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Exotic Shapes and High Spin physics with Intense Stable Beams.

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1 Exotic Shapes and High Spin physics with Intense Stable Beams

2 Shell structure far from spherical magic numbers Which is the adopted deformation and how it changes with spin and energy ? What are the active orbitals and their correlations ? How is spin generated ? How much spin can the nucleus sustain ?

3 Superdeformed world = more than 250 SD rotational bands Octupole vibrations Gyromagnetic factors Triaxial bands + wobbling Band termination Particle decay Large Shell Model calculations SD binding energies

4 Jacobi shape transition Rotational damping Hyperdeformation Chaos Assisted tunneling superdeformation fission SPIN ENERGY GDR Tetrahedral nuclei A domain rich of new exotic phenomena to be discovered and studied HIGH L

5 HLHD Experiment EUROBALL: 64 Ni + 64 Ni 261 MeV: 52 keV ridge appears 4 x 52 keV Int.: 993 Int.: 1367 Ridge intensity ~5 x 10 -5

6 Search for discrete-line HD spectra Euroball, ) E ( ~ 52 keV A strange feeling of déjà vu

7 Triaxiality and Wobbling TSD4 TSD1 TSD2 TSD3 Relative population TSD1:10% TSD2:3% TSD3:1.2% TSD4:0.9% Experimental results in 163 Lu The best Wobbler D.R. Jensen et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 89 (2002), 142503.

8 I=0 I=25 I=27 I=34 Looking for Jacoby shape transition spin OblateProlate

9 Gates: Time of Flight Residues nuclei ( 42 Ca) Low energy multiplicity Theory: (Jacoby shape transition) LSD model + Coriolis Splitting A. Maj et al. Nucl. Phys. A731 (2004) 319

10 Fusion evaporation reactions I beam ~ 10 - 10 p/s Limitation: counting rate in the Germanium detectors and/or common acquisition dead-time 10 11 Resolving power ~ 10 -4 Limitation: current arrays (5-10 pnA) High spin states populated in Fighting to observe VERY WEAK signals…

11 Gamma-ray Detector Development Advances in detector technology have resulted in new discoveries. Innovations have improved detector performance. –Energy resolution –Efficiency –Peak-to-total ratio –Position resolution –Directional information –Polarization –Auxiliary detectors Tracking is feasible, will provide new opportunities and meet the challenges of new facilities. Central Role in Nuclear Physics

12 high granularity + digital electronics AGATA will be able to handle 10 – 100 times more beam Advanced GAmma Tracking Array N evt = N p x N t x x d

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