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Working as a Volcanologist

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1 Working as a Volcanologist
An Exciting Job Working as a Volcanologist

2 A volcanologist is a scientist who studies _________ and is expert at the subject of ____________. volcanoes volcanology

3 Exciting fall rises Para 2 Destructive
The lava …buries everything in its path under … Loud a strange sound, like a railway train passing… Bright as bright as day Violent Exciting fall fall violently Boiling rock crashes back to earth. Red hot Lava fountains hundreds meters into the sky. rises rises violently Writing tip Support your opinion with details and facts to make it more convincing. Para 2

4 An Exciting Job Para 1 Brief __________ to the job introduction
Para 2 The __________ of the job importance Para 3 The __________ of the eruption excitement details Para 4 My first close _____ with the volcano contact Para 5 Final __________ of the job conclusion

5 Supporting detail Opinion More details
Be brief and to the point when stating your opinion. Para 2 The importance of the Job (verbs) Why ? save lives How? collect ,evaluate, predict, warn to leave Supporting detail Opinion First of all, my job is important because it has saved many lives. By collecting and evaluating the information, we predict the volcanic activities so that people living nearby can be warned to leave. More details

6 ? walked Dangerous Para 4 My First Close Contact with the Volcano
walked with difficultly We slowly made our way to the edge of the crater and looked down into the red boiling center. Dangerous

7 (adj.) Para 1 Brief introduction Para 5 Final conclusion
very surprised I am still amazed at their beauty as well as their potential to cause great damage. possibility Use the right choice of vocabulary to agree with your attitude.

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