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Unit 3 Using Language reading for writing Cai Shaoqin.

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1 Unit 3 Using Language reading for writing Cai Shaoqin

2 HIV/ AIDS: Are you at risk?at risk

3 at risk: take risks / a risk 1.Dont _____any______when you are driving. 2. If you drink some alcohol, please dont drive your car. Do not put your life__________. take risks at risk

4 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 A: Some wrong statements about AIDS. B: Background information about AIDS. C: Ways to protect yourself from getting AIDS. Match each part with the main idea. ( two ifs) Fast reading ( 1st)

5 Q1: What is virus? Q2: What is HIV ? What is AIDS? How did people get AIDS? Part 1: A virus is a very small living thing that causes disease. Careful reading

6 HIV is a kind of virus that causes AIDS. HIV virus

7 = 4. People get AIDS. 1. People get HIV virus. 2. HIV damages the immune system. 3. The body can not fight disease. 5. Most of them die. If you develop AIDS, your chances of ________ are very small. survival

8 survive n. v. 2 Only two people survived n the traffic accident. Their friends are happy at the new of their survival.

9 Q2:How to protect yourself from AIDS? 1.If you inject drugs… 2. If you have sex with a male or female… Part 2: do not share … Use a condom. Q1: In what way does HIV spread? Through blood or the fluid that the body makes during sex.

10 Are these people likely to be infected? 1.John – who had sex with an AIDS patient without condom last month and looks quite healthy now. 2. Tim – a volunteer who looks after children with AIDS. Yes! No!

11 1.It is dangerous to get close to a person with AIDS 2. You can get AIDS from mosquitoes. TrueFalse AIDS is only spread through infected blood or sexual fluids. Part 3: or There is no evidence of this.

12 3. You can only get HIV from injecting drugs. 4. Evidence shows that men get AIDS more easily than women. TrueFalse You can also get HIV from sex with an infected person. Women are more likely to become infected.

13 5. You can hug a person with HIV/AIDS. 6. It is easy to tell when a person has HIV/AIDS. TrueFalse A person with HIV can appear perfectly healthy. It is only in the last stages of AIDS that a person looks sick.

14 How should we act towards people with HIV/AIDS? What can we do to help them? Dont look down upon them. Show love and care to them. Help them fight fear, shame and injustice(unfair).

15 Task : Writing The Students Union( ) ask you to design a poster about how to raise peoples awareness of AIDS and how to treat the infected people. Now work in groups of four to design the poster. 80~100 words

16 Structure of your poster Work in group : Each one takes one task. 1._________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. ____________ A title Introduction to AIDS How to avoid How to treat the infected

17 Self-assessment ABC 1. Do you have a special title? 2. Do you introduce some information about AIDS? 3. Do you give some ideas on how to care about the patient? 4. Can others learn something from your poster about how to avoid AIDS?

18 Homework: Improve the poster.

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