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What does it mean to be a warrior and a hero?.

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1 What does it mean to be a warrior and a hero?

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3 THE CALIGAE OR MILITARY BOOT OFTEN REFERRED TO AS SANDALS. Simplicity of construction and practical hard wearing design. A very small amount of stitching at the back of the heel. Stitching rots and wears faster than the leather, the sole and the upper become separated, because said stitching has given up. A Roman boot lasts me four or five times as long as any of my other authentic footwear and more comfortable than most.

4 ALL LEATHER COMBAT OR JUNGLE BOOTS 520GEAR/USMC%2520OFCR%2520SWORD.JPG&IMGREFURL=HTTP://WWW.USMCCOLLECTIBLES.COM/ SPECIAL_GEAR.HTM&H=480&W=640&SZ=77&TBNID=5S8LU_ZRGJEJ::&TBNH=103&TBNW=137&PREV=/IM AGES%3FQ%3DMARINE%2BCORPS%2BSWORD%2BPICTURE&HL=EN&USG=__CMZ9PR72SFHYDQUVBC_P YREESM0=&SA=X&OI=IMAGE_RESULT&RESNUM=4&CT=IMAGE&CD=1 There are five patterns of the nylon and leather Jungle Boot The black leather and olive drab nylon construction with two steel side-by-side screened eyelets on the inner part near the arch to drain the boots after water crossings. The black synthetic rubber sole uses a self-cleaning tread with sharp outer edges and smoother center portion Extreme hot weather the jungle boot surpassed the all-leather black combat boot in comfort.

5 INNER PEACE AND READINESS B83A74D353C8CF24&VISIG=TRUE&SSQ=FALSE Rom 5:1; Eph. 2:14; John 14:27, 16:33, 20:21. On my feet, I put the shoes of the Gospel Prepare for battle (good news) of Jesus life, death and resurrection Jesus brought peace Fight with boldness, confidence, perseverance, and peace

6 CINGULIM, OR BELT AGES/HELMET.JPG&IMGREFURL=HTTP://WWW.MURPHSPLACE.COM/GLADIATOR/LEGIONS.HTML& H=252&W=251&SZ=11&TBNID=RPLMCEV6E6SJ::&TBNH=111&TBNW=111&PREV=/IMAGES%3FQ%3DROM AN%2BSOLDIER%2BHELMET&HL=EN&USG=__UIH0SWO6DFLIG- AWMQSPRJ0MRZY=&SA=X&OI=IMAGE_RESULT&RESNUM=1&CT=IMAGE&CD=1 A soldier's badge of office, worn with the tunic at all times. The "apron" of decorated leather strips gave some protection to the groin in battle. The jangling noise made by the apron when the legionaries marched helped to intimidate the enemy.

7 CARTRIDGE BELT OM/SPECIAL%2520GEAR/USMC%2520OFCR%2520SWORD.JPG&IMGREFURL=HTTP://WW W.USMCCOLLECTIBLES.COM/SPECIAL_GEAR.HTM&H=480&W=640&SZ=77&TBNID=5S8L U_ZRGJEJ::&TBNH=103&TBNW=137&PREV=/IMAGES%3FQ%3DMARINE%2BCORPS%2BSW ORD%2BPICTURE&HL=EN&USG=__CMZ9PR72SFHYDQUVBC_PYREESM0=&SA=X&OI=IM AGE_RESULT&RESNUM=4&CT=IMAGE&CD=1 Thick nylon belt carries Marines gear for easy access Clips several items 2 water canteens Knife Pistol 4 M-16 ammo pouches First aid

8 CINCTURE RE/INDEX.CFM?PID=263&AA=180&BB=0&CC=0&ACTION=DISP LAYDETAILS Deut. 4:39; Psalm 23:1; 18:1-3 Around my waist I put the belt of truth Resist temptation Jesus is the foundation for all situations that arise today (John 14: 6)

9 BREAST PLATE 35_L.JPG Rounded edges genuine leather straps, steel buckles and solid metal accents. They do not have a metal back and are held in place on the body with four leather straps with buckles Designed and served to protect the warrior's chest & vital area Usually worn with the breastplate that protected the neck Carried spiritual significance Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are (all) the issues of life (Prov. 4:23 )

10 FLAK JACKET EURL=/PRODINFO/ENLARGED/28669L.JPG Equipped with removable throat and groin protectors, as well as front and back removable plates It weighs 16.4 pounds The previous body armor, the flak jacket weighed 25.1 pounds Lighter weight provides more mobility than the older flak vest Kevlar weave that's capable of stopping a 9 mm bullet The small-arms protective inserts are made of a boron carbide ceramic with a spectra shield backing that's an extremely hard material

11 ?PAGENUM_RSCATALOG=525 Psalm 100:3; Rom. 3:23-24, 6:23; Gal. 2:20-21; Phil. 3:8-10 On my heart I put the breastplate of righteousness Our righteousness is worthless in battle Jesus is righteous in whom we trust Jesus is victorious against temptation, sin, attacks of our enemy, and death

12 SCUTUM SHIELDS.HTML Standard-issue for the Roman soldier from about 100 A.D. onward Designed to deflect incoming objects to one side, thus putting less impact on the user. The central raised middle, or 'umbo,' was not only used for protection, but also as a weapon. The user could thrust it into an opponents face or chest, stunning them just long enough to follow-up with a sword. Entirely made of steel

13 THE BALLISTIC SHIELD Optimum compromise between weight and bullet resistance Design allows for comfortable ambidextrous use and optimum mobility Special curved shape for greater rigidity and better protection Medium 22 x 16.9 lbs

14 LIVING BY FAITH CIFIX.JPG?O=157 Rom. 4:18-21; Heb. 11:1; Pet. 1:6-7 In my hand I take up the shield of faith Trust in Gods strength alone Have faith to do His will Take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one (Eph. 6:16)

15 MGREFURL=HTTP://WWW.MURPHSPLACE.COM/GLADIATOR/LEGIONS.HTML&H=252&W=251&SZ=11&TBNID=RPLMCEV6E 6SJ::&TBNH=111&TBNW=111&PREV=/IMAGES%3FQ%3DROMAN%2BSOLDIER%2BHELMET&HL=EN&USG=__UIH0SWO6DFLIG- AWMQSPRJ0MRZY=&SA=X&OI=IMAGE_RESULT&RESNUM=1&CT=IMAGE&CD=1 Centurions and other officers wore crests on their helmets, so that their men could see them and follow them into battle The bronze and iron Roman helmets worn by the Legionnaires Movable cheek pieces called "mandibulars When closed, these pieces protected a soldier's face in combat and when opened, allowed for easy removal of the helmet.

16 M-1 HELMET, "STEEL POT" EURL=/PRODINFO/ENLARGED/31737L.JPG Provides ballistic protection for the head from fragmenting munitions Composed of multiple layers of Kevlar 29 ballistic fibre and phenolic PVB resin Kevlar is a DuPont product, a manmade organic fiber that combines high strength with light weight. Lighter materials to reduce the weight The unit weighs between 3.1 pounds to 4.2 pounds

17 SALVATION THROUGH CHRIST TODAY AND FOREVER THORNS.HTML Ps. 16, 23; Heb. 1:3-6 2 Cor. 4:16-18; 1 Thess. 4:17; 1 John 3:1-3 On my head, I receive the helmet of salvation Jesus covers with strength, peace, grace, and mercy Whenever I am weak, then I am strong (2 Cor. 12:10)

18 GLADIUS, LATIN FOR SWORD SCABBARD-5106.HTML Blades long and narrow considered good for both cutting/chopping and thrusting In the late Roman period Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus refers to swords called semispathae (or semispathia) and spathae, for both of which appears to consider gladius an appropriate term

19 M-16 A2 SERVICE RIFLE / JPG&IMGREFURL=HTTP://WWW.VANGUARDMIL.COM/STORE/INDEX.PHP%3FMAIN_PAGE%3 DINDEX%26CPATH%3D3_279_281%26ZENID%3DDAE30EF10AE1E9792C146B14B12A2A55&H=1078&W=312& SZ=30&TBNID=UNZ- TFXQKBCJ::&TBNH=150&TBNW=43&PREV=/IMAGES%3FQ%3DMARINE%2BCORPS%2BSWORD%2BPICTU RE&HL=EN&USG=__-H- BXCRHJDWD6NQUYJJTX4WFYTC=&SA=X&OI=IMAGE_RESULT&RESNUM=2&CT=IMAGE&CD=1 Light weight. magazine fed, air cooled, gas operated, shoulder fired weapon Length: inches Weight, with 30 round magazine: 8.79 lbs Bore diameter: 5.56mm (.233 inches) Max. effective range: Area target: 2,624.8 feet (800 meters) Point target: 1,804.5 feet (550 meters) Muzzle velocity: 2,800 feet per second Rates of fire: Cyclic: 800 rounds per minute Sustained: rounds per minute Semiautomatic: 45 rounds per minute Burst: 90 rounds per minute Magazine capacity: 30 rounds


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