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Presented to the Sully District Council of Civic Association

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1 Presented to the Sully District Council of Civic Association
Fairfax County GIS Presented to the Sully District Council of Civic Association

2 What Is A GIS? A computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing spatial information Integrates common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with maps

3 How GIS works Links records in a database to features on the map
Features are represented as Points, Lines, & Polygons Data is linked to features on the map Logical query Where are the fire stations Public facilites are points Polys Lines

4 Paper to Digital Maps County maps were converted to digital layers
Attribute database are attached to the features Modify graphic to show manual products on left side and digital products on the right

5 County GIS User Agencies
Planning and Zoning Mapping Services Transportation Public Schools Health Human Services Police Fire and Rescue Tax Administration Public Works Management & Budget Park Authority Environmental Management Juvenile Courts Libraries

6 Current Geographic Data
Raster Parcel & Zoning Orthophotography Airports Census Boundaries Election Boundaries Fire & Rescue Boundaries Hydrography Industrial Park Zoning Boundaries Park Areas Radon Gas Police Patrol Boundaries Political Jurisdictions Public Facilities Locations Railroads Refuse Collection Areas School Boundaries School Locations Planning Districts 1”=200’ Soils Solid Waste Facilities Street Centerline Network Streets Supervisor Districts Tax Map Grid Utility Lines Watershed Areas Zip Code Areas 13 13 13 16 13 13 13

7 Soils and Parcel Map Images

8 Emphasize the connection between tabular data is joined to features on the map.
Note % of County covered by park land

9 School Attendance Area Realignment
School planners, working with parents, can make better new school boundary decisions. The GIS allows planners to recalulate the school age popluation of alternative boundaries automatically. Instead of manually summarizing..

10 DHS Child Care Provider Locations
This application will let parents find daycare providers near their home or job. Make graphic Map only. Highlight in RED location

11 DOT Commuter Ridematcher
Allows County Transportation operators to geographically match commuters with each other through the WMCOG Ridematch database.

12 DTA BOE Maps DTA Assessors use GIS to create maps for Board of Equalization cases showing the subject parcel and comparable properties. Clearer graphic DTA assessors use these maps to maintain fair and equitable assessments.

13 OCP Employer Statistics
Planners use GIS to thematically display multiple databases to analyze local employer job trends.

14 DHCD Conservation Area Study
Each parcel could be classified and displayed according to its housing condition.

15 Population Demographics
Budget analysts combined demographic data with GIS census track boundaries to produce population density maps.


17 1”=200’ Data Conversion Data conversion has started in the southeast corner and will move North and then West 10% of the planimetric tiles (building footprints and paved areas) have been delivered 75% of Orthophotography has been delivered Expected completion: Spring 1999

18 Will be Completed Spring of 1999

19 Will be Completed Spring of 1999

20 Will be Completed Summer of 1999

21 Public Access to GIS Maps and Publications CDROM Data Distribution
1st floor of Government Center GIS and Mapping Suite 117 CDROM Data Distribution Single site license: $75.00 Arc/Info Coverage Format All layers except Police and Soils Copyrighted County Internet Site

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