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ONE UN PILOT RWANDA Rwanda UN Staff Townhall Meeting 9 May 2007.

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1 ONE UN PILOT RWANDA Rwanda UN Staff Townhall Meeting 9 May 2007

2 120 WAYS TO KILL A NEW IDEA (I) It will not work We have no time It is not included in the budget It is not serious Stop talking nonsense It is contrary to the rules It is too expensive We already tried It is already done What will our clients think? We'll talk of it another time Let's do a market survey first It's been working like this for 20 years We've always done so Basically, it… Let's to back to basics We like people like you It is politically unacceptable You don't mean it I've got a better idea It is not a simple as you think It only solves part of the problem Even if we wanted to do it… It is technically impossible The computer is not powerful enough I'd like to see his face... You might as well say that we are closing down It would take a lot of time We're not in America here You must be realistic Well, of course We'll not change the world "We must keep the church at the center of the village" Don't dream There is no miracle Let's stick to the point People will not understand French people think that… Let's keep our feet firmly on the ground We're not a lab We're losing our way Nothing will come of it A bit of common sense! While we're at it, why not... Let's form a committee It's not our problem It's none of our business They'll think we're nuts Wait and see There aren't all that many solutions If ifs and ands were pots and pans there's be no need for tinkers Let's put it in writing We already said it It will enrage trade unions

3 HOW GOOD ARE WE IN JUDGING THE PROSPECTS OF CHANGES? "What could our company possibly do with electric games? William Orton, CEO of Western Union, refusing to purchase A. Graham Bell's telephone (about 1876) "It is impossible to fly objects that are heavier than the air Lord Kelvin, Chairman of the Royal Society (1895) "Guitarists bands are dying out Decca Corporation, justifying the refusal to sign with the Beatles (1962) "A 640K-memory should be enough for everyone Bill Gates (1981)

4 KEY CONSIDERATIONS FOR ALL PILOTS Need to move forward swiftly but carefully – rush slowly Need to ensure clear and frequent communication Need to build appropriate governance Need appropriate freedoms and authority

5 SOME KEY QUESTIONS FOR ALL PILOTS One Programme? UNDAF-down approach vs joint programmes-up approach? One Leader? RCO functions? Engage staff at country level? Regional Office, RDTS, agency HQ, UNDG? Freedoms for country teams? Partnerships How to CHANGE?!


7 SIX MAJOR THEMES IDENTIFIED Clarity on value of One UN Unclear vision for One UN (1) Based on quantitative and qualitative RWA survey responses Source:BCG analysis Reservations about resource deployment at country level Lack of clarity on strategic prioritization process Misalignment of team interests with reform Insufficient / inadequate communications

8 THREE-STEP APPROACH TO COMMUNICATE CONTINUOUSLY AND INTENSIVELY AT COUNTRY LEVEL Approach Impact on One UN Programme at Country Level Approach: communication plan 1 2 3 Alignment and commitment Appropriately targeted key messages Clear agreement on tasks and responsibilities within UN communications team Well informed staff, leading to alignment and commitment to change UNCT leadership aware of 'change morale' amongst staff Monitor results Execute Develop

9 ONE PROGRAMME CPDs and Country Action Plans, CPAP, in line with UNDAF Simultaneously identify joint programmes derived from the UNDAF Inter-agency committee: align CPDs / Country Action Plans with UNDAF Each UNDAF key result area will have senior policy adviser Plans aligned with national planning cycle – EDPRSP

10 ONE BUDGETARY FRAMEWORK Two means of funding: –Core resources from agencies (CPDs or Country Action Plans) –Resources for UNDAF gap Either would cover agency-specific (UNDAF +) activities Task force will advise RC on criteria and mechanism Funds transferred to –Projects –Programmes –SWAPs –Budget support (if feasible and necessary)

11 ONE BUDGETARY FRAMEWORK Core contribut ions from agencies One Programme funding gap –Mobilized by RC on behalf of UNCT –Allocated by task force chaired by RC, with flexibility for earmarks where required Additional fundraising by agencies Key Result #1 (e.g. governance)

12 ONE LEADER Firewall Government interaction and accreditation Performance Assessment One Programme / One Budgetary Framework

13 ONE OFFICE Common security and dispensary Potential further cooperation and efficiency – ICT, procurement, HR –empower OMT Joint Recruitment UN House

14 GOVERNANCE No existing global governance mechanism Local Steering Committee –light-touch –no duplication of existing coordination structures –Mandate --- guide and oversee implementation –Membership Representatives from UNCT (Funds & Programmes, Specialized Agencies) UN RC, UNICEF, WFP, FAO, WHO Donor and government (chair)

15 COMMUNICATION Communication strategy (external and internal) New Ideas –Town Hall meeting for all staff –UNCT members to communicate with specific agency staff –Materials for UNCT members to brief staff periodically –One UN section on Rwanda UN website –Strengthened RCO to communicate effectively External needs include –Ensuring alignment and shared vision –Keeping Regional and HQ levels involved and engaged –Taking advantage of experiences and best practices from other pilots

16 KEY ONE UN MILESTONES: THE BEGINNING OF OUR ROADMAP One UN steering committee established Concept note on One UN summarizing agreements and implementation steps UNDAF finalized and approved by government Country Programme Documents approved by Boards Country Programme Action Plan completed Code of Conduct for RC and UNCT members regarding One Leader and One Team One Office quick wins identified and implemented Communication ASAP Signed 5 April By end May September/Oct End 2007 ASAP Always ongoing !

17 DURING CHANGE, UNCT RWANDA CAN EXPECT TO GO THROUGH AN EMOTIONAL JOURNEY Note:This curve reflects the 'classic' situation if change is well managed. In other situations the curve may evolve dramatically differently From The Change Monster by Jeanie Duck, used with permission

18 Questions and Comments? END

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