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Niu Lang Zhi Nv Qiqiao Festival( ) The seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

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3 Niu Lang Zhi Nv Qiqiao Festival( ) The seventh day of the seventh lunar month

4 Mike A:Hi, Could you tell me something about Qiqiao Festival? B: Ok, it's a love story about Niulang and Zhinv. A: Who is........? B:....................? A:....................? B:......................?

5 At first, Niulang and Zhinv ___________ Then, they ________________ Finally, they were ___________ by the Goddess of Heaven and could only meet once a year across _________. fell in love got married secretly separated the Milky Way

6 on Valentines Day at a coffee shop Li Fang

7 What he was doing How he felt Why Waiting for his girlfriend Hu Jin with flowers and chocolates in his hand Heart-broken, angry Hu Jin didn't _______and _______ 1 Why did Li Fang throw away those flowers and chocolates? 2 What is the reason why Li Fang and Hu Jin didn't meet on time? 3 How do you think Li Fang would feel when he heard HuJin calling him? turn up keep her word

8 A happy ending or a sad ending? What would happen to them after they meet each other?

9 It was Vaentine's Day and Li Fang was waiting for his girl friend Hu Jin at a coffee shop.It was already very late but Hu Jin didn't _______.Li Fang thought she didn't __________,so he was very sad and angry. He decided not to give a chance for Hu Jin to ________and he would ______ his sadness into coffe. As Li Fang ________ for home, he threw the flowers and chocolates away because he didn't want them to ______ him ____ Hu Jin.However, as he sadly passed the tea shop on the way home, he heard Hu Jin calling him. It turned out that both of them were waiting for each other at different place. turn up keep her word apologizedrown set off remind of

10 1. turn up He promised to come, but he didn't turn up Please turn up the radio 2 keep ones word He always keeps his word We should keep our word

11 3. apologize: vi apologize to sb for sth/doing sth You must apologize to the teacher for being so rude. apology n. make an apology to sb for sth/doing sth

12 4. hold ones breath The girl held her breath at the sight of the snake. be out of breath

13 5. drown (drowned, drowned ) 1) 3) … drown ones sorrow/sadness in… There is a drowning man in the river. 2 The floods drowned the streets and houses. Cheers drowned his voice The cat was drowned He drowned his sorrow in the wine.

14 6 It was obvious that...................................... Obviously,............................................ It was obvious that he told a lie Obviously, he told a lie 7 wipe the table/eyes/tears/the blackboard 8 weep (wept, wept) She is weeping. She wept at the sad news.

15 9 Set off for........./leave for 1) He set off for home. He will set off for shanghai. 2)The children are setting off fireworks in the street. 3) Her mother's call set off her homesickness.

16 10. remind sb of sth remind sb to do sth remind sb that… He reminded that I should get up early He reminded me to get up early. The photo reminded me of my childhood.

17 11. forgive (forgave, forgiven) He forgave me for my mistake. forgive sb for sth/doing sth He forgave me for my making a mistake.

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