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Meeting the Needs of all Students

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1 Meeting the Needs of all Students

2 What do middle years students need from a Physical Education experience?
What do middle years students want from a Physical Education experience?

3 Picture students from your school PE classes who did not fit the mould
How were they different? How did your PE teacher help them to fit in? Were their needs and wants met?

4 Variables Gender Age Physical maturity Body shape Self esteem
Body image Self efficacy Values Background Socio-economic Culture / religion Development Cognitive Social Emotional Previous experience Academic level Peer influence Ability / disability

5 Imagine the students you will work with on you Schools Experience
What will they look like? What will be their special needs? How will you cater for their individual needs?

6 Treat all students equitably
NOT EQUALLY Indirect discrimination Program should be inclusive Content Pedagogical approach Safety for all students

7 Integration “…the inclusion of people with disadvantages as the result of a disability into all aspects of community life…” (Little 1994) Not always working with / competing against able bodied Enabled to have access opportunities At their own level

8 Teaching “Integration Students”
Terminology Impairment – condition Disability – effect of the condition Handicap – disadvantaged situations caused by the disability Focus on the ability Integration Aid Classification Severity Subject area

9 “Integration Students” – Aid?
Intellectual disability Significant sub average intellect Limited in 2+ adaptive skill areas e.g. communication Stress safety Emotional disability Learning difficulty Communication difficulty Inappropriate behaviour E.g. Autism, Asperger’s, depression

10 “Integration Students” – Aid?
Learning (Behavioural) disability E.g. ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Medication – stimulants Can effect balance & coordination Consistent behaviour management Channel energy

11 “Integration Students” - Aid
Physically Impaired Visually impaired Hearing impaired Lip read, sign, demonstration, written messages Spina Bifida Incomplete formation of spine Wheel chair?, shunt Cerebral Palsy Damage to area of brain Coordination, muscle tone, posture, movement Wheel chair?

12 “Integration Students” – No Aid
Asthma Triggers – exercise, cold, fumes, sudden temperature changes Medicate before exposure 1st aid – stop, medicate, relax Exercise Induced Asthma - EIA Increased breathing → cools & dries airways During or up to 30 min after Continuous activities

13 “Integration Students” – No Aid
Epilepsy Temporary breakdown of the CNS Not an intellectual disability 2% pop - 80% controlled med Not exercise induced : 1:1 aquatics 1ST aid - remove dangers, leave alone Diabetes Type 1, insulin dependent Insufficient insulin to control blood glucose Medication – insulin injections Control – diet, medication, exercise - type & timing 1st aid - Hypo - sugar

14 No Integration Aid Orthopaedic / growth plate problems
Chondromalacia patella - girls Osgood Slatters Severs Braces tightened Acute menstruation symptoms SFDS Slap Face Deficit Syndrome Resist temptation


16 Routines, Rules and Consequences
For safety and efficiency Need to reflect PE department, school, State and society

17 Routines Procedures to ensure the safe and efficient running of the class List all the areas where routines are needed to ensure the smooth running of PE class.

18 Routines cont. Students lining up Entering the gym
Changing / supervision? Marking the roll Carrying equipment

19 Routines cont. Moving around the school Going on excursions
Distribution of equipment Drink breaks / supervision? Student helpers - jobs

20 Discipline Plan Rules / Guidelines Consequences Progressions Rewards

21 Rules cont. Changing Participation Equipment use Access to store rooms
Excursions Treating others with respect Selection in sports teams Games

22 Behaviour Management Know what is, and isn’t acceptable
To you To the school To the school community Consistent yet Flexible Proactive not Reactive Relevant consequence & reward

23 References Goodman, S. (1995).Coaching Athletes with Disabilities: General Principles. Australia: Goanna Print Capel, S. Learning to Teach Physical Education in the Secondary School: A Companion to School Experience. (2nd ed.). London: Routledge. Harrison,J., Blakemore, C. and Buck, M. (2001). Instructional Strategies for Secondary School Physical Education. (5th ed.) NY: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

24 Reading Chapter 27 Considerations in management and class control in PE settings Tinning, R., McGuaig, L., and Hunter, Ll. Teaching Health and Physical Education in Australian Schools. NSW, Australia: Pearson Education Australia, 2006.

25 Remember “Make the transition from student to teacher”
“They want you to be friendly, but not their friend”

26 Have fun… and make a difference… Your time starts now!

27 Exam T201 A, B, C Arrive 8.20 Writing starts 8.30, no reading time
Concludes 9.20 All multiple choice questions Bring pencil & eraser only Bags must be left outside & won’t be supervised

28 Tutorials This week Next week Writing your Discipline Plan SET & SEU
Bring your VIT Characteristics of an Effective Teacher folder With completed explanation of strategies With completed Discipline Plan Last Thursday Peer Teach – reflection can be ed Unit plans feedback

29 Unit Plan Feedback next week tute Placed on my Web Page next week
Only those that meet the criteria Will be accessible by others ??????

30 Schools Experience University mentors will be up early this week
Contact your Uni mentor by the end of your first week Timetable Name and contact phone # school mentor Regularly check and respond to Uni s Thanks your school mentor appropriately

31 “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” (Kahal Gibran) So better make it a good one!

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