everyone benefits from geographic information and services made available across any network, application or platform. OGC Mission Our core mission is to deliver spatial interface specifications that are openly available for global use.

20 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 19 Global ISO, W3C, IETF OASIS, WS-1, ANSI, CEN, ISO, UN/CEFACT, RosettaNet / UCC... XX-XML, RosettaNet, OASIS, OGC, SEDRIS, OMA, eMSA, SIF.... + hundreds more Microsoft, IBM, Network Providers, + hundreds to thousands more Scope Shared Business Process Specificity Cross - Industry (Horizontal) Industry Based (Vertical) Organisation Specific 4.5. Service Standards Hierarchy + 10 more

21 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 20 Summery Understanding SDI Architecture Basic SDI Mechanisms SDI Functions W**S abbreviations First Hands-on experiences Use WMS HTTP GET first Share URLs with lists Get to know relevant players Find more resources Start to understand tendencies

22 WagnerSDI: Architecture & Approach 21 Contact Universität Münster Institut für Geoinformatik Dr. Roland M. Wagner eMail:

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