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Fairfax County GIS Presented to the Sully District Council of Civic Association.

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2 Fairfax County GIS Presented to the Sully District Council of Civic Association

3 What Is A GIS? u A computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing spatial information u Integrates common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with maps

4 How GIS works u Links records in a database to features on the map u Features are represented as Points, Lines, & Polygons

5 Paper to Digital Maps u County maps were converted to digital layers u Attribute database are attached to the features

6 County GIS User Agencies u Tax Administration u Public Works u Management & Budget u Park Authority u Environmental Management u Juvenile Courts u Libraries u Planning and Zoning u Mapping Services u Transportation u Public Schools u Health u Human Services u Police u Fire and Rescue

7 Current Geographic Data u Raster Parcel & Zoning u Orthophotography u Airports u Census Boundaries u Election Boundaries u Fire & Rescue Boundaries u Hydrography u Industrial Park Zoning Boundaries u Park Areas u Radon Gas u Police Patrol Boundaries u Political Jurisdictions u Public Facilities Locations u Railroads u Refuse Collection Areas u School Boundaries u School Locations u Planning Districts u 1=200 Soils u Solid Waste Facilities u Street Centerline Network u Streets u Supervisor Districts u Tax Map Grid u Utility Lines u Watershed Areas u Zip Code Areas

8 Soils and Parcel Map Images


10 School Attendance Area Realignment u School planners, working with parents, can make better new school boundary decisions.

11 DHS Child Care Provider Locations u This application will let parents find daycare providers near their home or job.

12 DOT Commuter Ridematcher u Allows County Transportation operators to geographically match commuters with each other through the WMCOG Ridematch database.

13 DTA BOE Maps u DTA Assessors use GIS to create maps for Board of Equalization cases showing the subject parcel and comparable properties.

14 OCP Employer Statistics u Planners use GIS to thematically display multiple databases to analyze local employer job trends.

15 DHCD Conservation Area Study u Each parcel could be classified and displayed according to its housing condition.

16 Population Demographics u Budget analysts combined demographic data with GIS census track boundaries to produce population density maps.


18 1=200 Data Conversion u Data conversion has started in the southeast corner and will move North and then West u 10% of the planimetric tiles (building footprints and paved areas) have been delivered u 75% of Orthophotography has been delivered u Expected completion: Spring 1999

19 Will be Completed Spring of 1999


21 Will be Completed Summer of 1999

22 Public Access to GIS u Maps and Publications –1st floor of Government Center –GIS and Mapping Suite 117 u CDROM Data Distribution –Single site license: $75.00 –Arc/Info Coverage Format –All layers except Police and Soils –Copyrighted u County Internet Site –

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