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Environment By Wuhua Wenzhou Foreign Language School.

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2 Environment By Wuhua Wenzhou Foreign Language School


4 penguin i p__ g pengin

5 p__nd__aa eacokp peacock

6 c___t a c___ ow caml camel

7 chimpanzee cheetah

8 b___ee butfly butterfly beer bear

9 a polar bear

10 Guessing game: What animal is it? Rules: 1. The class is divided into two groups. 2. The teacher is going to use three sentences to describe an animal. 3. The students are going to guess what the animal is according to the teachers description. 4. Either group can get a chance to make a guess after each sentence. 5. 30 points will be given to the first correct guess. 20 points will be given to the second correct guess. 10 points will be given to the third correct guess. 6. The group with the higher score is the winner.

11 endangered animals

12 Our environment is changed. How was the environment hundreds of years ago? How about the environment now?

13 Hundreds of years ago, we had clean air. But now the air becomes dirty. Hundreds of years ago, there were many forests, but now… Hundreds of years ago... But now…

14 have done People have cut down too many trees!

15 have done Factories have produced too much terrible gas!

16 have done People have thrown rubbish everywhere!

17 have done ? What other things have people done?

18 Read the passage and fill in the blanks! Raise your heads and look around our world, the changeable world! No more tall trees. Trees _______( ). No more clear rivers and lakes. Rivers and lakes _________( ). Where is the clean water? Water __________( ). Is the world still our world? Animals are crying: our home ___________( ). Who has done it? are cut are polluted is wasted is changed

19 The endangered animals feel sad about the terrible environment. Who or what else feel sad too?

20 What do you often do to help the environment? a short report


22 Please prepare a speech ( ) and a poster ( ) about it. Your speech needs to include: 1.How is our planet getting now? 2.Why is that? 3.What should we do to save our planet? A posterwould be more helpful. –A slogan( ) –A picture –Some key points Set up a center!

23 Homework Write down your speech.

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