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Getting That Job! Judy Smith Central Valley High School.

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1 Getting That Job! Judy Smith Central Valley High School

2 A Little About Me!  My name is Judy Smith and I am a business teacher at Central Valley High School.  My web site is HTTP:// ctap295/index.cfm HTTP:// ctap295/index.cfm  My e-mail is  This is a computer technology class completing a job skills unit (Standard 1.3 Career Preparation)

3 CTAP 295 Class Expectations –How to publish web site based lesson plan. –To trouble shoot with a variety of people. –Create a lesson to use in my class. –To learn how to use Netscape Composer. –To use an FTP program. –To enhance my skills in PowerPoint & Excel

4 Class Learning Outcomes  I learned the following in this class –Netscape Composer –Linking pages within the web site, documents and with a PowerPoint presentation –Use of two different FTP software applications –Additional PowerPoint skills –Excel Charts/Editing Charts

5 Computer Technology Class Successes  Increased level of interest in topics  Students navigating between document and web sites.  Increased awareness of future need for quality employment documents  Appreciation of current use of employment documents

6 Computer Technology Class Successes  Meets all state standards  Students increased word processing skills and Internet search techniques

7 Areas for Improvement  Students lack of commitment in proofreading, editing, and revising their drafts an many times as needed.  Cover letter—lack of students understanding that they must write the letter addressing the employers needs not their own  Students visiting sites not related to project

8 Student Data

9 Revisions to Lesson Plan  Pre and Post Test needed revision on some questions  Will review basic grammar, spelling and sentence structure before beginning letter composition.  Need to find additional ways to get more of the students to understand the relevance of having good employment documents

10 CTAP 295 Class Summary My lesson plan was enhanced by adding additional research for employment documents from the Internet. As a teacher, I realize that I can let my personal preferences in regards to resumes and cover letters dictate what my students final documents will become. I think it helps to be able to do Internet research to see what

11 CTAP 295 Class Summary others are expecting or advising people looking for jobs to put in their documents. I also found that rereading the standards helped me focus on specifics for the lesson. The down side of doing Internet research is the time it take for students to find and absorb the necessary information.

12 My Job Skill Lesson Plan  Getting A Job Getting A Job

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